Chief of General Staff in Nicaragua has opened a training center named after Zhukov

Chief of General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Gen. Valery Gerasimov visited on Monday the location of the mechanized brigade army in Nicaragua, where he took part in the opening ceremony created with the assistance of Russia — Training center Marshal Zhukov's training for the Army.

Earlier it was reported that Gerasimov on Sunday arrived for a working visit to Nicaragua, where between 21 and 23 April will hold talks with political and military leaders of Nicaragua on the development of bilateral military and military-technical cooperation.

"The center will have everything you need for combat training. It will help the personnel team to master the sophisticated military equipment. I am confident that the cooperation of our armed forces will only deepen "- Gerasimov said at the ceremony. He noted that Russia intends to continue to maintain its military cooperation with the Army of Nicaragua.

During the ceremony, Chief of the Army and Gerasimov Nicaraguan Army General Julio Cesar Aviles Castillo under hymns Nicaragua and Russia opened up military brigade at the entrance to the training center portrait of Marshal Zhukov in dress uniform. "It is very symbolic that the brigade named after General Sandino opens training center of Marshal Zhukov. Both commander — General and Marshal — were patriots of their people and have made an invaluable contribution to the defense of their countries ", — said Gerasimov.

In turn, General Castillo thanked the Russian Defense Ministry in assisting in the establishment of the training center. "This center will be a starting point, an example of which will be set up similar centers in other formations and units of the Army of Nicaragua," — he said.

As explained in the Russian military delegation, the training center is equipped with classrooms, including computerized, for military training of the main skills the Army, as well as the target of the fields.

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