Caution — cartoons!

"A lot of things we do not understand, not because our ideas are weak, but because these things do not belong to the circle of our ideas" 


What is the educational role of parents' responses to children's questions and the role of personal example of parents? What we are asking the children how we respond to them, from which we take these answers? Are you sure that give out the truth? It is our opinion, imposed, such as advertising? Let's try a game of questions and answers. Questions that are proposed to disassemble, can be set by parents and their children.

If the question arises — where you're looking for the answer?

With the advent of internet searches rather simpler — just ask Google or Yandex. The answer will almost always be found. There are books with ready answers "100 answers" on some issues, or "365 answers" on the other. Can I use cooked for you by other people have posted, because one person does not like another, the situation is also different, there is uniform for all the answers for all occasions? Who can take the responsibility for the correctness to give advice? Do I need to look for a ready answer, or should reflect your own? But can the man himself to "invent" the answer? After all, there is a saying that the issue is already contained 50% otveta.Zdes will address only some of the themes of many of those who care about the parents in the process of education and access to children. I propose to consider the basic information and find the answer yourself. Own answer. Not "most", not "so accepted and so led", "so did my parents," etc., as your own. If there is background information and common sense — to find the answer is easy.

We live in a world of information. It dominates, she manipulates people's consciousness. People are so harassed the information that they have no time for your own thoughts, and the question does not arise simply because they are not released by law. I suggest to stop for a moment and try to think themselves, despite the fact that today, the majority opinion is taken as the truth. Those who are interested in philosophy knows that this is not true: if the majority is afraid of black cats, it can not say that they really need to fear. If the majority did not believe in the heliocentric system of Copernicus and the church announced a statement of Copernicus as ridiculous and absurd from a philosophical point of view, and also formally heretical, because its expression is largely contrary to Scripture — that did not stop the Earth revolves around the Sun. Giordano Bruno, a follower of Copernicus — 8 years spent in prison for his views and promote the ideas of Copernicus, and was later burned at the stake. And what we have come in society and popular culture of television? Can we defend an opinion, whether it is with us? And our children?

Let's try to learn how to find the answers for yourself because often it is enough common sense!

Children need to give a definite answer, and preferably with explanations. In order for the child to answer, must itself have an opinion on the matter. To a question on what kind of light to cross the street — the best answer — on the green. Answer — "you can and to red if there are no cars," — sure to provoke ever accident involving a child. If the answer — on the green, because at that time all the other participants in the movement is a red and they'll pass — will be more detailed and convincing. Do we always ready to give an unequivocal answer to the child? Or often evasive answer — so you can, and you can some sort, because they themselves behave "as appropriate" and then acts surprised child. Do we always are ready to take in the unique position and, in accordance with her children meet? Where does the personal position of each person? How it is formed?

Conscious and unconscious level of psyche

In order to understand where are the convictions, to say a few words about the structure of the psyche, of the components of its consciousness and the unconscious level of the psyche, and will.

Consciousness can be defined as an individual's understanding of their participation in life, thanks to the constant perception of external circumstances senses. Consciousness is always individual. This means that the person through their five senses constantly receives information from the outside world, analyzes it and makes a picture of the outside world. She always strictly individual. Individual pictures of the outside world is ensured by the fact that our senses have different sensitivity (hearing someone better, someone worse, the same thing can be said about the sight, smell, touch), and on the other hand — we have different evaluate the information received (someone like low notes, some high, for example).

Consciousness is based on the unconscious level of the psyche of the individual. They are commonly referred to as "subconscious" and "unconscious." Unconscious — corresponds to the value of the word — is in every moment outside the boundaries of consciousness. On its content and on the division of the personal unconscious and the environment the individual himself can not consciously try to pace the flow of events, although it can analyze the problems of later. It is important to remember this — the content of the unconscious level of the mind consciousness is not available at the moment. In order to realize something — you have to stop and think, or about the past and to assess the results, or of the future and to plan.

Normally, the consciousness of the vast majority of people can hold 7 — 9 items at once, and the speed of information processing in this case is no more than 15 bits / sec. 1 bit of information — this permission uncertainty "it is — is not it." The latter is directly palpable human and reflected in the fact that at the speed of film projection16 frames per second or moreconsciousness is not seen as a sequence of successive frames as well as "moving" image, becoming a victim kinoillyuzii.

Unconscious as mental levels have a much greater information capacity, and performance of information processing. In particular, research has shown psychologists, at the very time when the consciousness of the individual frames projected film "float" and merge into the illusion of movement is clearly visible, unconscious levels of the mind are not only able to perceive the notorious "25? Th frame", but beyond that time to "draw the" those phases of motion, which were not included in the footage of real film, and should be in the intervals between them.

So — the unconscious level of mind faster and more capacious than consciousness, hence "soaks up" a faster and more information than consciousness. Found that the unconscious level of the psyche characterized by its own coding system of objective information in a subjective image, ie characterized by its own language, which in the consciousness of the majority as languages are accepted. On an unconscious level of the psyche information comes to mind. Unlimited objective realityappears in the limited human mind mostly as vneleksicheskihdifferent images. This means that all external information is perceived as the images of the unconscious. It should be noted that most of the information about 95% of people get through vision. In the future, we will focus on the visual information and images especially — when talking about cartoons and pictures in children's books.

Consciousness and the unconscious level of the psyche constantly interact. The man in the process of living constantly in the unconscious level of the psyche — many of our actions we perform on "autopilot." Consciousness can be compared to human "pilot", which adjusts its autopilot and turned himself into the process control in emergency situations. Very vivid example of driving a car. You can think of something to talk to the passengers, watch the road, pedaling at a time. While driving carries your autopilot, but under the control of consciousness. In life, many of the actions one performs "automatically." How do you properly set up your autopilot, that is subconscious, so that it filters all the infinite variety of information supplied to it from outside? How to bring up their own minds and the minds of children?

In an integrated system of conscious and unconscious levels of the mind combines morality, which is a set of moral standards inherent in the psyche of the individual. Immorality — it measured the moral ambiguity. In other words, morality — it is an internal assessment to an individual with a "good" or "bad." In Russian, there is the word morality — this is common in the community assessment. Immoral behavior — behavior inconsistent with morality, accepted in this society. Simply put — morality — it's internal criteria of human morality — outside, that is public. In one society may be considered a moral one, in another — is protivolozhnoe, for example, in France corresponds morals of society to wear the veil, and it is prohibited by law, and in the Arab countries is immoral to walk half-naked women, showing itself around the world, causing the surrounding men. Or, for example, in some countries already quite moral gay marriage. In the other — the connection of people of the same sex is still considered immoral. But in either case, regardless of the morality of society — it is immoral because it does not comply with the laws of the universe. Bodies in which these people use for other purposes in the Russian language clearly called generative. In addition, the continuation of the human race when making such conduct as a standard norm is reduced to the test tubes and surrogate mothers. Which means that if you suddenly pobyutsya tubes, humanity will die out, or become a surrogate mother sows that must constantly prinostit litter.

Morality — is that on the one hand, unites consciousness and unconscious level in one's psyche, on the other — is the filter media. That is the main thing — it is raising moral standards. In order to educate them in the other, the children — you need to become a moral person, because the kids feel the lies and hypocrisy. Children may not be able to speak, but the body language, facial expressions and body they evaluate correctly.

The human mind is influenced by the information obtained from outside. That is, we look at the world (world) — this information gets into the unconscious, then we analyze and display the information under the control of the level of moral consciousness and get a view of the world. The difference between the attitude and outlook of that world view is impossible without language features and outlook, presenting a model of objective reality on the basis of images characteristic of the psyche of the individual, can exist without language means. Thinking it is a dialogue of conscious and unconscious levels of the psyche. Education of human morality is a delicate process and is highly dependent on external factors. That is why we must carefully enjoy the information that is available to children — the pictures that a child sees, cartoons and movies that looks, talks, which are conducted in the home, to where you are walking with him, because of the environment the child receives images and the language gives them names. The importance of the language will be discussed below.

Having dealt with a little conscious and the unconscious can be said that our own opinion — this is the world view that is based on ideology. In the formation of opinion involved the unconscious and conscious levels of the mind.

If the person does not use his own will and consciousness, the information from the subconscious mind goes to the uncontrolled and influences on human behavior. For example, there is the term "impulsive buyer". Over the "breeding" of the breed impulsive buyer working marketers, psychologists, advertising agencies. But there is a person use their own will and consciousness — professional charm on it will not have power. Aware of the unconscious to date, all but nevertheless do not want to see that in the unconscious level of the mind is trying to introduce complete strangers — TV, radio, press, advertising, books, magazines, friends, etc. People can protect themselves from these attacks only including "filters" for the incoming information from outside. The filter is a moral person. His inner conviction, consistent with the universal laws of the universe. The laws of the universe is the law of kindness and harmony, but not lies and destruction. Of these laws, and God will be a separate conversation. Children are born in harmony with nature, they are her children. The Company also comes with its own laws and images. The child believes everything that comes to him from the adults. In children, there are no filters. This is the main danger. The child is not classified information — the nature of the mother-she, or artificial human environment.

Understanding of how the mind and the unconscious level of mind helps to make sense of where are our answers. Often, we take the position that our deep childhood instilled a grandmother, or advertising, because the information got on the unconscious level without analysis and then was put in the finished form in the mind. That is why psychologists urge parents to be very careful about how and what they tell their children. For example, the constant repetition of negative vysskazyvany leads to the fact that their children are then activated in consciousness and behavior. Unconscious level of the mind can be compared to a huge warehouse, from which as needed person can take things. Items in stock piling up since childhood and even the owners can not fully know the contents of the warehouse. Information that gets into the unconscious level of the psyche in childhood can cause quite inexplicable behavior of teenagers or adults. Therefore it is very important what goes on in the human unconscious warehouse childhood uncontrolled. As they grow older person can be sorted, and include certain filters as the formation of his moral criteria, but the subconscious mind of the child initially pulls on the warehouse all. For a child it is difficult to distinguish between fiction and reality — he takes everything at face value. Children do not know what is a lie, this then they are taught adults.

Q: Do you assess incoming information or you take for granted? Have you noticed on a valid advertising? Can you counter to popular opinion?

Language and Consciousness

'Take care of our language, our beautiful Russian, this treasure is the property passed on to us by our predecessors … Refer respectfully with this powerful instrument in the hands of skilled it is able to perform miracles. Protect the purity of language, as a saint. Never use foreign words. Russian language is so rich and deep that we have nothing to take from those who are poorer than we".

IS Turgenev

'Slavic-Russian language, as witnessed by foreigners themselves aesthetes, not inferior in courage nor Latin, Greek or in a smooth, superior to all the European languages: Italian, Spanish and French, not to mention the German.'

G. Derzhavin

'Sun … stopped short,
Word of destroyed cities …

'Language became my fellow citizens as a stranger,
At home, I like a foreigner


Sergei Yesenin

Once you read these lines, then you speak Russian. Do you speak Russian, write, think. But maybe you have not thought of the majesty and mystery of Russian language. Now many people think that English, for example, is much more practical, and children are taught from childhood to the language, not paying attention to Russian. Even in kindergarten, many parents are proud of the presence of an English teacher for kids. English know practical, but do not diminish the importance of the Great Russian. Maybe you do not occur to him that the Russian language — is the custodian of Russian identity, the Russian spirit and consciousness? You are not disturbing the continuous introduction into Russian foreign words?

I want to present here some data that can be make you think Russian, how we say we need to tell the children about themselves and know nashei language.
What is language? Language — is a coding system that allows people to share information, coding your own thoughts into words, on the one hand. On the other hand everything in the world — are heterogeneous oscillatory processes, amongst which the sounds of animals and human speech. That is, the sounds of language — a "vibration", which can emit and perceive people. These vibrations affect the man and his conscious and unconscious levels of the psyche. The results of recently conducted research in the field of wave genetics suggest: the human body is not care what his boss is thinking, listening, reading or speaking. For all the perceived information is reflected in the so-called wave genome. Any spoken word acts as a wave genetic program that can have a significant impact on the behavior and lives. Scientific experiments have also shown that the impact of the words on people and animals as great as in the plant, and the reactions are even more complex and multifaceted. The words have a huge impact on people. Can cast a spell, zombie, forcing action. Do we remember that? It always mean what we say and why? What are the words we use? Is it true the saying "word — silver, silence — gold"?

Language changes over time. Changed its vocabulary, sound. Basically, all the languages are simplified. Russian language is not passed this fate, and it is recognized that modern Russian ancient primitive.

Of the current Russian disappeared many language constructs such vocative preserved in vestigial form of address, "God," "Lord," and the life of speech such as "prince", "father" disappeared. ABC of the ancient language contains many signs. In his ABC — so called "Cyrillic" — 43 letters, and in the modern alphabet, only 331. While in ancient times were the letters "And, and," and «I, i», but now there was only one "And, and." This is an indication that in the ancient Oral speech was two different sounds, which are then no longer differ on the need for a hearing and two letters anymore. The same goes for a pair of "E, e," and «h» ». There is reason to believe that "b, b", known to us as "dumb character" in ancient times was not "dumb", but somehow sounded. "Dumb", he thenby traditioncontinued for many centuries on end each letter words ending in consonants. In any case, the "Cyrillic", he has not called the silent "b, b" is in it "Er", not standing out of his "dumb" from the rest of the alphabet.

In ancient Slavonic letter was a sort of character that originally carried the meaning. Over time, the letter took on more and function marking the phoneme. But the semantic component of the ancient hieroglyphic alphabet, and with it, and the range of the inner meaning of each of the words, so far most inaccessible. But it exists regardless of whether we know it or not.

Many in public meaningful comparison of ancient and modern Russian language suggests that the ancient language has expressive power more powerful than the modern Russian.

Why in the life of people has left the language more effectively in terms of expression and the "magic words" to the language of a less effective? Whether we are helping their indifference and incurious further simplification of the Russian language, and thus the mind? After all, there is no word — no concept and vice versa. For example, neither in English nor in Spanish does not have separate words for concepts of "moral and immoral." When translating the word "morality."

We who live in the environment of the Russian language, have to recognize that the meaning of many words we can not understand it. This is most clearly seen in place names — that part of the dictionary, which includes the names of geographic features. Among them is quite understandable names, such as the village of "Otradnoe" lake "long", "clean" and the like, but what does the name of our own ancient cities of Moscow, Tver, Kostroma, etc.? Why is Volga River named "Volga" and not "Kama", "Oka" and "Thames"? — Questions are difficult to answer.

And there is toponymy Russian words, the structure of which in relation to the global historical process means that their syllables have their own particular meaning:

"RAINBOW" = PA + ARC, and "Ra" — the name of the ancient Egyptian sun god, and if it is to know the word "RAINBOW" as integrity is self-explanatory.

"Stories," "The Tale," "display", "picture" — why in the structure are equally present "KA", although the first two are now to perceive meaning through articulate speech, and the two latter — to the perception of meaning in sight?2And that means it's "KA": one of the five components of the human spirit (or the same ideas of the ancient Egyptians), to which the information comes either through audio or visual through channels? or it is not the Egyptian "Ka", but something else?

Why are two words in the language that have (in terms of many) as if one and the same meaning, "mind" and "mind"? And if each one of them has its own value, then what is the specificity of each of them? And what does the saying "mind went for the Mind"?

Why the universe — called "the universe"? With whom and how it is infused? What does that mean? And due to this fact in the life of each of us?

What does the figure of speech, "the literal meaning of"? — The fact that each letter in the word has any meaning?

Raised here very briefly to view the objective presence poslogovogo letter by letter and meaning in the words of the Russian language3sets out in detail in the materials association "Vseyasvetnaya charter." But if it does not lead active work, many people in the child interested in the structure of language and words, their internal and poslogovom Literal sense.

However, these issues do not stop seeing historical and scientific become iconic scientific traditions in philology and linguistics. If he refuses to be enslaved cult-philological and look carefully at your native Russian language, its grammar, it is difficult to escape the conclusion that:

Russian language is inherited by the Slavs (and through them and us) from his older carriers in a finished form, the native speakers were significantly more stupid than their language, and not capable of understanding and letter by letter poslogovy sense (we kind of perceived differences of meaning prefixes, suffixes and endings), hence;

  • the literal meaning of the words of the native language of the vast majority of Russian does not know and does not perceive,
  • dominant in science morphology of Russian language and tradition of interpretation of his words seem inadequate life and the language.

But we realize it or not, in the words of the Russian language remains second base level of meaning, caused by letter and poslogovym sense. This eliminates the possibility of full translation meaningful Russian speech into other languages to a greater extent than a "densely packed" meaning to speech. Notice to Russian duplicated many foreign films have been translated many books in Russian can find tales of all peoples of the world. From Russian translated something, but not much and it is hard to estimate how translations of Tolstoy or Dostoyevsky as the original. It is not that the West is also well aware of our Baba-Yaga, Vasilisa and fairy kingdom, as we know "Three pigs", "Red Riding Hood", etc. Have you ever had a question why this is happening?

Language, being an encoding system that serves people to share information. It is directly linked with consciousness. Images are stored in the unconscious, but in order to bring the level of consciousness to clothe them in words. The word is formed with the concept. You can understand a lot of things on a subconscious level, but only if the endowment of this information in words you her realize that is output to the level of consciousness and can share it with other people. Understanding between people means that the same linguistic resources in different people produce similar images. Accordingly, understanding is difficult or impossible if the same words in different people produce different images or no images do not cause. If people understand each other — it is easier to combine.

Turn to the topic of foreign words in Russian. Why and who enters into Russian foreign words? Clearly, when a concept or object, we have not been, and somewhere he appeared. In this case the subject comes along with his foreign name. This is called borrowing. But why replace existing words in the Russian language? Why Russian words in other languages do not take over? Well maybe except doll, and then so pronounced that you can not tell what it was about. So why do we implement — democracy — government of the people, creativity — creativity, the manager — the manager? Said the power of the people — it is clear what they mean. Questions immediately arise. But said democracy — an empty phrase. The manager said — there is a set of "rules, correct, right." A manager at the thoughts tempting? Or the word "problem" — 30 years ago, the word came out. Did not have it in Russian. Was — trouble, the complexity, difficulty, trouble. And every word can rastolokovat. What is the problem? Why replace real — real performance — shows. We have the spectacle, spectacle, performance — it all comes down to the show. Legal — legal. Is it because it is necessary to replace the law meaningless legal, the legal root word with truth and a man wants to or not it's true there are associations-right-right-legal. A legal — just like that. Mortgage — a loan. Once it is clear that you take a loan. People over this and can think, can and do without debt, but the mortgage — do not speak Russian consciousness. Words can act as a signal — wary trouble. If the word does not say consciousness, implement, together with words in a sleeping consciousness everything is possible. Perhaps you have heard of NLP — Neuro-linguistic programming, the programming of the mind is through linguistic means. Why do we actively walk into consciousness? Who are not satisfied with the way we think?

Academician Yevgeny Chelyshev, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who were active in the Council of the Russian language at the President of the Russian Federation, writes: "One thing — economically viable, natural drawing, gradually learns the language and does not destroy its national basis, and quite another — aggressive, all-out its "Americanization." For example, it is unacceptable came from American English word "killer" in which blurred negative assessment contained in the Russian word "murderer." Tell someone "you're a murderer" — is to make him a harsh sentence, and call it as a hit man would simply define his career: "I — a dealer, you're a killer, both sort of thing to do."

They say — "in the language of new words." Words can not come yourself. They begin to use people. In the power of each to speak in Russian, or resist zombies and talk to foreign abrakadbre and transmit it to children. Not from politicians, but from the people depends whether to preserve the rich Russian, and with it the consciousness, or language will be a carbon copy of the English. With whom will turn with the Russian people?

How children learn language is still unknown. But we know that language is linked with consciousness. The poorer the language, the poorer the concept of man, the more limited its ability to express themselves. The richness of the language of the Russian people is inextricably linked to the wealth of his soul — would not have this wealth and express language would have nothing. Maybe someone prevents this situation? Thinking and spiritual people harder to turn into docile cattle.

Question: Does the language of parents in shaping the personality of the child? Does the study of a foreign language in the formation of the psyche and the concepts of the child? Did you have a good Russian? What can you tell your child about the Russian language? It always understand what images are used for your words? Why the Russian language adopting foreign words? Do you follow those which use the words in the speech?

World view PARENTS

"He stopped as he believed himself, and began to believe the other because to live, believing himself to be too difficult: trusting yourself every question to be solved is not always in favor of the animal I am looking for easy pleasures, and almost always against him, believing the same others, there was nothing to decide, it was all decided and it was decided against the spiritual and always in favor of animal self. Not only that, believing himself, he has always been condemned people — trusting others, he won approval of the people around him. "

Leo Tolstoy "Resurrection"

"When a person does not have what taller and stronger all outside influences, is usually sufficient for a good cold to lose his balance and begin to see each bird owl in every sound heard a dog howl."

Anton Chekhov

Caution - cartoons!

So the concept — a combination of words with the image. What are your ideas and understanding of the world? Do you have your own opinion? How is it formed? Under whose influence? These are very interesting questions. Try to answer them and you will understand who brought you. Certainly, in the memory float parents, grandmother, grandfather, teacher, hero of the book, movie, etc.

If you have your own position on an issue — you practice it in their behavior and responses, and therefore represent the child. If you do not have this position and you can not give the answer to the child — the child will ask on the street, at school, on the Internet. This means that on this issue raise your child passed into other hands. And as you have formed your position — took someone else's opinion as truth or ponder? After all, if you take someone else's opinion for the truth and pass it to your child — again, it turns out that you do not educate.

In order to convince the child something, you ought to be convinced of this, and therefore have the arguments. Typically, if there are no arguments — you will not be convincing, but a simple "well accepted" or "It has always been" — will not always be recognized as a child.

All the people look at the world and they have formed worldview. Alignment can be kaleidoscopic, ie consist of particulars, not related to each other in the future which is not associated with the past, as in the toy-trumpet "kaleidoscope", where the slides change the position of the pattern at every turn of the pipe, or a mosaic — when its components combined stable over time constraints and the man has a definite place in this system. Misunderstanding of the relationship between the actions of the past and the present results in the fact that people can not predict what it will entail actions. Man finds himself at the center of this universe, it seems that it is spinning tube, and does not understand that he is only a part of the universe. This often leads to failure in life. In order to understand what is happening, one has to look at the situation from the outside, that is, cease to consider themselves the center and look at the whole situation. With kaleidoscopic world view one can have knowledge of the different areas, but they are not linked together in his mind. So people can know about Karl Marx and Darwin, but not be aware that they lived in the same time and can influence each other, or easier — to know about the skin, to know about acne, but do not represent that acne on the skin consequence of improper operation of the internal organs, as the skin, along with other functions is the organ allocation.
Why we do this outlook, the kaleidoscope, mosaic, you might say.

Why these difficulties. You can probably get by without them. Live the people and not thinking about it. Live. But life is — an endless stream of cause-and-effect relationships. If the person does not have a clear idea about it — it will always be at the mercy of other people who are aware of this law and the indifference of the majority to enjoy themselves. In addition people who do not understand the cause-effect relationships in the world and do not have a mosaic ideology are doomed to constant making mistakes. You can make mistakes and learn from them, and you can know that water is wet, and that stepping into a puddle — wet feet. And knowing this is to decide — to step in a puddle or not, and do not check it first hand. In the east it is called karma. But this can be explained simply, so that what you do today — it depends what will be tomorrow. If parents lack a clear position, or the position of this thoughtless formed under the influence of standards imposed from outside, without moral criteria — the parents can not give the child the right answers to his questions today — tomorrow it will go wrong, and you'll wrestle with why he was so no luck.

Caution - cartoons!

Question: Do you have your own opinion? What's going on with the education of your child's own opinion, when you do a plea in kindergarten, to school? How does the language in the formation of the world-view? If morality is not a word on how to bring up?

Cartoons or "stone in the bosom"


"The act of evil can not be repeated and
repent of it, would give birth to evil thoughts all the bad things. "

Leo Tolstoy "Resurrection"

Cartoons relatively young phenomenon, but has become very popular. Cartoons relished both adults and children. The impact of colorful painted animated images that speak and are often accompanied by music, on the child's mind is very strong. If we recall the existence of consciousness and unconsciousness level of the psyche, it can be argued that cartoons directly influence the subconscious mind of children. Young children look to the images is not comparing them with words. On an unconscious level of the mind fall, you can say "written", all the images that children see on the screen:

— Naughty Masha ("Masha and the Bear") and formed a pattern of behavior — "to vandalize — it's fun."

Caution - cartoons!  
— looks nice princess in "Shrek," but the evil inside — it tightens the high note of the song so that the bird is listening breaks, and the eggs, which she sat, artful princess prepares his breakfast. Model the behavior of "Typewriters" on besoznatelny level children — deceit, deception — the norm for personal gain.

— Loupian each other Tom and Jerry to turn something into a flat — falls on the subconscious — "fight for no reason — it's fun."

You can continue indefinitely. The basic ideas of the characters and embodies the Western and Russian cartoons soveremennyy force superiority, anti-social behavior, "beautiful life" in the "free". Most often, these cartoons are anything but not the creative activity. One and all they are having fun. Have fun in many different ways and methods. Illustration usually crowded action "Tarzan" — constantly flying through the vines, playing with other animals, etc., ie, to be a general trend — a lot of pictures which means direct vozdeysteystvie the unconscious level of mind.

Caution - cartoons!

Let's compare this with the pre-perestroika sovetstkoy animation. For example, take the cartoon "Teremok" with illustrations Yu.Vasnetsova. Heroes Teremok — come into the chamber in order to live together, each is the case, every day working for the benefit of all, and after working together they are resting. Then comes the bear, and are pleased that other shelter residents, but it is great pain. Bear naively trying to climb into the chamber and destroys it. But he is asking residents for forgiveness, he forgives and together rebuild the chamber's better than before, and a bear to fit.

That is deposited in the level of the psyche of children unconsciously — is clear: together live, to work, to rest, to forgive, to correct mistakes and to continue to live together.

Take images of children in the pre-perestroika cartoons — "Mary is no longer lazy," "The country has learned the lessons", "Vovk in fairy kingdom" — here and look for the hidden meaning is not necessary. All clear text — lazy bad, bad to be ignorant. In m / f "Vovk in fairy kingdom", traveling on Russian fairy tales, Vovka meets industrious king, golden fish, which the words "net is not spun, I was not caught" — clearly expresses his attitude to the lazy, and Vasilisa the Wise — which for started planting ignoramus at the desk.

Do appliances kiss children?

Or children it is important to show love in a relationship, men and zhenschinysovmestny look into the future?

Caution - cartoons!

Do I have to talk about "The Simpsons" and their characters — with mug alcoholic father and areola unshaven stubble, mother — whether the woman, or alien, bulging eyes with little family pupillary drug (heroin, morphine, drugs from poppy kodeinosoderzhaschie Medications Terpincod, Codelac, Nurofen and other causes constriction of the pupil, there are other drugs, the effect of which makes the pupil of an extension, but this is not the case), and of everything that happens to them just surreal. This may be a parody, but if illustration children watch — they unconsciously still does not distinguish parody and reality. Subconscious "writes" all taking visible on the screen for the "good faith" and as an example to follow.
You can compare any princess from Western cartoons and Vasilisa the Wise. Candor and restraint orders one and the other there is a hidden wisdom. Of course, may well be in relation to these heroines and their clothes reflect the traditions of the country. But is it any wonder the latest cheeky, vulgar, shill behavior girls girls. The same can be said about the boys what character you will place a child depends on many factors and the fact that it put into the unconscious level of the psyche in childhood.

Q: What is cartoons show children? Is it possible to start the process of watching cartoons to chance? Is whether to turn on the TV in front of the children?


Children's books are very interesting and broad topic. Will mention only some of the questions.

Books carry information. We read to their children and in their heads laid images from your reading behavior. Is it important to you, what books we read to children is important whether the language of the book and read it at all?

Tales we read is the smallest. Since they started raising children. Translated into Russian tales of those who started collecting them in Europe Sh.Perro in France (1628 — 1703), the brothers Grimm in Germany (1786-1859 Wilhelm, Jacob 1785-1863). Russian fairy tale collected AN Afanasyev (1826-1871), adapted for children Alexei Tolstoy (1882-1945), K.Ushinsky.

In our culture, we start dating children with fairy tales, usually with tales for kids: Repka, Gingerbread Man, Teremok. These are examples of chain tales. Their plot is simple, but the verbal texture — quite intricate. We can assume that these stories were used for speech training and education skills to build a chain on the rise. And if you say it in a singsong — children easier to remember. Thanks tales vocabulary expands and children is not limited to household items and food.

It is interesting to note that over the years, the texts for children try to simplify, reduce the tale. This is clearly seen in the "Hen Ryaba". Did you know that the well-known fairy tale "The Speckled Hen" — this is the easiest and shortest versions of it? The version that is now re-released all and print — it's a retelling of the famous fairy tale teacher K. Ushinsky, published in his anthology "Native word." And here is how it looks in the presentation Alexei Tolstoy:

"Once upon a grandfather yes baba
They had Speckled Hen.
Hen laid an egg:
Colorful, eyes open, Kostya, wonder —
Planted in egg hornet dupelko,
In Kut (*) under the bench.
The mouse ran, tail returned,
Prilomala testicle.
This egg grandfather began to cry,
Grandmother cry, the posts (**) laugh
Chicken fly, gate creak,
Sor under the feet of a cigarette,
Doors pobutusilis (***), fence crumbled
On top of the hut swayed …
A Speckled Hen said to them,
— Father, do not cry, my grandmother, not weep,
Chickens do not fly,
Gates, not a scratch, dirt under the threshold,
Do not have a cigarette,
Fence, not scattered,
On top of the hut, not staggered,
'll Blow you another egg:
Colorful, eyes open, Kostya, wonder
Testicle is not simple — gold.

(*) Kut — angle. (Hereinafter notes — AN Tolstoy)
(**) Vereya — pillars at the gate.
(***) Pobutusilis — puffed out, raspuzatilis.

Option A. Afanasyev

Like our grandmother in zadvorenke
Was chicken-ryabushechka;
Planted chicken yaichushko,
From the shelf on the shelf,
In aspen dupelko1
In Kut under the bench.
The mouse ran
Tail back —
Prilomala egg!
This egg operation2began to cry,
Woman cry, the posts3laugh
Chicken fly, gate creak;
Sor under the threshold to smoke,
Doors pobutusilis4, fence crumbled;
Popov daughter were with water,
Prilomali tub,
Priest's wife said:
"Do not you know, my dear!
After his grandmother in zadvorenke
Was chicken-ryabushechka;
Planted chicken yaichushko,
From the shelf on the shelf,
In aspen dupelko,
In Kut under the bench.
The mouse ran
Tail back —
Prilomala egg!
This egg was commissioned to cry,
Woman cry, laugh the posts.
Chicken fly, gate creak,
Sor under the threshold to smoke,
Pobutusilis door, fence crumbled;
We came with a water — prilomali tub! "
His wife was kneading trough —
All the dough on the floor swept;
Went to the church, the priest said:
"Do not you know …
After his grandmother in zadvorenke
(Again, the same story is repeated.)
Fence ……… crumbled;
Our daughter went to the water —
Prilomali tub, I was told;
I kneaded the dough —
Swept all the dough! "
Pop began to tear the book —
Scattered all over the floor!

1Kadochka, carved from a single tree or stump.
2 beggar, a cripple.
3 Vereya — the pillars on which are mounted gates
4 crooked

In fact, there are many versions of this tale, as a rule, they have a kind of "chained" tale — when one event had an effect on the rise. Tale interpreted and commented on various specialists psychologist V. Rudnev, linguist S.Z Agranovich, and as a basis for taking a short version, which brings the chicken first and found the golden egg in this version of the complete lack of meaning, or it is very tricky. Option tales Afanasiev interpret simple — chicken laid an egg — an egg — symbol of life — and hid it. Mouse it broke, it caused a series of troubles, except the sad old man and a woman. Hen is not persuaded all sad, because life will revive again, worse than ever — will carry the golden egg. In this embodiment, the golden egg — the second, the first was simple. This is a rather superficial interpretation, just to show that not everything is so simple with the folk tales for children. But more and more they are replaced by overseas dinosaurs and princesses with Mickey Mouse.

The more primitive the books we read them, the more primitive the minds of children and their language. Besides folk tales have lovely Soviet authors who write for children, and books which grew more than one generation. These books raise kindness, honor, compassion, etc. "What is good and what is bad," "The Tale of the military secret Malchish-Kibalchish and his firm word" — one name is worth! "Timur and his team", "Two Captains", Belyaev, Efremov, Pushkin — the list is long.

Today the number of books increased. Harry added poterry, the book "Princess" — "Dinosaurs", "Mickey Mouse." Images became more paper better prices higher. Among them was lost Mayakovsky with a simple "What is good and what is bad" and "Malchish-Kibalchish."
Europe and Africa, Asia and the Americas migrate the same tale (today say a 75 per cent match scenes), but still has its own national differences. Today, the stores you can easily find 100 variants of pink princesses and dinosaurs undergo invasion. By the way, if you asked the question — why in the books, we now
character — a princess, while in Russian fairy tales and in the Russian language is the king, the prince, the princess. But the princess — is not of the same language and the world.

This cover — quite suitable for advertising a brothel somewhere in the street red light district in Holland: languid eyes, broken drum up pose. And this is just a cover of the book for children.

Question: what books to read to children? Should I read the translated Western books about princesses and dinosaurs? What kind of world outlook and how they form in children? Which heroes are role models children in modern books? Universal question — who is beneficial to the Russian-speaking children were brought up in the Western books?

From which we will be held — from what we eat

Very interesting topic nutrition. There are many books on nutrition, cooking, etc. Today, all kinds of controversy erupted on the subject between those who eat "everything", vegans, raw-foodists. But it is a different story as well as talk about GMOs and the use of artificial chemical products in modern agriculture. Try until ask a very simple question: what do we eat and what we feed our children?

Humorous expression "of which we are made — from what we eat" — quite objectively. If you've ever been to Spain, then surely heard of or tried local "ham." This uncooked jerked pork ham. The quality and price of this product is in direct proportion to the feed. And you know what meat is considered the most valuable and expensive? The meat of the pigs that fed on acorns. Not a complete feed with the addition required for the health and growth of pigs of vitamins and minerals, just acorns. There is a direct analogy. Now people are taught that they should eat a balanced fully cooked food industry feeds from supermarkets, which provide the necessary amount of minerals, bacteria, dyes, thickeners, preservatives, vitamins, etc. Is not the analogy with animal feedstuffs for pigs? Just do not understand why, if the feed is balanced and matched with all scientific advances, the meat of pigs otkromlennyh on simple acorns to me? By the way, did not arise if you have a question — why a growing number of veterinary clinics? Suffer if the same amount of animals in nature? Is there a connection between eating a dog or dry meat balls, made up of the necessary components of its body and its diseases? There is a term, which is not all heard — foods. This means that each species of living organisms on earth peculiar certain foods. Simpler terms: the cow does not eat meat, and the tiger does not eat hay. What is the species of man meat?

Theories about food in abundance. A guide to whether they are suitable for you or not should be the well-being and his health. It is very simple. Man is not born to be ill. On the contrary, he is born to be healthy and to fight diseases in humans have immune system. If health is not all right, if you have excess weight, acne, skin diseases, diseases of the internal organs, if the person is often sick colds — it is necessary to pay attention to nutrition. The human body is a complex mechanical. Like any machine, he will not give the failure, if care for it and do not violate the instructions given by nature. The human body is interconnected. If immunity or an organ fails — the man himself is provoked. Body will not "break" unless, of course, parents are not passed him already spoiled genetics. If the child was born healthy, he initially no reason to hurt. He is healthy and protected by immunity. But from childhood man departs from what is provided by nature for the healthy development of the body — breast feeding. On the banks of the dry food for children can write whatever you want, but it's not breast milk of the mother. The differences between artificial and breastfeeding are already reaching the public.

Composition of the milk of animals and humans is quite different: the milk of animals contributes to the rapid formation of bone and muscle tissue for the animal immediately after birth may be on legs and escape his life. Breast milk promotes the development of women in the first place of the central nervous system and psyche, and on the legs of a child rises to only 9-10 months. Every mother's milk is individual and is ideal for feeding her child is at some point in his life his life. It contains hormones, growth factors and other substances that are not in the mixtures. The guide for doctors' protection, support and promotion of breast-feeding in hospitals maternity and childhood "(Ministry of Health, 2005) states that among breastfed babies less likely to develop allergies: food allergies, allergic bronchitis and asthma . In the same training manual states: "The longer the breastfeeding, the lower the probability of incorrect bite and the formation of caries. When breastfeeding up to 1.5-2 years in children rarely occur dental and speech therapy problems. "But most of the children now because of various reasons (lack of mother's milk, mothers' employment, the impact of advertising) are" dry food ", t . f from childhood accustomed to the wrong foods.

So, the child is' a bad start. " This process continues in many adults simply from the fact that it is not thinking about how food affects the body, and that is not horrible. You can compare this with the stupid driver who pours gasoline engine to diesel fuel. Justification can be any — once it is sold, so edible, just eat it all and not drop dead — so fine and so

You can refer to the traditions of the peoples in the kitchen, but it should be recognized that modern man in "civilized society" eats a lot and illegible that eats and drinks. Often the meat products consumed three times a day — a sausage sandwich for breakfast, meat soup, potatoes and meat for lunch and sausage with cabbage for dinner. Does the human body adapted to this diet? Why do people eat too much, and then look for the chemical diet pills? The idea is to spend money on food, and then spend money on to lose weight? Is it enough to be guided only calorie foods? Caloric theory proposed only in the late nineteenth-century German physician, and now it is based on many diets, low-calorie foods and other dietary advice. Adapted if the human body is an "artificial" food out of cans, boxes, bags? As this food is absorbed? Should I water the child Pepsi-Cola and other chemical drinks? That drinking man, living in the wild in the countryside?

Human health depends on what we eat and drink, but the established habits in society completely deprive people of the ability to think. When this issue was raised in a conversation with a man who was raised in the Western tradition, he said, "the food industry is necessary because it provides jobs for many people." And it's true. And to add — brings huge benefits to owners of food multinationals. Have you ever thought about what food TNCs are in line with the fuel and metallurgical giants: Swiss food giant Nestle, Coca-Cola, Danone, Mars, Unilever, etc. Ie, the profits of these giant corporations. That's just a thought about the health benefits of artificial food for the people, produced by the food industry does not even come to mind for most. The main thing for the Western mind — is jobs and income. Universal question:who benefits, people to eat food from the bags, jars, cups, instead of real food?

It is clear that on the issue of food supply work institutions, they prepare technology specialists (during the years of the Moscow Technological Institute of the Food Industry has prepared about 20 thousand specialists). Experts are, and the simple answer to the question — whether there is that they have developed, I think, they did not respond.

Obviously, the topic of food is directly related to the topic of health. Cynical as it sounds, but as a means of making money, medicine, pharmacy and doctors interested in making people sick, otherwise they will be left without income. The main direction of health care would have to be the prevention of disease and reduce morbidity. In fact, our entire medical system default is arranged according to the principle "the worse for the patient, the better for the doctor," and the pharmaceutical industry. Declared as the opposite. It is reasonable therefore to think that taking care of your own health destiny of each person. It's not difficult if you know at least the basic principles of the human body.

Health depends on what we eat and what we think. Food — a "fuel", thoughts — oscillatory processes, which are in harmony or not with oscillatory processes around us and in the universe, depending on whether or not this cause discord with oscillatory processes in the body. This was mentioned in the chapter on the Russian language. There is no good reason, the phrase "all diseases of the nerves." In part, this is true — the dissonance in oscillatory processes affect the proper operation of the cells in the body — they start to stray — illness happens. We must remember that one — it's not just a body, it's bio field construction. Biofield — is the radiation of cells, organs of the body. But the cells not only emit, but also susceptible to radiation.

Often, doctors and charlatans use credulity of modern humans. It has become fashionable to engage in sales of dietary supplements that of the network of physicians: being people with a medical background, they cause more confidence. If the doctor tells you to kupt complex cleaning of the body for 2-3 thousand rubles — you're more likely to believe him. But if you do begin to understand the issue, for sure, to get to the fact that a living organism is very wise and adaptive system. Should stop feeding her rubbish, that is not to pollute, starve least 3-7 days, do yourself free enema — the body will feel revived and completely cleaned. And the saved 2-3 thousand rubles, you can buy yourself out of the fruit for starvation. Fasting is a separate and very interesting topic, but in this system, not make any money. Not in vain for specific conditions recommended certain diet. And if you always eat right? Why do I need to bring the body fried, fatty, salty, sugary foods to the disease, and then go to the doctor to prescribe chemicals and advised how to eat? No sensible eating correctly at once?

Q: Does useful foodstuffs (canned, cereal bags, soup in cups, coloring, flavor enhancers, preservatives, cookies, chips, etc.) is preferable to health or is just vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans — cooked just before use? Who benefits from the sale of cooked — canned — balanced food for humans? What do you feed your kids? Why people do not think of what to eat? That will be sold in supermarkets, if industrial food cease to be in demand?

Faith, God

Case — is a pseudonym of God when he does not want to sign his own name(Anatole France).

His way of fishing unknown because
That faith in him, but he has no faith!

Very interesting topic of faith and God. Now this issue is constantly raised in the community and are likely to pass over it in conversations with children will not succeed. What your child if you do not have on the subject's own position? Or are you one of those people who are happy to go to church, but not very well knowing why? Or you Ceco know that faith in God — is nonsense. Let's try to talk about it.

We talked about the presence of a human consciousness. But in fact, this characteristic is not unique to him alone. If we imagine that the mind — the ability to perceive information from the environment, to analyze it and react to it, we can say that consciousness has even sunflowers! It catches the sun's rays and turns him! Just a different level of consciousness.

Suppose that many levels of consciousness. One — in plants, higher — in animals is even higher — in humans. With a higher level of consciousness, we can see and understand the representatives of the lower level, and that's what happens if you try to look from a lower to a higher level? Understand whether cabbage ever what a goat that ate her list? Understand it fully goat, what is man and what he tractor etc? Try to assume that the levels of consciousness in the universe are not limited to cabbage, goat and man. It is quite possible that a person with his level can not see and understand the higher level organization of consciousness, like as if it were a cabbage. What we do not see or can not realize something does not mean it does not exist. The example of the magnetic, of Radiation fields and many other examples. To call it imperceptibly present in our lives? Can be called God, the supreme intelligence can be, and how you want call. But it is reasonable to assume that the person is not the last link in the chain of consciousness.

As this higher consciousness interacts with people? And with each differently. After all, we are all different. Can a person to deal with this unknown God? Apparently, it can. Prayer is just designed for that. A text can be a free, because we are all different!

And then there is a lot of questions at once. Everyone should think of and respond to them, this is not difficult. What is religion? Why are a lot of religions? Do I have to quarrel people if they believe in God, but belong to different religions? Why in order to communicate with God should observe rituals? How to communicate with them by our ancestors? How to communicate with God, man found himself in the forest or in the desert, where there is the church?

There is one question that is asked at all times. Why, if God is all-powerful, and he admits he was wrong, war, violent death, poverty, and so forth?

We talked earlier about the will of man. People will enjoy on your own, depending on their own consciousness. God can not interfere in it. I would compare it with the parents and children — you educate, invest, talk to the child, but the child himself acts. You can not always interfere with his actions. Why do people commit brutal and violent acts? In Mayakovsky easy it is said, "will grow out of their son pig if svinenok son." Adults are to blame for the fact that children grow out of rapists and murderers, and doing outrages. Do not fall from the sky as the villains, whose names are known around the world, not from the air come from drug traffickers and arms. They have brought the people themselves. Parents and the community to its morals and traditions. And there is no blame on God. To make the world a better, kinder — should not cry to God, and to become a kinder and better educate children kinder. Seek not to change the world — start with yourself!

God can prompt. Can warn. They say that an accident — it is the unknown pattern. Everything in the universe is interconnected. Man thinks that he is all-powerful — can make a nuclear bomb, could fly into space. But these actions, he intervenes in the natural course of things, not only on earth but in the universe. God allows it -'s permission — but to a certain point. This applies to humanity as a whole and individually. You can not pay attention to what is happening to you, and you can analyze the events and draw conclusions. Language — is an encoding system for the transmission of information between people. God does not know the encoding. But he speak the language of their lives. Anything with a man in life happens by accident. If someone goes astray, God will try to draw people's attention to its failures. Another thing that people see in all just a coincidence and bad luck and did not want to see the cause and effect relationships in their lives. God somehow continually refers to any person, but only the first and a single realization of this man on the basis of certain events in his home and generally all the external world appears to man as proof of the existence of God. Everyone is going on in different ways, so look for the universal manifestation of God, a miracle for all useless.

Question: Is there a God? Do you believe God? Does evil people to God? Why do people go to church? Can we say that imitation is the cannibalism eating the body of Christ in the form of prosvirok and drink his blood in the form of the sacrament? Can I see this as an analogy to the ancient traditions of eating brave heart for his bravery? Why communion wine?

Alcohol, tobacco, drugs

Theme, which is now of concern to all parents — alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. Someone with this experienced and fights with all his might, someone bumped and praying that this cup it over. And someone to fight against this evil has entered the children!

As an illustration, here are the fruits of creativity of young people — they wander on the internet, but here are large posters with similar content is not visible.

Let's try to ask a simple question: What is your attitude to alcohol, tobacco or drugs?

Surely, the answers will be different. Chances are strongly opposed to drugs, and condescending to alcohol and tobacco. Recall the fuzzy position of adults and what result it lead to?

What do you think, if an adult child to the question — can you drink wine, smoke answer — adults can no children, where does it lead? The child will look forward to, when he grows up to be "as adults" with a glass and a cigarette in his hand. How to determine that the child grew up and is ready to drink? What is the determining height, weight, years? What is the most appropriate age to start drinking the children? According to the law — of majority, that is 18 years in Russia. That is up to 18 years, this is very bad, and right on the birthday of the body is changed so that a glass of wine becomes useful. Children rightly overlooked such nonsense and drink, when they themselves deem necessary. After all, they do everything right — follow the example of adults.

No need to be an alcoholic to excite interest in the child alokogolyu, drunks disgust at all. But nice to sit with a drink and a cigarette — this is an example to follow. Further only a technical matter — to determine the dose. There are many supporters of the "drinking culture": a little alcohol, holidays, at dinner — even useful, they say. That they are a role model to children. And who expected a "little" and "right" dose? Per kilogram as drugs? Define it as someone who is trying alcohol for the first time? And anyway, if alcohol is useful — it would have to give it to the children from the cradle. Ceased to have a child breast milk, goes to the mixed food — so the time has come. Why can we say that alcohol is useful for adults and children there?

Caution - cartoons!

Now alcohol is sold in grocery stores, along with milk and cabbage. This is normal. Because no one believes him narcotic substance. And if you look at the highlighted red determination of ethyl alcohol in the GOST 1972 — where he is called "hard drugs".

'Alcohol — a drug that undermines public health"- Excerpt from the decision of the World Health Organization (WHO), 1975. This definition is in line with the scientific definition of alcohol, which is given in the works of prominent Russian and foreign scientists, for example: "Drugs and Poisons" EPA drafters V.I.Petrova, TI Revyakova, Minsk, 1996, p.55-56. 'Alcohol is by nature a narcotic substance in pure form and in various dilutions (vodka, beer, grape wine), shows clearly the most toxic effect on a living organism, acting paralyzing way to all the cells and tissues, especially in the most vivid and active of them (the nervous system and the reproductive cells). How poisonous substance, alcohol can not, in any amount, added to reinforce or nutritious food, and generally should not be considered in any way necessary or useful for the normal body".

"Alcohol is a narcotic poison" — "Great Soviet Encyclopedia", v.2, p. 116.

At present we can not say that the idea of a completely sober life in Russia nonsense. It is gaining support among young people. Very soon will be sober fashion. If you set the universal question: who benefits from the consumption of alcohol will be clear that the idea of sobriety resist primarily alcohol producers, as well as people who live out of habit and the principle of "everybody does it." To drink for a holiday or a visit to be a bottle of wine here and drink, and do not think anyone is accepted, when, why. Try to talk with supporters of "drinking culture." Often, for the credibility of their position they begin to argue the "scientific" or just tone up. Man cry easier to prove that he is right, than to give up their habits. Raise the same subject in the southern European countries is dangerous for life — there is too much weight in the state budget has winemaking.

Consider the mechanism of action of alcohol. No complex details, but just to understand — what is the "feeling dizzy" after making any alkogolesoderzhaschego liquor. In 1961, three American physicist Nuys, Moskau Bennington and study the structure of the human eye by the invention of long-focus microscope. He was the first in the history of mankind have to look inside krovyanosnogo vessel. Scientists saw the blood vessels of the retina by flowing liquid, consisting of separate red and white blood cells. It turned out that the patient who walks in the blood bonding, yesterday drank alcohol. Then the researchers asked a few patients in whom the blood was not an aberration, to drink a bottle of beer. After 15 minutes, there were also deviations from them, the blood ran gluing erythrocytes.

Bonded clusters of red blood cells in the form clots in capillaries, prepryatstvuya flow of oxygen to the cells. Euphoric state of arousal that occurs when drinking alcohol, many researchers attribute hypoxia — oxygen starvation of the brain. To a certain stage of oxygen starvation characterized by a state of excitement. In some cases, the capillary wall can not withstand high pressure, there are bleeding — mini-strokes.

These mini-strokes can be observed in humans in the form of reddened nose and other parts of the body. That's why drunks red nose. The appearance of the vascular network with some evidence that the violation occurs in the blood supply of the nose. If people used to think, he will ask the question: if there is damage to the capillaries on the nose, exactly the same circulatory system disorders occur in the internal organs, especially in the most intensively perfused due to their vital importance, which are the brain and the liver.

It does not matter if you kick to pig squeal, or "cultural" drank at lunch. Red blood cells are still stick together, causing hypoxia and cell death. Question just in the amount of oxygen and died nepoluchitsya kletkok.

This is one of the harmful effects of alcohol. Besides numerous clinical observations suggest that the majority of children born to mothers, even occasionally drink alcohol in small doses during pregnancy, there is stunning in its breadth of anomalies, malformations of the heart, kidneys, reproductive organs, skin and its derivatives, muscles, bones and joints, such changes in the central nervous system, as the backlog in psychophysical and later in brain development. In some cases, there are congenital malformations and, moreover, they may have defects can occur at once. Unfortunately, clean experiments on the link between alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and the emergence of congenital diseases may not deliver. But if when you went to bed there was no snow, but in the morning it turned out in the snow, you can say that at night it was snowing. Does not happen, that just because children are born with poor eyesight, hearing impaired, with allergies, etc.

About alcohol has many books and papers, there can learn more about the history of the spread of alcohol, its impact on people. Is not the question. The question in the clarity and sharpness of adult products on their responses to children's questions about the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Try to explain the difference between smoking marijuana and drinking beer for your child if you do not have an understanding that both drugs.

About tobacco can say the same thing: no benefit from it, the damage is known to all. Composition of cigarettes is shown in Fig. Young people began to take an active poztsiyu: if adults in the Duma are powerless against alcohol and tobacco mafia — the youth she started the fight. The Internet has "demotivators", created by young people, and they are used as illustrations. Created them young people — young people can be very different!

To be happy in life
There is no need to drink alcohol!

Weaving intrigue of destruction,
Already that age row
The enemies of harmony, the children corruptible
«In vino veritas» shout.

So the hero did not dare get up,
Get even with the evil spirit
And with the world to fight evil
Russia poured wine.

And where once the mead
Ate in idle days are,
Stranger planted booths
And kill BRAINS booze.

So Bacchus, dirty winemaker
Russ seized without a fight.

(Nikolai Burlyaev)

Question: If alcohol is a drug, as people called their use? Why do people drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes? Who benefits prodolzhalit people to drink, smoke or use other drugs? As obyanit son / daughter why drugs — it is bad, and alcohol — is the norm?


' love between people is the fundamental law of human life.'
Leo Tolstoy "Resurrection"

Considering the topic of language, it was said that the Russian language — the magic. Words it is not just a combination of sounds, but every sound is significant and now word has a hidden meaning. Previously, he was known to all. But before, and the "A" was "Az", "B" — "gods", etc.

The word "love" connotes — People of God is responsible. If you understand this, everything falls into place — no different loves, and she's one mean that a person is harmonious in their thoughts and actions with the universe. Ever talked to your child about love? That put in a word? Russian language — the magical language. It is for all the names, and the words that come from other languages that are commonly used to refer to concepts that are in the Russian language was not, or to hide the real meaning. For example — in the Russian was a latrine, lavatory — was the "toilet". And look what consequence it entailed — toilets in apartments are located exactly next to the kitchen. But if there was no substitution of words and concepts, is unlikely to be the architect had a plan in mind. Or the word "sex." There was the Russian language the word. As once joked, "sex in the USSR was not." And rightly joked. Love was, and what is called sex — random pairing with anyone, and under what got obstoyatelvah not. 30 years ago it was the phrase "make love." If you know the profound meaning of the Russian word "love" is a phrase just words. Or the name of "private parts." In Russian, for they have a very clear name — genitals. And do not add to this not to throw out. But they were replaced by sex or sexual mess and went in the mind. Should I talk with the child about sex or the love yet? I think if you talk about love, loyalty, family issues of pairing just did not arise. We have already spoken of the importance of language in shaping the consciousness of children and its impact on the minds of adults. It should replace the word — is replaced by the concept.

Let's take a fashionable topic — freedom of manners. Most of our society are still to this with hostility. But if you do not raise the issue and not to worry, very soon, may be what happened in the West — are organized for children of gay festivals, singing children songs about two dads and books about the two moms are accepted laws on same-sex marriages, and it is considered the norm. People do not recognize this state of affairs in the West feel marginalized and immoral. In Russian, the word "sodomy" in the Encyclopedia Britannica: "sodomy, sodomy, very common in ancient times perverse satisfaction of sexual feelings … Various subtle forms known as P. broader names uranizma homosexuality" in the dictionary Ushakov " sodomy — perverted sex men with men, sodomy. " But in modern society speak exclusively about gays, gay parades and other events. Why? Just because the Russian language it would sound homosexual parade, homosexual club, free homosexual community, and so on. Perederast in the Russian language has a negative evaluation. He was replaced at first by neutral homosexual. And now to the gay. Gay — «gay» not even a noun and an adjective, and it does not answer the question "who?" And answers the question "what", and the English translation: 1. cheerful 2. elegant 3. joyful 4. Spotted 5. Bright 6. brilliant. That is, a negative value of the Russian word bugger replaced merry gay. Left to do is to morality in the west and it's done. Proponents of such morality is believed that these people love each other. But we have a lot in my life who love: children, friends, writers, and actors. This does not mean that all should enter into a close relationship. Family — a seed from which grows the society. Family plays the new generation to give them to adapt to society. For what purpose are same-sex unions in the west? They are sterile and useless to society. That is well within the main goal of life of Western culture — to live for pleasure. To the west is the sense of enjoyment of life. A bit of pleasure and similarities of people with rats.

In living beings have in the brain's pleasure center. In rats bring the electrode to this center and make it when you click could excite him — a rat presses a number of times, bringing himself to death. What will happen if this will push the lever to people? "Are we going to die like rats — not yet clear, but likely possibility that the stimulation of this area, we seem to have lost his" I "- says PhD, senior researcher RSUH Leonid Karas. — To address the so-called "pleasure center", located deep in the brain, and can be erotic, and alcohol and drug use, and fast driving in a car. "Do you speak about the meaning of life with children? What is your meaning of life?

The children are not filled with "hard drive" of the unconscious level of mind. From parents and the surrounding little person people depends what kind of information it gets. There should not be subject of waste — and will not have to explain then what is safe sex and how and why to use condoms. Love — the natural state of the human soul, and the instinct of procreation — is another story. A person can live guided by instinct — isanimal type system of the psyche. Man is born with it. He eats oprazhnyaetsya feels cold. If the child is growing, but continues to live and basic instincts to care in his life — to satisfy the hunger, cold, further procreation, it keeps the animal type structure of the psyche. In this he is no different from the rabbit, for example. But man is different from an animal. With the development of the mind and filling it with images and words — must be changed and the type of structure of the psyche. If the person does not use their own consciousness, allowing all who climb on not getting their unconscious mental levels (TV, radio, newspapers, books, other people, etc.) — is formedtype structure of the psyche — Zombies. This means that a person lives stereotypes accepted in society, not thinking about anything. A person may think, and decide that it — is all-powerful in the world. These people ignore the fact that society imposes on them, enjoy their own will, but God and the universal laws they also do not need it. Itdemonic type system of the psyche. Demons are at their discretion. For the time being. Man must be the personhumanity with the type system of the psyche. This means that the person polzutsya own consciousness, critical approach to what he is trying to impose on society, impervious zombie influences, but acts in accordance with the laws of the universe, or otherwise in accordance with God's fishing, that is the intention of God. God's plan is that man should live in harmony with nature and the universe, to know it is not harmful, to develop their genetic potential, given by God. In the universe there is no inequality in opportunities to each develop their abilities. If a person does not understand the Divine, God allows him some time, gives life to understand and recover, and one lives in degree of allowance. If we thought about it, whom we educate? For what? What are the goals set?

If a child at the time of puberty brought up morality, internal criteria laid the behavior of men and women, the problems with sexual life does not arise. If the boy brought up the responsibility for the weaker, for a girl, raised a sense of respect for the girl — he would not dream of climbing into her pants. The same with a girl — if a girl knows that love is the harmony, understanding, co-parenting — it will not be enough for the boy's pants. Unfortunately these scenes can now be found on the street that does not speak in favor of modern parents and society. Parenting is no time to engage in the school today, too, took off this task so the children find their caregivers to the movies, cartoons, on the street, on the Internet. But people prefer not to see it, and then wring hands "where God looked."

Question: Do I tell the children about sex and love? What examples can you give love to children? Can a man control his animal instincts?


There are many issues that parents need to take a very clear position to be able to respond to their children and train them to man. We must strive for a clear position throughout. If this position is not the parents, there is another person or organization, company, etc., who have the clarity of views and specific objectives, and it is for them and will be a child who is in the mind and narasputi. People without their own understanding of the world, without understanding yourself and the world is like a boat without sails — no wind it is not fair. But one has only to think and start looking for the truth — you can see how this is a fun and exciting process and feel "fair" wind. There and literature, and lectures and interlocutors. As a person becomes a man of insight. Good luck to you and your children in the process of self-discovery, improvement and development of man.

Queen Natalie


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1— And there was a period after 1917, when reduced to 32 the number of letters: the letter "E, e" was removed, and the "E, e" — depending on the context — was read as either "E" or as an "E" , "b, b 'is replaced apostrophe, ie wrote not "locked" and "pod'ezd" etc.
It was done under the pretext of saving metal (casting typographic fonts) and paper (the latter can agree to the "b, b 'at the end of words ending in a consonant the historical Russian, but everything else — a targeted further primitivisation writing to the detriment possible expression of meaning in writing).
"E, e" has been restored in the years of war, as required in the orders of unique determination in the writing and reading of names (such as writing "Elgin" should read "Elgin" or "Elgin?" — Without the "e, e" in the alphabet, many names are not read and write). Did not settle down and replace "b, b" apostrophe "'".

2— Here we note that studies have shown that if it is accompanied by Oral gestures, its meaning comes to the interlocutor and remembered better than the absence of body language. Ie audio and visual channels of perception and interconnected complementary.
Also in this connection it is useful to remember that the temple dances in Hindu culture (the ancient national religion of India) — the language in which every gesture, posture, movement bear a meaning.
3— From the mass of published recently works, which are available to the reader through the trading network, the topic addressed in the book: S.T.Alekseev, "Treasures of the Valkyries" (Moscow, "OLMA-Press", 2003).


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