Change the faith — to change and conscience!

Human thinking — the ability to explore the world in an objective reality. A knowledge — the highest level of human development in its evolution. It is believed that it is not connected to the world of sensory perception of the world and has a social historical nature, and practical human activity determines the level of human consciousness. However, the world of the senses, in other words, the state of mind in many ways, after all, defines the process of thinking. And if the person is open as natural elements, the society, that is the most spiritualized, the quality of thinking and inspired, and the process of understanding the world is not only logically but subconsciously at pervasive natural flows, information, and depends largely on the nature of the atmosphere, society , cosmic waves.

In nature the information flows bring us huge amount of states.

And if the man, seeing this layer, with all his being he is open, and the physical condition of the body reflects the level of flow in it outside. The process of birth thoughts associated with these flows. And man, is covered by these flows, thinks exclusively on the logical level, memorable, concrete. With the development of technological areas, this closure is constantly increasing, and increases the person turns into a robot.

How is it going on the thinking of people in the historical past, our natural genetic Russian territories, where the elements of nature were overriding a human life? And how did he know the world? Could this give us a hint of contemporary reality? How has the world of natural conditions since the one who can give the answer — what is the objective reality, a reality, if we can not live without canonized knowledge, logic and reason, are often quite inadequate nature of man and society in general?

To solve this problem, we turn to the manuscripts P.K.Ivanova, "Veles book" — chronicles the Magi Novgorod, Russian Vedas, to the legacy that was left to us collectors of our epic. "To understand the eternal, to get away from the end," — said the sage. And if the Vedas and Velesitsa — eternal, at least, they live and survive, so it is at least in part, but also timeless. What do they have in our people? And what offers Ivanov? Harmony in nature rushes through the centuries, and chaos quickly extinguished, collapses. This refers to the chaos of thought and harmony in the world of feelings and perception of reality, as reflected in the language of the people, their creativity, physical perfection of the body, writing, dance and so on. Withstood the test of history, many natural state of man, as recorded in the Vedas and Velesitse and epic knowledge even just open contemporaries. And how close these knowledge are knowledge of the world of natural open Ivanov. Piece of modern natural Spirit left a trail hand in notebooks, where its main elements — Air, Water and Earth, and not technology, art and chemistry were key partners and friends. It is close to the Russian spirit described in the Vedas, all epics.

Knowledge of the past is the key to understanding the present. After the lock — in the ocean of life, and the key — in Heaven. Man Who Knows, hearing the voice of ancestors begins to perceive herself a part of the historical energy flow, which profited from thousands of years, which is in the biosphere of the Earth. In our prayers this sounds like a "veil" of the Virgin. "The Spirit was hovering over the waters — said Ivanov teacher — and now he has surrounded a man sanctified it." Perhaps it is time to discard the canons and religious and atheistic, and calmly try to understand what is the Holy Spirit? Human nature! This is a permanent birth. The source of these families — the universe. Our ancestors believed the universe by God. God — is Rod, Spring universe, the Father and Mother of all Gods.

Rhode begat Lada Mother — Earth and then the world was filled with love. Rhode begat kingdom Podnebesnoye, Rod was so strong and beautiful power of his love, the sun came out of his face, a look so sharp-sighted that the stars came out of his eyes, hopes and expectations are rising clear that Dawn came out of his eyebrows — not frown , then the human race. But thoughts of the night went dark, out of breath — Winds violent, and from the tears of the Rod of rain, snow, hail.

Description of these phenomena and elements — is the story of birth of the spirit of people in this union — evolution. All the newly born state aspirations were divine. This is a diverse God. Rod divine masculine — Svarog, spring around race, the mighty Spirit! Svarozhich Perun — the movement of air, the air, the thunder of God the merciful, the defender. Teacher says that my ethereal side. Svetovid — The sun that shines from the inside clean, warm, born of his own goodness, then, that the Master calls a warm domestic nature.


Gurnard, gurnard, Triglav — Father, Son and Holy Spirit — the Trinity. This does not turn, it's — the unity, the strength of its air, water, earth. Triglia Slavs believed the earth and what it is: air, earth, water. Earth and heaven are one. And the spirit of God is bright, clear, if his face — the Sun. Determining principle of the world were on the divine power of universal beauty, purity, unity, integrity aspirations to the world of people-gods. Land — that is people, their single spirit. In modern terms, bio-energy field, the aura of man and the earth are one.

Velesitsy chroniclers affirm belief in one God, the Slavs, the Triglav. Russ was deistichna faith, that is, Gods — the forces of nature in their understanding. These forces have been all over the Sun, Light, Lightning, Rain, Spring, Wind, Oak Land — all reflecting the person's internal state, which gave life and move it was a manifestation of God and God Himself!

Russian Vera was a lively, sunny, Russ lived in nature, knowing that they are one in it and "as we proclaim the glory of the gods, which are — our fathers, and we — the children of them. And we deserve corporal cleanliness and our souls that will never die. "

Changes in the social life of the Slavs led to a new relationship with the environment, the environment and changed attitudes. New world of people to create in their minds a new view of the world, the new images of the mysterious forces that affect their view, the destiny of man, and in fact, reflect the internal aspirations, ideals, values, attitudes. This is reflected in many manifestations of one God.

Svarog God is the Source of Life, but it is "above things," because predmysl it, giving birth to life. About Svarog our people say, "God is one Being, who wisely called by many names." Recognizing the One God, the Father of Nature, the Creator, the Slavs believed that all is one in nature: moral and physical purity carries the vital spirit in each of its appearance, and omnipotent Mind Nature — is the light that the world is embodied in the human race and its environment : plants and animals.

Svarga — it's all the Celestial Empire, the whole universe — that is, creative nature. In this word, "welding", "pitch", "light", "light." Slavs — the people of the word. Rosich language — the language of words, followed by images associated with the nature of the universe, the light of reason. The word "light" — peace, calm, the whole world, the sun. Holy Russia — fiery light. "Eng", "race", "grew up" — words of homogeneous terms, shades of red-red, golden-brown. "Rodon", "rose" — the color of the body py (e) myanogo. "Rus" — a child of the sun, the countries of the world, the Holy Land. In the language of our relationship reflected the human face with the holiness of heaven: sunny-colored hair, cloudy-white glowing skin, sky-blue eyes shining, fiery red glowing mouth. Face fellow luminaries as the face of Svarog. Svarozhich — the children of light, their faith — sky-light. These images we see in our Slavic fairy tales. With wisdom vsetvoryaschego lovingly Ladoyu begat the original creator being. God makes a male and female.

Russian Veda says of Svarog:

"Rod begat Svarog heaven and breathed into him his mighty spirit. Four gave him his head, that he — the world examined in all directions at once, so that none of it did not escape, that all he had noticed in high places. Svarog was the way the sun break through the heavens blue, to-day horses raced across the sky, after the morning to flare up day, and the day shift — flew night … "

Svarog — the first image of the one God. Svarga — is the universe. Lick Svarog in epithets: Var, fever heavenly crimson, glowing, fire, divas, beauty, fell. Swa-rock (it), pro-rock (as it is said, as will be). Lord — Guest podi (parish) Guest — This is true.

Svarog as the personification of the Sky is the Father of all the elements. His face is lit by the rays of the sun, then frowns and overcast, the clouds, the clear eyes shining stars.

Boil — be gloomy as the sky in the storm, Ukrainian "welding" — loud voices.

Svarog — blacksmith, he forges all beings of light, lights the fire, lightning, creates heavenly fire. A reflection of the world is fire home and call it Svarozhich as the son of God. Svarog — this is the beginning of everything that is born in the soul of a good Russian God. Slavs believed Isvaroga, Svarog and Father Rod, and Santa in more recent times. Svarog has created people, but not created. Slavs — his grandchildren, children Dazhdbog. Svarog — he and ancestors, and Dedo and Schur, and the Sheaf, and Rhode Rozhanich: He is born as the grain and gives birth.

AA Ivanov

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