Continuous change of dimension of human life. On the death of

Continuous change of dimension of human life.  On the death ofLate in life, when a person dies, "the teachers' council" decides it
the fate of the transition to the higher world, or, as our ancestors, he
passes three ships: the court of conscience, the court and the court of the Ancestors of the Gods. Where he
pass a test and control for all subjects and most importantly —
profiling exam Lessons (Rock), a task for which he
gets when embodies the soul passes through the stars of the Hall
certain God-Master, the subject of which he defined as
thing for him. No wonder our ancestors said that the stars in
which passes the soul at birth, determines the Rock (V — Rock), or
Knowledge of the human soul takes on another level of awareness.

We call it a change measures — World. Thus dying
transformation of man is shaped during the lifetime of a
different worlds, and "Death" is a complete and final loss
The soul of the body, where it lives in its transition from one world to
another, literally means the translation from runes "change of dimension
Creative. "
There is no limit to the development of human consciousness. Philosophy, or
Ancestral Wisdom helps pure souls Clans of the Great Race
not rise above the mind of another person in relation to, and higher above
its present state.
There are natural forces that govern the mind and
human behavior. Body controls Soul, Soul manages Spirit,
Spirit manages Conscience.
"Conscience — a joint news Soul Man and Light
The gods. " It's like the wisdom in the soul interacts with the Heavenly
Truth. Their constant, harmonious relationship and called
"If people Clans of the Great Race, neglect of conscience,
their catches of unrest, ailments and disease. "
Our ancestors have always sought the gods and therefore governed
Power of the Spirit and Faith. They have never driven forces of instinct and Feelings
— It's animal management level Soul, and our people
Spiritual, spirituality. Therefore, the driving force Slav
Spirit, and all other control forces are controlled.
The ratio of the operating forces are as follows
9. Power of the Spirit and Faith — The Spiritual Man.
8. Strength of mind and will — inspired, intelligent man who
creates with the Spirit.
7. Power of Soul — soulful. Different from different spiritual level.
6. Power of the Word — The Creative.
5. Bleep — Thinking.
4. Willpower — A strong-willed, free-style.
3. Power of the Mind (intellect) — Smart, Smart.
2. The strength of feeling — Sensitive, Sentimental.
1. Power Instinct — Instinctive (the lowest).
Clans of the Great Race of the soul is always managed by the Ninth
level, but with the adoption of Christianity, Slavs and Aryans, and fell to 3
4 levels of control forces. Who managed to escape from taking
Christianity was at level 4 — he was at ease. The Bolsheviks in their
Time went on and dropped the Soul of the Slavs to the 2nd level
Control forces. A modern rulers, using television,
person already lowered to the level of the Office of the Soul to the lowest
type of impact — Instinct (some programs and lowered his
even lower — to the level of the animal).

9 deaths

1) The death of a fool.

Death is terrible for him
He is afraid to look up
See the death of her eyes.
/ / / Fear of death only in a stupid man. Where there is stupidity, there is fear — it is the first enemy

2) The death of bouncer

Sly thinks that death should hold
He is stupid, but he was not afraid of it.
/ / / When the trick goes — there is a belief. Death is terrible in the second guise.

3) Death of a 'victim'

He knows that death can not cheat
Do not fear it, but it sure
That he was not the fate of this minute.
/ / / A man dies three deaths perceiving itself as a victim, before his death, falls into fear.

4) The death of hopelessness.

It is useless, or that does not help
All of it in the late fall.
/ / / Dying the death does not look her in the face, because it does not consider it important.

5) The death of self-confidence.

Death finds surprise
And folk out into the unknown.

6) The death of the curious.

He is not afraid,
Do not try to cheat.
Won self-confidence, but it is interesting
What will be there, below.

7) The death of clear thinking.

The man was dying,
Imagine where he goes,
But the picture is not what he represented.

8) Death of knowing.

Knowing where he was going,
Wants to go there.

9) The death of the old (tired) person.

He does not care
He remembers God vsenda
And always alive.



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