Children from three to five years

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Came the famous age "Why Why". A curious child does not give you no rest day nor night — why flowers grow from what makes the book as called out that contraption on the crane — and so on to infinity.

Humble yourselves! For your young ranger you — the main source of information about the world. And to knowledge that was fun for both of you to help special games and activities. You can do, such as classification. At first glance, classification — It's pretty boring. And why is it so just like kindergarten teachers and psychologists conducting interviews in prestigious schools? The fact is that the ability to classify very important for the child. He may not be able to read and write, but the ability to allocate common functional features in a variety of subjects to help him learn virtually all schools of wisdom. And to this classification became interesting way, as always, one — to turn it into a game!

Usually, after three years of a child is sent to kindergarten. This is another very important step in his life. Scarce falls into a completely new environment, completely changing your lifestyle. Any change, including the little man, it's stress. How to soften it, like to relax after a busy day in kindergarten?

In this age baby active learning to communicate with their peers. But sometimes it happens that, in spite of all your efforts, the kid is afraid of other people — and young and adults, avoids socializing. What to do in such a situation?

Most of all, do not you can avoid the notorious questions about the stork and cabbage — they just appear for the first time in children aged three to five years. In order to adequately prepare for them, sex education should start now. Despite all the attacks feminists, psychologists believe that boys and girls should have their toys. This does not mean that boys are not allowed to play with dolls and girls — with toy soldiers or machines. But in this age there is a sense of self as a girl or a boy. In games, they rehearse the role of impending adulthood, try on it at home — and it's completely natural process. Educate future mother — not easy!

Any parent wants to be baby increased success. And it turns out, the basis of this success and self-confidence can and must pledge right now. What and how we tell the child what "programs" are laying in his life? "

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