Cause mass deaths of pelicans in Peru was the migration of sardines

Cause mass deaths of pelicans on the northern coast of Peru was the migration of sardines, which are their traditional food, said on Friday evening, the Department of Biology scientist fish oldest university in the Peruvian city of Trujillo, Carlos Bocanegra (Carlos Bocanegra). According to some data ecologists, for 10 days died here more than 1.5 thousand of these birds.

"After much research it was found that most of pelicans found dead from exhaustion and the usual parasitic disease progressing rapidly in the body weakened by malnutrition birds. Called it occurred in the last month of the unexpected migration of sardines, which feed on birds," — said Carlos Bocanegra on the radio station RPP.

According to him, sardines floated to the cold south, as due to climate change, water temperature at the northern coast of Peru was established on the 19-degree mark, as usual at this time of year, this figure does not exceed 14 degrees.

Pelicans were not forced to eat their usual other coastal fry and even carrion, which also led to activation of the worms in the intestine. The scientist does not rule out that the reason for this in the same area recently killed more than 900 dolphins.

The specialists said that it could be as a kind of virus that is deadly to marine life and poisoning toxins or heavy metals dissolved in seawater. Then experts have noticed that just about 200 km from the place of the mass death of dolphins held exploration by U.S. company BPZ.

Peruvian health authorities have declared the state of emergency on the north coast, and "at the time of disinfection work" limited public access to those beaches, where they found the dead pelicans and dolphins.

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