Climatologists on the impact of climate change

In London, an international scientific conference, summarized the views of the geopolitical implications of climate change. The final paper discusses the major problems for the relatively poor tropical countries, including possible conflicts of vital resources (food and water). As suggested by Rear Admiral Neil Morisette, a representative of the British Ministry of Defence on the climate and energy security, conflicts such may increase costs and hamper the delivery of goods that are in demand in the developed countries. "Energy prices will go up, and become more expensive goods produced in Southeast Asia, many of which we import", — said the military expert. For example, in Afghanistan, fuel is delivered by road from Pakistan. During the transportation of the price increases by 10 times, to the same convoy is constantly under the gun fighters. Experts agree that the army "chews fuel" like no other. However, the use of renewable energy sources (where possible) could reduce the fiscal burden. Morisette recalled that when he commanded the aircraft carrier, a gallon of fuel left for you to move the ship to 30 cm, while during intense takeoffs and landings burned 20 tons of fuel per hour. "It is possible in the case of 30 dollars per barrel, but not in the case of 100 or 200 dollars," — concludes Rear Admiral.

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