China could overtake the USA in an aircraft carrier and stealth fighter

China could overtake the USA in an aircraft carrier and stealth fighter
Experimental Center of the Carnegie Foundation (USA), May 3 issued a report entitled «2030. China’s military power and the US-Japan alliance «in which tells us that in the coming 15-20 years, the scientific and technological gap between China and the U.S. in the construction of aircraft carriers and stealth fighters will be reduced.

With the increasing power of China’s manufacturing industry, this country could be more sharply oppose Washington’s policy in the Asia-Pacific region, but the Carnegie Foundation is convinced that China will not repeat the mistakes of Russian Union and become a global enemy of America.

The report argues that China and the U.S. are very interdependent financially, so it is unlikely Beijing would be to resort to military force, but U.S. hegemony will be uniformly to decrease in the future to establish a «balanced position.» Two powers will pursue a policy that does not slide to cool war.

Status and role of the Land of the Rising Sun in the Pacific Rim and enthusiasm deserve discussion, described in the report. After losing in the second world struggle Japan fell into dependence on the U.S. military alliance. The growing strength of China has the ability to more closely connect the US-Japan military alliance. New Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has taken a firm stance against China, but the currency decline and socio-political paralysis have all chances to prevent Tokyo carry out this policy. Some South American politicians are willing to invest more than Japan in defense byutzhet. Personally great danger in the region will be possible transition into the military phase of the territorial dispute between Beijing and Tokyo. Carnegie Endowment believes that China will become trying to avoid armed conflict.

Last salting U.S. China Jon Huntsman announced that come the Asian century and monitoring conditional abilities of world politics should be based on the basis of registered rise of China’s military. Previous U.S. Pacific Fleet Commander Admiral Blair said that do not fully agree with the conclusions of the report and said, as if the interaction between China, Japan and the United States would be to predetermine the future Asia-Pacific and the role of each of them.

photo — mock Chinese fighter J-20 («Prof. Japanese media» report that this fighter does not fully meet the needs of the fifth generation)

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