Clean energy from waste water

In the Californian city wastewater after treatment is injected into the ground to generate electricity.

Residents of the city of Santa Rosa in California are a small discount on electricity. In the city yesterday of the sewer drain for the next day is electricity.

Santa Rosa and the power company Calpine Corporation cooperating in the world's largest geothermal power project on wastewater. They are used to produce electricity, urban wastewater, which not only improves the lives of people, but also fish. Cooperation with Calpine Corporation allowed the city to get rid of the penalty for the discharge of waste water into the river Rushen River and cost $ 400 million for the construction of a new waste water sump, and companies — to revive evaporative geothermal fields are in decline due to over-exploitation.

The project is revived "geysers" of Santa Rosa daily via the mountain top in 64 km from the city pumped about 45 thousand cubic meters. meters of waste water. There the water is pumped into the aquifer at a depth of 2.4 km, where hot rocks turn it into steam, which is then displayed on the surface and drives a turbine generator. In such a system in the Lake District every day processed about 30 thousand cubic meters. meters of waste water. Together, these two systems produce 200 MW of electricity, which is comparable to the average thermal power plant. This process involves not allocated any greenhouse gases or pollutants. Part of the electricity transmitted even in San Francisco, located at 113 km south.

The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama touts geothermal energy as a clean one. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, geothermal sources are capable of producing 2050 to 10% of the country's electricity, and other estimates — even more. However, to carry out projects to expand drilling in the area and engage in other places, you need to consider the likelihood of small earthquakes that might occur due to pumping steam. In fact, residents of neighborhoods of Calpine geothermal complex complain frequent tremors and fear that the construction of new geothermal power plants aggravate the situation.

However, the deputy director of the project, Dan Carlson (Dan Carlson) argues that as a result of the implementation of the Santa Rosa received a lot of advantages. A partnership with Calpine can serve as a model for the development of creative solutions to urban problems that seem insurmountable. Different uses of geothermal energy is considered today and other communities. "Each community is unique in some way — says Carlson. — The challenge is to find the best fit. "

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Jane Braxton Little

Magazine "World of Science"

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