Consecrated matrimony birth of the Great Race

Usually young couples determined by the will of the Old Gods in the Holy merrymaking-dances on ancient holidays in Bright Day God in the highest, and Kupala Day God Perun, but it was not mandatory, because young people are entitled to create their own destiny.

During the holiday of young men and women lead dances around the fire, laid out in the form of a solar symbol, and Kolovrat Posolon. Youths lead dances around the Sun Fire Kolovrat and girls' dance moves around Tierra Posolon backwards.

When the dance flow around Fire characters, Priest or community elder reads anthem God Rod, "Bose our nation, originator, you, all Rodham Patron, send you, Vyšna Will, you abhor slavery on us, do not let disappear amid the centuries, though will be done the gods. " At the last words of the hymn, "… the will of the Gods," both roundelay begin to converge, and when one of the two dances faced spins round dance movement stopped.

Touched the backs of the young man and the girl were declared first porechennoy pair (since the motion image of the two dances was flowing rivers, the pair came to be called — porechennymi), they were taken out of the dances, and the dance of the two were set in motion again. All repeated again until porechennyh recruited nine pairs in God Kupala Day or sixteen pairs porechennyh Vishny Day God Perun.

Then each pair porechennaya Fire Dedication ceremony was held. Young people are put back to back between the sacred ognevischami, Kolovrat and Posolon. All young people present at the event, clapping their hands, worn out three words: "Reality", "Nav" and "right." At the word "right" test subject porechennaya pair turned their heads, directing his attention to the left or right.

If their eyes were turned to one side, it was considered that the upward call Heavenly Gods sanctified Holy Living Fire UIS porochennuyu pair. If the eyes of young people were turned in opposite directions, it was thought that a couple of features of this very porochennuyu pushed.

Porechennye couples blessed Holy Living Fire, received instruction from the priests of the ancient faith or community elders what to do on how best to learn "not solid, but the spirit and soul" of each other.

Young people talked until morning, participated in various holiday merrymaking and ancient ritual, trying to learn more about each other.

In the morning, after a meeting Yarily the Sun, "porechennaya" couple went to all their parents for a blessing. After that, all the young people asked their parents to meet each other and to the day Ljubomir, identify with the priest-patron gods Births and Elders, their future.

Parents, community elders and priests of the ancient ancestors of the Faith, which serve Vyšna heavenly gods, discussing all the issues are resolved in accordance with the ancient heavenly law and the law of his birth, when young people are best held naming ceremony the bride and groom to make when consecrated Family Union and when to play the wedding, Lubomir.

Consecrated the family unit

This rite of passage, only those who passed the naming ceremony the bride and groom (for a long time, this ceremony are also those that are already living together, getting parents' blessing, but could not go through this ritual because of the distance from the temple, shrine or settlement).

In addition, for this rite of passage as well as the consecration bride and groom must complete parental blessing, that is, blessing of all the parents and relatives and planted. It is desirable that all parents were present at the ceremony themselves responded to Kummirom kind that they give their blessing.

Also present at this ceremony neighbors children (boyfriend and girlfriend), which will be planted later in the newly created parent family for her children.

At the ceremony the young must have 3 each candle (wax) Symbol Horse (silver ring, which will be on the ring finger of his left hand) should be two types of juice: dark and light, is also needed — loaf of bread and salt, wedding towel (towel on the floor never catches).

Loaf — a concern the bride's parents (a loaf of sourdough midnight). After eating the loaf young should kiss (unless they were already family.)

According to ancient tradition, the groom wedding shirt embroidery bride and groom bride embroiders holiday dress.

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