Confessions of a superman

20 years ago, in January 1991, even before the collapse of the USSR, the Russian newspaper "Free Speech" published "Confessions of Superman", which then could be perceived as a confession schizophrenic. But now, after more than 10 years, it is perceived quite differently — as a rabbi E.Hodos writes in his book "The Jewish Syndrome 2 1/2" — as the greatest tragedy of the content and results of the confession …. One of the last documents "mystery of iniquity" was published in the newspaper "Evening Kiev" September 28, 1992:

"Our time is returned. Yes it from us and not go away. It has always been and will be our. How on earth has always been good and evil. But we always seem bigger because we — stronger and more aggressive than good and can not defeat us. We will change the shape and the shell will change the signs and colors, we will adapt to any conditions, but will survive and win. Our goal is the same — to be the winners. Your fate — always be slaves forever.

We had time to plant your genes slavery forever. We'll give you another thousand revolutions and transformations, you will have an eternal struggle for justice, but you'll never get it. I'll talk to you in plain text, not because I'm headstrong, but because I know not fear. For me the giant indestructible power of the CPSU, the KGB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Trade, the government, the prosecutors and all the Supreme Council — this is just simply leverage in our hands. Under our presidents and dance tunes performed by our will, do what we want.

We deeply do not care how many deputies will be radical — even millions. The top will always be ours! You can pick up in our house, privileges, cars, etc., but the power — EVER! We deeply care for the people's opinion, it is for us an empty phrase. For this view we create ourselves. Let conducted at least hundreds of referendums. Importantly, to our opinion the people served. To any of your attack, we will respond strongly and violently. For us, a piece of cake — to destroy the products, plants, environment, publicity, art, etc. We bring you a snap hunger, sabotage, misery, destruction and disease. We think nothing of you play off each other so that you gnawed my throat. We can drive you to despair, that you have taken up arms and went to the extreme. That is when you physically feel our strength. We are always afraid of the people, that he will rise up and sweep everything away. Our people will never rise, even if it happens — he never long keep their power. He just does not know how to do it. Power always you give us yourself! Well thought out and well planned. There is only one way to beat us all. But you can never use it, because it is only the evil genius can think of to this. Welcome to this not.

We succeeded well with you in the next game of perestroika, glasnost and democracy. The fact that the crowd requested — please. Give, but as long as we need. What a ridiculous and naive faith in our serious intentions. Art of saying everything and nothing — it is also our weapon. And at the conventions you see it in action. We will drown you in the verbiage. Neither your progressive idea failed. Gone are those that we would like, making it appear that they are from you.

We have the most powerful weapon — a large powerful lies, patience, flexibility, immediate response and, more importantly, the ability to act, which never could neither fighter for justice. Besides, we have excellent way to disable the fighters of the very same crowd. We are always in the shade, a living example — Academician Sakharov. It is in our scenario you are killed him. We continue to do damage to your leader, and this is just the beginning. You'll soon see the next victim, and not in your power to prevent it.

Slaves were not able to take action. You are only able to obey and execute our will. All your attempts to change things for the better (as you think), but suffering, disappointment and frustration, you did not do. No, I would not dissuade you and urge you give up and do not fight. Go ahead, fight, win, get drunk with victory — all of this will be your self-deception. We also need your fight with us. Our knowledge, understanding, experience should always be in shape.

All your dreams and desires, all your passion raging animals only around one — grub and stuff. Your jealousy, greed and stupidity — bezpredelny. This is a tremendous weapon in our hands. We know how to use them skillfully. Everything that we do — we do carefully and ingeniously simple. You judge us by the nomenklatura officials. This is naive. Yes, stupid, greedy or just fools we always put on high posts. They — our armor and protection. All your energy shatters their iron monolith.

Your energy disturbances enough slave to the first handout. Couple refrigerators with sausage able to calm any of your passions and destroy the dream of democracy. All your troubles on what you are children of the Earth and the cosmos! You have destroyed all the knowledge and experience of their ancestors and repeat as soon as their mistakes. None of you know what is the meaning and purpose of human life on this earth. Look at yourself from what you do and what fate you deserve. You are slaves and destroyers. We are your hands defiles the land. According to our will you ravage the planet's interior, ruining the sea, rivers, environment, go with a knife on each other. So wear your cross of eternal torment and suffering.

Now I will say more. I'll get you a goal and program restructuring. State hirel and developed as in the West. Needed a stimulus, a new enthusiasm of the people. Needed his new faith in a brighter future. We have never given you live in the present, but only the future, well, sometimes the past. So, we are faced with the task — to get you with great enthusiasm and efficiency of work for us. We have been a mistake — we are too long a pause. 70 years of the same — we even bothered. People would not believe our old slogans. And there's a new — a revolution from above. Democracy, glasnost, perestroika! You even see the story — when she brought success to the people? Yes, ever. Our calculation was based on your ignorance. And they have amazing.

A good master — slave always dressed and healthy. A slave more and longer runs, benefiting its owner. And once again to see this, we hid the food from you. The reaction was instantaneous. Piece for you — a deity, and then to meetings, demonstrations, science, art, etc. And we decided to make you a perpetual asylum. You will ask us all and always: apartments, food, cars, coupons for vodka, land and even air. We will give you as much as you see fit for your private property. But you always, together with all of your junk will be our and only our private property. State — that's us. (7) We are a little bit, just a few hundred. But we can almost everything.

This confession — slap slaves, that they knew their place, purpose and their masters. We have taught you to slavery, and it was for you to the real need. This is what we have taught you to lie, and our country has become the most deceitful country in the world. This is what we teach you to steal, and you become the consummate people-thief. We did rule your life criminal. We are now quietly rob you and turned into animals with the eternal instinct of consumption and destruction. This is what we have planted your laziness and aversion to work. This is what we teach you to destroy, not create. This we kicked you out of a sense of dignity, pride, self-respect, dignity, suffering, and mercy. We removed it from the youth policy, leaving it to the bone rock and porn. We took it from us your hatred to yourself though. This is what we have deprived you of faith and religion, fuck up your spirituality and destroying the love of neighbor. We did have insane health robbed you and made you dependent on drugs and doctors. We have created a pseudoscience and vulgarized your art.

And you dare to call us criminals? No, it's you the real criminals. This is you allow us to do everything we want. It's you play the Kings, chiefs and presidents. That you need the box, leading a flock of sheep to the slaughter. There is a class of slaves and there is a class of parasites. Past — that's us. We are few, but we're smarter and more united you. We do not want to produce. This is a lot of slaves. But we want to consume. Want luxury privileges because we ideenositeli. The mind rules the hands, and not vice versa. We are few, but we did a lot. You have a lot, but you're not even on a small can.

Do not think that we get even. We do not knows the feeling. I'm writing this for you to understand that politics can do anything. A policy is in our hands. Now we distracted you from it, having started fussing with the economy. My God, what fools you. Do you think we are taking care of you, that you were fed, clothed, shod. Yes, we do not care for you. We must just be an idiot not to realize that without the policy any economy — zilch. Yes it is, we need the economy. We are doing it for themselves, not for you. And how do we want to, but not as you. So be obedient and patient, and do not hinder us. After all, what would we do for the good of ourselves, we always do for and on behalf of you (ie the people). And we spit on the brain drain abroad. The smaller of the brain we will have in the Union, in order for us to better manage the country of fools easily.

As long as the state will come violence, we are invincible. And it will always come. We will destroy your energy on the riots. We Whacked you bursts. You stand for everything — from matches to foster the Supreme Council. We will create thousands of everyday problems, you will be forever dead tired and mentally exhausted. Having passed the noose gradually your publicity. It will dilute their ideology, every day you imposing their dogmas. We will destroy your language, clog it came up with our words. You no longer understand not only us, but also themselves. We will constantly besot all your progressive ideas, bringing them to the point of absurdity, leaving you nothing bright. You will lose a landmark setting, you get tired move your head, not knowing where to go, what to believe. We can find thousands of gags to shut your throat forever dissatisfied. In addition, we have to raise the entire criminal-criminal world and arrange in the country robbery and terror.

And most important, we will tirelessly, day in and day out, to the minute to give false information to the president. He will never know the real situation abroad and in the country. According to our will, he will make one mistake after another, it inevitably will have to choose. Or become our ranks, or be rejected by the people. And he made his choice. He is with us. People can not give any guarantees. We can and will give. Our eternal dialogue with the people of the two will always be a dialogue of the deaf. Everyone hears only himself. Now we are trying their hand in the Baltic. If you will — go on. We are confident that everything will be ours. We decided — Union be. This is our manger, and we will not give it to you.

So far, only two people can interfere with our plans, because they know them. But you are with them in the near future reprisals. And they themselves cowardly and indecisive. We are already beginning to bore all the noise, and soon you will see how we will put everything in order. We're not going to aggravate the situation and deal immediately with repression. All will be in the normal range, but no stick you can not do. You deserve it. Well, then the carrot will be.

We also need to brush up on your frame, ie get rid of garbage and trash. Take their hands on smart, smart, young, energetic, and turn them into obedient and loyal servants — it's a matter of technology. I think that the most important thing that we have — it lay forever in our people fear gene. You from it will never get rid of. There is a natural fear of the gene — it is necessary for preservation of the species, and there is fear retribution from the authorities. And while there is power — the fear. You only rallies brave when in a crowd together. But we know that each of you has his own kennel .. That's where — you always ours. Do you get bored hanging around at rallies and yawp vain. You see perfectly that we just give you a chance to let off steam. After all, after you cry in reality nothing has changed — shout! Wrestling — this is a very difficult and dangerous job, and not everyone on the shoulder. And when the stomach grumbles piece and will be fed and warm — you do not have to struggle. And then there's the family, children, etc.

Without knowing all the intricacies of the psychology of crowds, we would have long lost. Remember, as we sank all your congresses in verbiage. You pathetic buffoons, just got to follow us into talking, the more you do not have enough. For a while we were spectators and watched the whole performance tuning, which you have played in all seriousness. Now viewers will be you and you will meekly watch as we tighten the screws.

But now we are concerned about others. We depressing your breed. Although we have learned to adjust your number (the excellent facilities for occupational diseases: poisoning of water, food, air, creating a murder weapon, and more), yet for us this problem is not solved. We are not afraid for myself. We always have and will be found an oasis of survival on this planet.

Anticipate your next stupid. After reading my confession, you do not stop to think about its essence. You dive in and search for the author. Your curiosity is stronger than man's wisdom. You choir and discordantly zashumite the press. The essence comes to you later. However, you will soon feel it yourself.

In short, we turn your makeover. And our continuing. How will it look? Certainly. All will be in stages. The first to begin the military. The second phase will begin the underworld, the KGB, the Interior Ministry. The third stage — will work all the legal service and the press, radio and television. Fourth stage — included in the work trade, finance and economics. The fifth and sixth stages — regime-backed instruments. Seventh stage — ideological and political. We do — you watch. Always will be. You threw us a slogan — "No party in the world has done so much harm to his people, as did the Communist Party." So watch it in action again. I am 82 years old and I'm leaving with a sense of peace and contentment. We leave behind a worthy heir of our affairs. We will be always.

One of your masters
Eugene Gordeev Kazimirovich
Moscow — The Kremlin, Silver Wood. January 7, 1991 "

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