Convicted and pardoned. The army has not yet taken

Today the board of criminal cases Gomel Regional Court chaired by Lyudmila Grin'ko rejected the appeals of the BCD activist Yevgeny Yakovenko and his lawyer against the sentence of the court for evading military service.

Activist punished restraint year, the so-called "chemistry", "for evading conscription measures" — essentially for being demanded from the draft board to issue him a summons for whiteRussian language.

Simultaneously applied to the board, Mr. Yakovenko Law "On Amnesty" in connection with the 65th anniversary of the Victory. His conviction canceled.

The ruling of the Regional Court granted amnesty Yevgeny Yakovenko sees as another mockery of the Belarusian-citizen:

This is a travesty. Like, we left you at liberty, but still your fault …

"Perhaps my attitude would be easy, because in principle there is obvious political order. But the fact that the judge, as I understand it, the main one in my case, was happy, smile, keep away studs: in again to the military cause … This is a travesty, not the solution, and mockery. Like, we left you at liberty, but still your fault. In this situation, outraged that no one in the this country does not want to obey the law. "

Reported at the board meeting of the essence of the criminal case and the appeals judge Irene Bishop. She tried to talk to the recruit Yakovenko in Belarusian. The judge thus reminded that the country has two official languages, and paperwork to the draft board, according to the instructions of the Ministry of Defence is in Russian.

The speaker even wonder what all would be if all the guys like Yakovenko, the demand for alternative service? Who then will protect Belarus and its boundaries?

Took a leave penalty and a representative of the prosecutor's office, although it was obvious that the subpoenas Yevgeny Yakovenko did not really get — he refused to take them because they were written in Russian.

Has not fulfilled the requirements of the law and the draft board on compulsory delivery recruit the so-called "recruitment event." The police officers brought Yakovenko to the military only to he agreed to take the next agenda in Russian. Recruitment office in general initiated the prosecution of 25-year-old draftee in 16 days before the end of conscription period.

Lawyer inductee Eugene Grabowski considers that the Board of the Regional Court passively accepted the prosecution and the court of primary jurisdiction:

In fact, the recruiting office staff did not fulfill the requirement of the law …

"Half-hearted, conformist decision as formally recognized that the crime in the actions Yakovenko took place. With this, I do not agree. Actually recruiting office staff did not fulfill the requirement of the law. Believe that at least there is a glitch on their part."

Human rights activist, associate professor at the F. Scorina Victor Odinochenko, who watched the proceedings against Yevgeny Yakovenko believes the abnormal situation in the Belarusian official institutions:

"It is abnormal that the territory of Belarus that the Belarusian asks to be given some kind of official documents in the Belarusian language, is considered to be the offense. This is absolutely normal. And it all started.

As to the requirement of alternative service, such a right was written in the 57th article of the Constitution. Although it is late, but is developing a law on alternative service. And Yakovenko as a citizen of Belarus has the right to ask to pass such a service. "

Gomel lawyer and human rights activist Leonid Sudalenka drew attention to the fact that in spite of all the courts, not resolved the main issue for the Belarusian-speaking recruits — the right of communication in the mother tongue:

Undecided major problem: will continue to write such a recruitment office guys like Yakovenko agenda native Belarusian language …

"Today's court ruling — is a half-hearted decision, because not solve the main problem: will continue to carry out the law on military enlistment Belarusian language and write so guys like Yakovenko agenda native Belarusian language?"

Yevgeny Yakovenko itself has not yet decided whether he will appeal the verdict to the Supreme Court or not. At any time, it can cause back to the military.



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