COMPANY «Chengdu» BUILD 1200 J-10 fighter

Chinese company Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group will build a 1200 J-10 fighters to Taiwan confrontation F-16 reports citing the newspaper Want Daily.
Stolichnaya «Voice of Russia» says that J-10A turbojet engine equipped AL-31FN of «cradle-Saturn», imported from Russia because of problems with the creation of China’s Motor WS-10 Taihang. A new variant of J-10B engine will develop a Taihang.
Senior vice president of China Aviation Industry Corporation Ruguang Geng (Geng Ruguang) said the establishment of the J-10, and the rocket motor Taihang PL-12 «air-air» making China on 4th place among the nations of the world, developing and producing advanced fighters.
Geng said that the J-10B fighter radar with active phased array antenna can accompany immediately 6 goals and storming out of their four goals. Geng also said that the radar system J-10 can effortlessly capture the South American F-16 and F-2 Japanese. In addition, the missile PL-12 «air-to-air» aircraft J-10 has similar properties to the AIM-120 class «air-air» South American production used on fighter F-16A / B Air Force Taiwan.
Taiwan at the present time has 386 fighters, of which 145 F-16A / B acquired in the United States. Imbalance in the amount of fighters on both sides of the Taiwan Strait is the subject of severe concern for Taiwan’s security.
In 2014-15 36 fighter J-10B will also be placed under the title of the Pakistan Air Force FC-20.

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