Climate change — a real threat to international peace and security

Throughout the world, millions of people are at risk. They are faced with a shortage of food and water and other challenges associated with climate change. This was announced by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, speaking at a public meeting of the Security Council on "Maintenance of international peace and security: the impact of climate change."

UN Secretary-General stressed that climate change is real. It is accelerating at an alarming rate and poses a real threat to international peace and security.
Ban Ki-moon stressed that increasingly rich and poor countries are faced with extreme weather events, which take the lives of people, destroy infrastructure, disrupt institutions, drained budgets and create a safety hazard.

"Pakistan … Pacific Islands … Russia … Western Europe … Philippines … Colombia … Australia … Brazil … U.S. … China … the Horn of Africa … these examples should remind us of the urgency of addressing climate change. Just today, the United Nations declared that the people of the two regions in southern Somalia are faced with hunger, "- said the head of the United Nations.

Ban Ki-moon stressed that the effects of climate change threaten human security and world peace in general. He drew attention to the emerging tensions within and between countries in the fight for the limited resources of the planet, especially water. The Secretary-General also warned about the growth of the army of environmental refugees, noting that this trend is a result of desertification, deforestation, and rising sea levels.

Earlier in his report to the General Assembly, the Secretary-General called the rise in sea level, "the greatest threat to security" for some small island states, some of which may disappear "in the next 30 years."

Forced migration can trigger social and political tensions that can undermine the efforts towards peace-building and post-conflict stabilization and pose
to international peace and security.

"Megakrizis could become the new norm" — Ban said. He called on the Council to mobilize national and international measures to combat the real threat of climate change.

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