Complaints Book of Nature

Complaints Book of Nature

Cut down a Christmas Tree, hung with toys and sweets — a relatively recent phenomenon. As such, it has begun to spread in the 17th century with Alsace (Germany). And everywhere in Europe and America in the tree houses are established only in the late 19th century, when invented the Christmas candles.

Fashionable custom was originally distributed in the cities, and especially in the higher strata of society. Since the 1840s, the Christmas tree is known in Russia, especially in St. Petersburg, where many foreigners. A number of historians emphasize that the people did not have such a custom, but under the influence of the city in the late 19th century, the tree began to organize first in rural schools, and later in the peasant homes.

In ancient times, as in Russia believed that the dead spruce is only good. Why since ancient times at the funeral of the deceased path carpeted with spruce fir twigs? The road behind the deceased as it was blocked by spruce, sharp needles that prevented his return from the cemetery back to his house.

Once girls who want to discourage hateful boyfriend, quietly hid in his pocket the tip of spruce twigs — "Abhor" response unloved, meaning "no."

Proverb says, in the pine forest — fun, birch — to marry, and in spruce — a boa constrictor. Inconsolably sad, with his hands down low, old spruce and really evoke a joyless thoughts. Of course, this is not the reason for the negative attitude to eat: it is necessary at least to make us think …

Spruce Eastern Slavs were tombstones tree. It is evergreen, and therefore represented the eternal, not to die, a celebration of life: bulk mounds resemble the outlines fir.

Green symbolizes life since ancient times, and she had the greens do not expose properties. Evergreens — pine, laurel, cypress, bold, the fig tree — a particularly revered as Prosveshchenie: worship of Life in all its manifestations was the main essence of paganism. Because so cruel looks malicious and wanton killing of the fig tree Jesus …

Profoundly mistaken are those who think like trees do not feel pain. Modern research in the field of bioenergy and bioelectronics only confirm the ancient pagan beliefs that all life has a sensitivity. Pluck a flower "screaming" in pain and terror, and the "cry" is fixed by special devices.

Why, after the New Year's Eve at the sight of the faded tree you penetrate unaccountable sadness? Is it only because the holiday is over? Or even because the sun exposes how ridiculous and false, both embellished the dead, shiny golden tinsel? That, strictly speaking, awakens in the heart wrenching anguish? This tree dies, it is his dying groans and complaints we automatically perceive telepathically (the word "telepathy" originally means "suffering at a distance").

Magi-nymphs taught that he who plants trees, live long. Accordingly, the one who needlessly destroying living trees, he shortens his life. For everything in nature is interconnected and subject to a single justice of the law of natural retribution.

Is it really should be present in your home and slain artificially colored with wood? Can we make and the Feast was, and tree was alive? Of course, it is possible and necessary. Suitable for New Year's dance of any evergreen living tree, representing eternal renovating forces of Mother Earth. Children and adults gather around a fluffy Christmas trees and sing:

Little Herringbone
Well in the woods.
From the forest herringbone
I can not take away!

Or a known motive sing a song composed by Albert Vyatka ecologist Solovyov:

Born in the forest herringbone,
In the forest, it grows
And gives us hope
For each new year.
Come to you with gifts
You were so beautiful
And much, much joy
We brought the summer.
We herringbone smartly
Celebrate the New Year
And we are glad to be together,
When winter passes.
While the world is cold,
Sleep, Herringbone, bye-bye,
Frost snow Wrap up:
"Look, do not freeze."
Yarylo — Sun clear
Rose up from sleep;
Winter is gone, and the Red
Spring will come back.

Let the Christmas tree will be alive member of your holiday ritual. And then, during this ceremony you will feel the magic alive inspiration — intimate union with nature and inspired burst of extraordinary, indescribable joy.



When the day "on the sparrow gallop" arrived and began to flare up the winter sun, Slavs celebrate carols.

"We went, we were looking for the holy Kalyada
On earth, in heaven, in Slovenia, in Russia,
The fields but on forests and down dale but in the mountains,
And found it in the bright Irii! Goy, Kolyado! "

"In the mountain scram, with spring gate!"

Happy Holidays Slavs!

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