Chronicle of the day of judgment. Quantum Apocalypse. Feature film

Space Center is monitoring an unknown comet on its trajectory, approaching Earth, but when she changes it, and promptly begins to approach, in the center of panic starts. When a comet crashes into Mars, is not to pull, and the emergency situation report to the president, who, like scientists do not know what must be done for the salvation of all mankind.

Chronicle of the day of judgment.  Quantum Апокалипсис.Художественный film

He understands that he is only a day or two, and the planet will cease to exist. At this time, in some areas, the storm begins, and each time, they become stronger. When the leadership of the country, politicians, experts in the fields of space, do not know what to do, there are people who even than — that are trying to help people. One such person is the Mayor Parish, he was convinced that the inactivity, no good will not, and Ben tries to solve this problem with the help of his son. $ CUT $

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