Chupacabra. Puerto Rican monster to register in Russia?

The phenomenon of chupacabra, or "goat vampire" is known from the middle of the twentieth century. News of an unknown predator, having a drink blood pets from time to time come first from the island of Puerto Rico, then from many areas of the American continent. Peak messages came in the 90s, but in other parts of the world these tidings were skeptical, believing their tales mostly semi-educated farmers and fiction eager for sensational journalists.

But now, almost ten years as a chupacabra has ceased to be exclusively the property of the American legends and expanded into Europe. First she "mark" on the backyards of Poland and Ukraine, and then showed up in Russia.

The first reports of the strange death of livestock received in 2005 from the Orenburg region. In several villages of the district Saraktash a beast at night break into pens for sheep and glared at the animal's throat, sucking most of the blood. Sometimes it happened three attacks in the night. Unknown killer was different strength and ingenuity, the toughest of the doors were not an obstacle to it.

Two men of those who dare to watch their pets, claimed that they had seen the night robber. According to them, the creature resembles a large dog with short front legs, so sometimes moves jumps like a kangaroo. Orenburzhets Dmitry Madinovsky whose families live in one of the affected villages, analyzing the appearance and habits of the creatures discovered his resemblance to the alien "goat vampire."

Reports of atrocities chupacabra come from different parts of Russia and Ukraine almost every year. It is "heritage" in Saratov, Chelyabinsk Region, the Republic of Tatarstan. Last time the "goat vampire" seen in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Considerably diminished in size (according to eyewitnesses about half a meter tall) chupacabra massively cut off the chickens. Numerous attempts to track down and catch or kill an animal every time were futile.

Chupacabra instituted massive interest in Russian cryptozoologists and fans of the ordinary. Researchers enthusiasts invent new means of capturing the mysterious creatures and look forward to new posts on the "tricks" chupacabra. However, Puerto Rican guest seems to temporarily left the Russian Federation and moved its operations back to Ukraine. The latest news about him in 2011 came from the village of Ridge Lviv region …

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