Climate change will hit the Canadian economy

In the report released Thursday pravitelstvennoo Agency "National Round Table" about the environmental situation says that changes in climate will cost Canada is very, very expensive.

By 2020, the government of the country will have to spend about $ 5 billion, and by 2050 — about 90 billion.

According to experts, the financial costs associated with climate change, depends only on how seriously the Government of Canada will be accepted for the problem to reduce the emission of waste, mostly — carbon dioxide.

Earth's polar ice caps are melting fast, which scientists believe the Round Table, will cause numerous floods and strong storms. Losses from floods can be from 1 to 8 billion dollars a year. Warming will cause great harm forestry country. There will be a growth in the number of insects and the number of forest fires, which would cost the Canadian ekonomyike another 2 to 17 billion a year.

Air quality will lead to a weakening of public health. Unnecessary burden on the health system will be even from 3 to 11 billion a year.

In addition to various constraints, the Roundtable recommends simple measures that can not cost the government a lot of money, for example, increase the planting of the trees, which are considered more "fire." You should exclude the construction of new buildings in areas that may be flooded during floods, and install new equipment to monitor ozone concentrations.

Other measures to reduce harmful emissions — more expensive. For example, it would be nice to change the roofing to commercial and residential buildings in the city for more modern.

The round table was organized by the Conservative government, which was formed of the leading scientists, environmental specialists and workers in other areas for the development of recommendations on measures to protect the environment from undue influence of man.

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