Chinese multifunctional helicopter Harbin Z-9

Chinese multifunctional helicopter Harbin Z-9

Helicopters Harbin Z-9 — a family of Chinese multi-purpose helicopters. This rotorcraft is a licensed copy of the French helicopter «Aerospatiale Dauphin». Z-9 helicopter entered service with the PLA in 1994, while the modification of the helicopter Z-9W (WZ-9) was the first anti-tank helicopter, which was built in China. These helicopters apart from all the rest exported. In 2008-2011, China has sold 4 helicopter Z-9 in the amount of 30 million dollars for 2012 — 2015 portfolio of orders for this helicopter is estimated at 43 million cars or 473.8 dollars.

China plans to introduce Army helicopter Z-9 in 3 main ways. Most of the cars produced will be a variant of the helicopter landing, also plans to introduce a helicopter with the installation of a huge number of weapons (percussion version) created to support ground forces on the battlefield. In addition to the Navy of China was designed special lightweight version of the helicopter. It should be noted that Z-series helicopters in China 9 pinned special hopes. Establishment licensed production comparable modern French helicopter enabled China to gain access to European technology 80-ies of the last century and found his own family is not only the military, and civilian versions of the Z-9 helicopter with a good prospect of their mass production. Currently, China has issued more than 150 helicopters of this type. It was also proved technical groundwork has permitted Beijing to start work on the creation of China’s first special attack helicopter under the designation Z-10.
Chinese multifunctional helicopter Harbin Z-9

Layout for Chinese Z-9 helicopter was elected French multipurpose helicopter AS 365N «Dauphin II». According to the license agreement signed on July 2, 1980 with «Aerospatiale» (today comes the concern «Eurocopter»), Harbin Aircraft Company (NAMS) was supposed to take place in China build the first 50 helicopters from the French set of parts. Assembling helicopters was launched in 1981. The first batch of 28 cars was assembled entirely from components and assemblies delivered from France, helicopters quite repeated AS 365N1. With all of this in China car was given a new name — Z-9.
Follow-20 helicopters have also been collected from parts of the French version of the helicopter and comply with AS 365N2, in China they were designated Z-9A. The last of these helicopters was collected in January 1992. Then another 2 were produced helicopter under the designation Z-9A-100. These machines were already one hundred percent of Chinese development. By that time, China has been able to master initiated in 1986 at the plant in Zhuzhou SAEC issue license Turbomeca engines «Ariel» 1C1 capacity of 740 hp Engines produced under the brand name WZ8A. Built helicopters Z-9A-100 airframe was collected 72.2% of Chinese parts on the engine, they have 91% localization. First of these helicopters flew on January 16, 1992, by the end of the same year the car has passed the certification. In 1993 it began mass production. Serial version of the helicopter again received a new designation — Z-9B. These helicopters, unlike the unique French AS 365N, had a 11 fenestron broader composite blades instead of 13 railways.

Chinese multifunctional helicopter Harbin Z-9

PLA adopted a new multi-purpose helicopter Z-9B was adopted in 1994. Currently, he is probably the most massive machine as part of the PLA Army Aviation. First helicopters of this type received in elite Shenyang and Beijing military neighborhood. Functional helicopter able to carry up to 8-10 members with full landing gear, making coherent and rescue functions, adjust artillery actions, solve puzzles EW. For the needs of the PLA naval aviation is a modification of the helicopter under the designation Z-9C. This helicopter can be based aboard frigates, destroyers, he resettled search radar and dipping sonar. Maritime helicopter armament can consist of 2 x torpedoes or anti-ship missiles with TV guided. Version of the helicopter, which carried out for the needs of civilians have codes N410, N410A (hot climate), N425 (VIP-version).

A distinctive feature of the new Chinese helicopter was widespread use in his design of composite materials, allowing on the one hand, to reduce the weight and the effective scattering area, and on the other — to ensure the survivability of structural parts in case of defeat their caliber bullets to 12.7 mm. In addition, growth vitality rotorcraft been applied self-sealing fuel tanks. Some important fundamental components and assemblies and engine control systems flight crew members and chairs were armored. It is reported that the new helicopters Z-9 59% consist of a composite material and 28% — of duralumin alloy.

Shock version helicopter Z-9W equipped with 2 23-mm automatic cannon Type-1. On the elements of the internal suspension this helicopter can carry up to eight anti-tank missiles HJ-8E (range of fire — 3-4 km) or 2 containers with launchers for 90 or 57 mm NUR. Also on the helicopter, you can set two containers filled with machine gun 12.7 mm. Since 2000, armed helicopter appeared guided missiles «air-» TY-90 with thermal homing system.

Made in 2005, the night attack helicopter Z-9WA different from their predecessors, first mounted at the bottom of the helicopter, «ball» — a gyro-stabilized optoelectronic system made Laoyanskim center optoelectronic technologies (EOTDC). This system contains an infrared and television channels, which allows excellent use a helicopter in daytime and nighttime criteria. In addition to the machine was installed a new engine oversized WZ8C (860 hp), the new EW equipment and communications. Dashboard cockpit was supplemented with 2 bolshennymi informative, functional indicators in the workplace each of the pilots, as one small indicator — in the center.

Aircraft performance properties of Z-9W:
Dimensions: main rotor diameter — 12,0 m, width control screw — 1.1 m, length — 14,46 m, height — 3.47 m
Empty weight — 2050 kg., Maximum take-off — 4100 kg.
Supplies of fuel — 1135 l. in internal tanks
Engine type — 2 turboshaft Zhuzhou Aeroengine Factory WZ-8A, 2h848 hp
The highest speed at the ground — 305 km / h, cruising — 260 km / h
Operational range — 1000 km.
Hovering ceiling — 2600 m, with the introduction of ground effect — 6000 m
Crew — 2 persons (pilot and weapons operator)
Armament: 2h23 mm gun Type-1, 4-point suspension: SD «air-land»: 8? ATGM HJ-8E, SD «air-air» 2? TY-90, or 2 blocks NUR caliber 90-mm or 57-mm.

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