Collection of wolves

Late one night a guy by the name of If stopped at the old woman's Suazik. The old woman was a local storyteller. She told tales, myths and legends to everyone.

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Her stories were about the different ghosts, heroes, wizards and witches. After listening to another story, ate pancakes with a foamy pint Ifs went home. Along with him came and the little boys and girls. They walked all the fun together while drinking songs about stories Suazik old woman.

When Ifs spent all the guys at home, he went to him. Ifs lived far away, deep in the forest. Going Slow, getting drunk myself some little song to himself, he thought that he was someone watching. Then the guy remembered one of the stories about the old woman's sand demons that lured travelers for themselves and decided to go straight through the bushes. "It will be faster," he thought.

Going out to a huge, old, black oak Ifs heard a rustling, and then saw a shadow flashed in which said red eyes and a tail. Wolf — he decided, and took off his clogs. Ifs decided that he would go, tap shoes against each other, thereby not allowing the wolf to himself, when he noticed another approaching him, and then another one.

The guy quickly climbed to the highest branch of oak and watched the wolves gathered and placed around a huge oak tree. Wolves come in twos and threes, and sometimes whole flocks. In the center directly beneath the oak Ifs noticed a huge, black leader who, with his head up began to howl continuously. After howling wolf spoke with a human voice.

— Brothers! We are all gathered here, as well as every year to select a new great leader all the wolves. I want that to each head of the pack came out and told her about his deeds committed in this year.

Hearing the stories of wolves Ifs petrified with fear. They said the killing of sheep, chickens, horses, and one even told how to attack people, and then left the meeting and go back to kill.

Ifs was so horrified and shocked by what he saw and heard, that he forgot what he said the newly elected chief leader. In the morning the guy got down from the tree and went to the old woman Suazik to tell everything that happened during the night.

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