Chiron, the wise centaur

Chiron — the centaur, child Oceanides Mills and Kronos, the mentor of the majority of Greek heroes. Chiron came to light the Half-poluchelovekom, from the fact that Kronos, Rhea caught under an hour pleasures of love with Mills, was transformed into a horse, and his seed at the moment is released to the body of her, turned half horse.

It made Chiron, the human torso and trunk — a horse. Thanks to their fathers, Chiron is dramatically different from any other of their own kind (who is not a relative of) — do not curb violent, ignorant and prideful. Wise, gentle and fair, he was a connoisseur of art and medicine, especially music.

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Chiron was known as Apollo friend and mentor, a teacher, counselor of many Greek heroes, such as Phoenix, Aristeas, Jason, Peleus, Asclepius, Achilles and others. Chiron was the wife Chariklo mere mortals, who died of age. They had two daughters, mother of Peleus — Endeida and granny Gipp with Achilles, the mother Melanippe. In the departure sailors kid Achilles lies at Chiron and his wife in his arms. Peleus Chiron taught himself how to take hold of Thetis, which changes its face. He gave Peleyu known to all spear of Pelion ash.

At first he lived in a cave on Mount Pelion, but then with the other centaurs succumbed to the expulsion of the Lapiths and settled near Cape Maley. Then, when Hercules was forced to fend off the attacks of other centaurs, one of his arrows, anointed with poison hydra, almost falling, barged into the left hoof Chiron.

Frustrated by the fact that the arrow wounded his longtime companion, Hercules has withdrawn himself from the hooves of an arrowhead. As the son of Kronos, Chiron was immortal, but did not heal the wound brought him severe punishment. He prayed to the gods for the gift of death. Zeus heard him, and put up at the sky as the constellation Centaurus.

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