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Today in Moscow and other Russian cities are a variety of courses pregnant. Some of them are trained for home birth. Information about home birth may be useful not only for those who tuned in this way to give birth, but also to other pregnant women. After all, even if you're determined to have a baby in the maternity ward, no one can guarantee that deliveries will not be so rapid that you just do not have time to get intomaternity hospital (Especially when repeated lineages).

Commercial Approach

The overall picture of professional courses is as follows: a pregnant woman or couple comes to class and gets a lot of information about the normal birth process, deviations from the average standards, "norm" and Pathology, etc. No one is campaigning for a home birth. If the courses only talk about the positive aspects of giving birth at home and bring a lot of negative information about hospitals and doctors, the professionalism of Obstetricians leaves much to be desired. Often the result of such agitirovaniya is the desire of women to avoid any contact with the medical staff, the rejection of their care, even in cases of emergency and the choice of giving birth at home, even when they are contraindicated.

Let's not talk about the moral aspect of such courses. Let's just turn our attention to some important points that should be kept in mind when deciding on the birth at home.

The first thing we should not forget: absolutely any courses to prepare for childbirth, as a home and not home — is primarily a commercial enterprise. In other words, teachers and course authors live on the money that they bring listeners. And that's OK — so there are all profit clinics. But, if this proceeds from a pregnant woman that went to the hospital to give birth, end with the lessons, the woman who gave birth at home, bring extra money directly, "spiritual" midwife. This is a reason to guard.

It is not that the "official" medicine we are not earning. In modern life is practically no things anyway not related to money. When you buy a candy child someone on this too makes money. But the question is, what will be under the wrappers — "Bear in the north", made by carefully calibrated product technology, or home-made caramel of brown sugar.

The professionalism of midwives

Excellent human quality teacher training courses in general and "spiritual" obstetricians in particular should not overshadow their degree of professionalism. Most people who undertake to make families of the house has a secondary medical education. More reliably to such deliveries took obstetrician-gynecologist with higher education.

Another point to which attention should be paid — how large experience in midwifery, which may be helping you in labor. Medical experience — is an everyday practice. The greater the variety of cases have passed through the hands of a doctor or midwife, the more confident he acts. For the change of the doctor and the hospital midwife take from 2 to 5 genera. Be sure to find out how many births attended by "spiritual" midwife in a month?

In some situations, a home birth really are better than the traditional ones. An experienced midwife can support a woman psychologically or suggest welcome posture facilitates the process of delivery. Sometimes the house take such labor, which terminates in hospitals to emergency caesarean section, vaginal cuts or forceps.

However, in no case should not go for a home birth in any health problems, pregnancy complications or prescribed by doctors planned caesarean section.

The problem of unpredictability

Always keep in mind that during labor can always take an unexpected turn.

There are things that can not be out of control and can not be solved through short training courses. Of course, if you lead a healthy life, would pay more attention to their own spiritual sphere, and learn proper breathing techniques and samoobezbolivaniya, it will help both you and your child to come to the end of pregnancy, stronger and more powerful. Nevertheless, absolutely control the process, you can not. In such situations, even experienced obstetricians are powerless.

In particular, there are things that can not be influenced by any special exercises or persuasion:

  • speed of delivery. What this will mean your birth, can not be predicted. Neither heredity, nor the experience of the previous birth did not mean anything in this case. At the same woman's first child could be born "normally", and the second — too slow or too fast. Prolonged labor (more than 10 — 12 hours after the discharge of water) are associated with a high risk of infection and abnormal child labor, so in this situation, the stimulation of labor. Sometimes you may need cesarean section.
  • obstructed. It may be the case. that the baby's head does not match the size of the pelvis. As a result — the kid can not get out. Sometimes midwife can cope with the emerging challenges. for example, inviting a woman to squat (hip bones go out, and the child will be easier to pass). Sometimes, however, all measures are powerless. Woman needs an emergency cesarean section.
  • placental abruption, placenta tearing or rupture of the umbilical cord vein at delivery. The only thing that will save the child in such a situation — a blood transfusion. This is only possible in the pediatric intensive care. If labor were home and began detachment of the placenta, it is an urgent need to go to the maternity home child resuscitation. And speaking of resuscitation. A newborn baby can be reanimated for 20 minutes, then begin the irreversible changes in the brain. During the first minutes of life can manage to save a little man, if he has only one of the signs of life — breathing, heartbeat, pulsation of the umbilical cord, or reflexes. Therefore, in the Netherlands, for example, if woman giving birth at home, its entrance is a car resuscitation. Now this service is available in Russian.
  • anomalies of the third stage of labor. Absolutely unpredictable situation — delay child seats in the uterus, which may be associated with a tight attachment, or placenta accreta. In such situations, women need urgent surgery.

So not only builds a customized birth at home. The midwife must inform the woman that she should be ready for any eventuality. And do not be afraid to go tomaternity hospital Caesarean section and to, if necessary.

Also, remember that there are times when intervention should be almost instantaneous, and even a machine "emergency" under the window is not always able to help.

The "natural" childbirth

Very often you can hear about the "naturalness" of home birth as opposed to leave in the "public institutions". Of course, for centuries women gave birth out of the hospital. And now those days are coming back. And help women professional midwives, devoted his life to the practice and to transmit the secrets and experience from generation to generation. Of course, pregnancy — not a disease, and if there are no contraindications, and a woman really wants to give birth at home, then why not? Observing all precautions wisely choosing a midwife is safe, natural and comfortable to give birth at home. After the birth, the midwife will come at least 2 times in the post-natal nursing.

Realizing the growing competition from home birth, hospital, many have ceased to be polukazarmoy-polutyurmoy, where it was difficult to wait for warmth and personal attention, where, regardless of the actual need, the woman did analgesia, stimulation, and even, perhaps, Caesar the bargain, where baby and mother were lying separately, and my dad saw the baby only at discharge.

Now the situation has changed markedly. In most maternity hospitals is paying wards and labor wards super
ior almost everywhere you can bear with her husband. There are hospital where practicing vertical birth, and in the "normal" maternity woman may take any convenient posture and her walk-in disclosure period (labor). Appointed drugs and interventions to agree in advance, and the newborn baby immediately applied to the chest. In addition, more maternity hospitals practice rooming mother with a child. In this case, an infant in the first few days will be under the supervision of a neonatologist, and you — under the supervision of obstetrician-gynecologist. Experts may, if necessary to correct all problems at an early stage — and therefore with minimal impact.

Births at your own risk

One last note regarding childbirth in the hospital and home births. None of the hospital doctors or spiritual midwives will not be any legal or professional liability if something goes wrong. This should be remembered always. And to give birth where you personally think the least risky and most comfortable.

You need to decide what you expect from those who will be next to you at birth, what you want them to, and most importantly, keep in mind the consequences. In any case, you take the responsibility not only for their own health, but for the life of the child. And if something God forbid, happens, are you prepared to live with the thought that if I close the right moment was special equipment, the most deplorable results could have been avoided?

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