Childbirth at home: how to choose a midwife?

Childbirth at home: how to choose a midwife?  Photo from

More and more women and couples looking to have a natural birth, quite deliberately choose home birth without medication. In Moscow a year is about 1,000 planned home births. And in the future this figure will only grow.

At home births woman becomes a full member of the active labor, and not the object of the patient and maternity. Woman in labor is completely free in their behavior and independently resolve all issues related to childbirth.

For those who want to give birth at home, it's important to choose obstetrician, who will help the baby to be born. And for this you need to get answers to many questions: what knowledge and skills of your own midwife, as it has already taken delivery of the difficulties encountered and how to handle difficult situations, had to send her mom to the hospital? After all, professionalism is often not only to properly take delivery, but also in the fact that the time to understand that the case is complicated and give up the home version.

The peculiarity of home births is that the professionals who take such labor, instead of doing drug use psychophysiological methods. This is a special practice of breathing, movement, "singing", massage, as well as methods of psychological work with the new mother — joining with her in a special rhythm of sorts, a deep empathy and tracing its changing state. "Home obstetricians' faith support women in their own strength, and help live births, as deeply intimate family event.

Sick leave available alternative is very attractive psychologically, but not always perfect in terms of guaranteed assistance in the event of an emergency during labor, especially when bleeding in women in the postpartum period, with the need for neonatal resuscitation. Because sometimes a normal delivery was not preclude the birth of a child in critical condition (for example, when the umbilical cord pathology — entwining, clamping or loss).

Of course, there are more uncomplicated birth, but sometimes, and complex cases. Today, many home midwives have skills resuscitation of the newborn. In addition, you can call an ambulance, and put it under the windows, "just in case".

You must be sure that you have chosen midwife able to provide appropriate care:

  • timely open fetal bladder and remove the film membranes in side outpouring of water;
  • periodically checking unborn baby's heartbeat;
  • obstetric cut spending (or episiotomy) to help ease the pressure on the perineum head child is born;
  • stitches for a cut or natural breaks;
  • to be able to stop the bleeding (massage of the uterus, the timely introduction of injection, etc.).
  • own infant resuscitation skills (CPR, the ability to release mucus from the respiratory tract, the timely supply of oxygen), carry the necessary tools and medicines.

Of course, a home birth is not possible for everyone. Accounted for a lot of medical data, the results of the survey, women and children, the possible risk factors. Sometimes birth, beginning at home, end up in the hospital.

If you can not find an experienced obstetrician who has the skills described here, or are not sure that they are ready to leave home — choose a good hospital. In recent years the approach to childbirth in our country has changed, in many hospitals began to practice "soft childbirth" woman had the opportunity to select poses for childbirth, etc. In addition, there is a family hospital, where the situation is very close to the house a home, and my dad can live with his wife and newborn child.

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