Collider risk planet. Why?

"Physical books are full of complicated mathematical formulas.
But the beginning of every physical theory are thoughts and ideas, not formulas "

The Large Hadron Collider, as the theory of relativity, the Big Bang theory, nuclear and thermonuclear bombs, loans, banks, mortgage invented probably brilliant Jews. Unique device to search for the Higgs boson, parallel worlds, creating on Earth equivalent of the Big Bang, have formed the universe, other unpredictable cosmic events — all for $ 10 billion.

Do not feel sorry for money geniuses (we are not paying, and the curious), the trouble otherwise. It was recently reported that they found in the collider effect not explained by their theories. "This is an unexpected phenomenon for us, which was first discovered at the LHC, and now we will wait for his interpretation of the theorists. It is possible that we really got to the point where the "seen" the new phenomena that are not so easy to understand, and with the energy they will appear more and more often, "- commented, V.Gavrilov professor, head of the Russian group physicists from the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, working on the detector CMS.

So if "… we will wait," that may be yet to stop? After created the Big Bang, and not some kind of world financial crisis or the greenhouse effect. And not even the oil in the Gulf of Mexico. The more so because of a "dangerous lab in the mountains of Europe" was predicted great Messing. And much earlier, in the XVI century, another world-renowned Jewish soothsayer Nostradamus (the man of the highest scholarship: in 1521 — Master, in 1534 the doctor, in 1546 for their dedicated work in the fight against the doctor plague awarded Parliament of Aix-en-Provence, a lifetime pension persecuted by the Inquisition, but from 1564 till the end of his days — was a royal physician and adviser to the king of France) also predicted the emergence of a "satanic arc of rabies in Europe," which may result in November 2010 "horror burning" half of the world. If that happens, he warned, in 2011, as a result of precipitation will be infected all … There will be no plants, no animals … — 2014 — people will have terrible consequences … 2016 — the human race will be destroyed. Believe astrologers, their predictions are not fatal, and helpful, for the application of efforts to eliminate human fatality.

But the wait did not. 4 and 7 November in the LHC recorded first collisions of lead ions on the crazy energy. "The purpose of the experiments — to get the quark-gluon plasma … complete breakdown of matter into quarks, gluons, bosons — that's fine! Nobody saw this in real life … when our detector will catch the quark-gluon plasma, I would be perfectly happy, "- commented wistfully," Izvestia "Yuri Kharlov from the Institute of High Energy Physics in Protvino, who works at CERN.

But the hypothesis of the quark structure of hadrons — this is just an abstract assumption of two physicists, expressed in the 1963/64 year without a causal basis, not confirmed by experiment, does not explain the nature of such phenomena as the equality of the charges of the electron and the proton decay of neutrons into protons, electrons, etc. etc. It picked up only because that theoretical physics has long been in deep crisis. She had no idea she was "fixated" on the accelerator!

That's it — an introduction. A tale that developed a theory of the universe, which explains the appearance of particles, atoms and molecules, bodies, stars, galaxies, and the cause of gravity … and shows a possible mechanism sunk into the collider chain reaction, really, the big bang, the universe is not only, and the planet. Below are summarized some of its fragments. "Have the courage to use your own understanding" (Kant).


It would seem, what a challenge for modern science and high technology to create a vacuum? In terrestrial conditions TOTAL overcome one single air pressure, only 760 mm Hg! But the conviction that it is impossible anywhere voids were even philosophers of antiquity. And such famous thinkers as Aristotle, Descartes, Leibniz, also denied the existence of the nature of emptiness. Currently, there are very powerful multi-vacuum pumps. But to achieve emptiness somewhere, if only in a small vessel, failed to anybody.

"Improvement of the vacuum like going to the absolute zero of temperature, the closer the cherished goal, the more difficult it is to each step (a reference to the work M.Chadeevoy" atoms and the void ", is available online.)

We take a system of modern vacuum pumps and try to empty the tank. Overcome the first seven orders of magnitude in the cellar (from atmospheric pressure to 10-4 mm Hg. Cent.). Next it will go slowly, but after waiting a few hours, to make sure that the pressure has decreased by two orders of magnitude. On the following day the order is required, and in a day of continuous operation and unsuccessful search for leaks understand that the situation is hopeless: the pressure does not want to fall below about 10 -7 Torr. Art. …

Gives a lot of trouble vakuumschikam lightest gas — hydrogen. When they get to high vacuum, it turns out that with the rapid hydrogen molecules can not handle even the most high-speed pumps, have combined to make the system — for example, spray well titanium absorbs hydrogen (note: how could this take hydrogen? Take the time to answer).

A particular problem — ultra high vacuum … even with all conceivable conditions hold vacuum above 10.8 mm Hg. Art. possible only through the non-stop operation of pumps … (note: but something they pumped out of these vessels?).

Imagine that we have achieved incredible perfection and removed all of the atoms, molecules and ions … Is this an absolute void? Apparently not! .. The theory is that in the physical vacuum incessant creation and annihilation of virtual particles. In practice, this leads … to an additional pressure created by these particles, which is known as the Casimir effect "(note: the energy of the physical vacuum fluctuations due to the constant birth and disappearance of virtual particles in it, the effect was predicted by the Dutch physicist H.Kazimirom in 1948 and later confirmed experimentally).

In 1933 E.Shredinger, an Austrian physicist, one of the founders of quantum mechanics (Nobel Prize in 1933, jointly with P.Dirac) theorized that from the vacuum must be created and the real particles.

Let us remember also the school experience the lessons of physics in the Soviet school 60's to create a laboratory vacuum pump vacuum in a glass vessel, which was placed in the glass a little water. With the achievement of an appropriate dilution in a glass of water boils at room temperature, and the vessel is filled with steam. After another moment — a glass of water freezes.

We summarize the whole history of science with numerous experiments testifies to reach emptiness somewhere impossible, even for a short period of time. In liquids, subject to the vacuum discharge, there are bubbles of steam, and in places where the vapor bubbles in liquids at low temperatures always occur crystals of solid phases in the water — ice crystals.

Now imagine the nature of space in the form of a kind of liquid, it is light, transparent and properties close to the ideal consisting of some fine particles (reference is made to work Usacheva VM "What is truth" is available online.)

Having an idea of what the particles of matter are authentically known in nature, it can be assumed that in the event of conditions anywhere close to the void, there arise the electron (as bubbles "pair" in some "fluid" space). In the exit points of the electrons into being, the law of conservation of energy, there are as energy hole, the antiparticle of electron — positron, with exactly antimassoy and exactly the same in magnitude but opposite in sign to the electric charge. And around the positron, as energy holes, due to the loss of energy in them at a temperature of absolute zero, there is a sort of shell "ice", and on it is also "coat of icing" environment of space. Positrons in a sheath and coat — is a proton.

Reasoning leads to the conclusion:

1. The electron and proton are born in a natural act in deep space sparse, so with absolutely equal in magnitude but opposite in sign to the electric charges. The size and weight of "zhidkostnokristallicheskogo" proton due to the "freezing" and "obshubleniya" its core is, of course, by orders of magnitude greater than that of the electron as a vapor bubble. "

2. Each of the charged particles, as the property of their charge, an electric field. Field of each electron and the proton is distributed in nature, relatively far (possibly infinite) and fast (speed of light). At the time of the explosion-birth of the electron and the proton, they also gain a considerable impulse (momentum), including complex rotation with equal probability of rotation for each pair of particles in any direction.

3. Flown apart, the electron and the proton by the forces of the Coulomb attraction of opposite charges tend to get close and merge with any opposite in sign to the charge particle form with the release of the initial void in the energy storage space, but the emptiness in nature is impossible, "nature does nothing in vain" (I. Newton). Positron — proton core — is protected from contact with electrons solid shell "ice" and large "cloud." And so:

3.1. if the orbital angular momentum of electron rotation
proton and the plane of contact in the same direction, their rotational energy prevents them closer together (imagine even the convergence of two gears, rotating in one direction, the energy
speed will drop them from one another.) In this case, we have the fact of birth in the ubiquitous nature of the hydrogen atom with an excited electron occupying the first position at a higher level than his usual, steady ..

3.2. if the orbital angular momentum of rotation of the electron and proton in opposite directions, the rotational energy contributes to the deep penetration of the electron in the "coat" to the proton shell "ice." Has moved closer to a possible limit of the proton and electron — a neutron.

That is, the neutron, in essence, is also excited hydrogen atom, but in which the electron is lower than its stationary orbit, entangled in the "coat" of the proton. This set (proton + electron = neutron) as a whole is electrically neutral, but at the same time, the neutron — and is electric dipole, due to Coulomb forces capable of adjacent dipole negative side to protons (and therefore hold in his "coat" of the electron), and the positive side, as a proton — joined by a single electron.

If set (proton + electron = neutron) will not associated interactions in the nucleus of an atom, the electron in a "coat" of the proton (or neutron) will soon use up your energy will be pushed out of the rotation and the elastic "cloud" on it. In this case, again, we get the hydrogen atom as a ball-proton, which stuck "calm", small in comparison with the proton-electron ball responsive to the approach of any positive or negative charge on the rolling sphere proton.

4. Valence of atoms due to Coulomb forces leads to the formation of molecules. In this case, some of the planetary orbits of electrons in atoms, as can be seen from the figure of the hydrogen molecule, and can be no question.

If this theory is justified, the hydrogen must occur whenever high vacuum will be created. Indeed, hydrogen is always found in a high vacuum in the experiments.

The first thing that comes to mind: perhaps the hydrogen molecule is very small, "fluid", and they are somehow outside penetrate any loose connections and cracks in the walls of the vacuum vessel. But in industrial technologies, hydrogen gas is stored in steel tanks at pressures up to 100 atmospheres, and liquefied hydrogen — under pressure of 400 atmospheres, and it does not penetrate through the walls of blood vessels. And when receiving the very high vacuum pressure difference inside and outside of the vessel — no more than 1 atmosphere, and the vacuum vessel are constructed from high quality steel and for degassing previously calcined to 400 ° C.

And secondly — in the form of free hydrogen on Earth is found, it should be available only in the upper layers of the atmosphere adjacent to the vacuum of space.

That is, the hydrogen does not penetrate the vacuum vessel from the outside, but arises in them under a high vacuum. Interstellar space — it's a deep vacuum. If this theory is justified, the hydrogen must be ubiquitous in the cosmos. He is everywhere, and occurs as a dominant element in the universe.

Helium particles of the above seems like education first deuterium and (or) of tritium, and then because of the high-energy and field fluctuations, the formation of these structures with two protons and one, two or more neutrons, depending on the conditions (pressure, temperature, energy particles, their initial orientation, rotation, vibration field environment, etc.). The electrons in accordance with Coulomb's law due to the difference of distances between the centers of the charged spheres play a role as a binder adhesive remora for protons and neutrons.

To visualize this, it is advisable to take the tennis balls (two red "Proton" and several white "neutron") and to experiment with them. You can easily add up all of these models nuclides — helium-3, 4, 5, etc. on the various options. Ultimately, the most common atom of helium-4, all the particles (protons, neutrons, electrons) under the influence of Coulomb forces find their one position, the movement of atoms in the system stops with the release of energy is released into the environment. And atom of helium-4 in the future as the optimum compact electro neutral system is chemically inert.

Taking a lot of tennis balls (protons and neutrons) with droplets of glue (like electrons), you can easily combine all the elements of the periodic table, respectively, including all known nuclides.

But in what seems DANGER LHC?

For all theories, hypotheses, including the Big Bang that created the universe, matter arises originally from nothing (void, emptiness, and so on, in the end, as you know — out of energy). So, to be in nature and reverse mechanism: exit substance of existence. Aristotle in his thinking about the eternity of the universe said: "The record shows that all that occurs equally and destroyed."
According to Hegel: empty in the beginning, to "identify and articulate specific", in the dialectical process to get back to this beginning. "Being and Nothingness disappear into each other," there is a "movement in the immediate disappearance of one another …".

Can be said to Igor Politova from his letter to the author of this theory (26.10.2009): "There is a natural cycle. Where there is a vacuum, which is nothing to fill, it immediately creates a particle. And under certain conditions, these particles disappear into "black holes" and then appear again in a vacuum. Like water on earth evaporates and flows again evaporates and again … and pours into the energy of the particle, and again in the particles, the energy of the particle, and again in the … "

Obviously, the mechanism of the holes in which the substance disappears and the energy is released (not black and bright white), the universe exists. Centers of many galaxies have very bright luminosity, and these galaxies have a spiral shape, as if the center of their work a powerful vacuum pump.

The emergence of "white holes" probably as follows.

Electron and proton are constantly striving to merge. This is prevented by a strong shell of "ice" and "coat" of the proton. But if in the course of existence of matter arises in it and overtemperature superenergiya that is able to create the Large Hadron Collider, the shell holes around the energy contained in a proton, can be, in the end, destroyed. Perhaps the "ice" proton in the end simply "melt" in experiments with extremely high temperature. And if in this situation, there is imbued with electrons from a substance collider, there begins the process of annihilation of electrons and positrons (nuclei of protons), the disappearance of particles (electrons, positrons, protons) out of existence.

Comprehend that in this case the consequent

We know that in every gram of matter stocked a lot of energy. Cleaving molecule of TNT, dynamite and even plain water, you can get a powerful explosion. Splitting atoms of uranium-235 or plutonium-239, we get a nuclear explosion. But with nuclear explosions, broken only when the atomic nuclei, the components mass is decreasing by a percent (in a bomb attack on Hiroshima was converted into energy for only about 1 gram of uranium. Could any man to understand before Hiroshima?).

In a fusion of helium from hydrogen isotopes in the hydrogen bomb is much more output power than nuclear decay. Accordingly, the weight of the components in this reaction is higher — it is reduced (disappears) is 0.7 percent!

The annihilation of an electron and a positron (the core of the proton) will release the full energy of the particles (E = mc ^ 2) with a yield of 100% of the energy that would be ~ to 142.9 times that of nuclear fusion of helium atom (100/0, 7 = 142.857) . This micro process, energy is not a single reaction boil kettle, but it may be enough to trigger an unknown world phenomenon: a chain reaction collapse of the proton-electron pairs, hundreds of times faster than the reaction of a nuclear explosion that destroys completely any substance with the release of its energy according to the formula E = mc ^ 2.

This means that any collider experiment with the rise of the energy levels, the collision rate, temperature, or other parameters of particle collisions every time may be the last for the Planet. Land can instantly disappear powerful explosion as a large array of electron-proton bomb, shaking up the entire solar system. Or come true "only" M. Nostradamus prophecy about the "horror burning" only half the globe. Perhaps the ocean (water as an effective heat sink with boiling) will be able to protect America and Australia directly from the "fear of combustion." But, then … see the prophecy of the great Jew above. Then it will be accurate and the fact that after 2012, the Mayan calendar known to anyone in the world do not need to …

Communication madness with talent many times proved. After the explosion of the first atomic bomb, its "father" R.Opengeymer "joked" that they are, of course, doubts but decided, if all goes well, no one would condemn them. And if not — then no one will judge … Before the explosion, they argued away the earth's atmosphere, or not? But took a chance and became famous: the first nuclear bomb exploded. Other famous to be the first thermonuclear bomb detonated. Today's genius, too, decided to take a chance at random, hoping to become famous, "such discoveries, which were not a suspect" in the experiments' results are unpredictable in principle. "

In systems theory is known, that any idea, income, used in ever more complex environment as long as it becomes the cause of disaster. Idea Accelerator for almost 100 years, it has long run its course and has become dangerous for the Planet. With no other ideas and other income, constantly increasing power accelerators kollayderschiki-geniuses are accustomed to risk and have already reached the limit, the transition which can ruin everything … And therefore highly relevant is the idea of the famous Russian scientist:
"I do not exclude the possibility of a fatal outcome of human history …
Such an outcome might occur already in the not too distant future. "

Moiseev NN (1917 — 2000), Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Perhaps it is "not so distant future," has approached close to Earth: the calendar in November 2010 and in the tank geniuses have started a series sverhekstremalnyh, sverhvysokotemperaturnyh completely unpredictable experimentation with lead ions.

The theory of the universe in its entirety is presented in Explained the mechanism of particles, atoms and molecules, bodies, stars, galaxies, and the cause of gravitation, the essence of inertia and mass of objects, light propagation mechanism, the pattern of the experimental results A.Fizo (1851), Michelson and G. Morley (1887) and phenomena not previously explained by science. A model to demonstrate the cause of gravitation, given the parameters and photo, anyone can, choosing simple materials, to make it myself for half an hour. Then, watch the model to conduct their own experiments, sure.

November 3, 2010 by the theory for a third time (with support in this time 607 people have subscribed to his letter) addressed to the address of the CERN researchers to consider his arguments about the dangers of the LHC experiments. But the genius does not condescend. So, I think the people of the planet, what to do?

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