Course for destruction

The information is already for thought … The adult population will be destroyed, children — are sold to the west. Juvenile justice — soon in your home.

Undeclared but bitter war with the juvenile family, blaze in Russia since 2010 is particularly fierce, goes into the final stage, when the "do not take prisoners."

Observed in recent months, all weight shift anti-family initiatives of the State Duma in the Federation Council, ignoring this regonstsenirovke as waste material, the profile of the Duma Committee on Family, bringing to the role of locomotive changes political heavyweight — VI Matvienko, "fan" coverage legislative action the full range of parental positions, aiming to review and change before fast rules and norms of the family means one thing — came last fight.

Nine legislative proposals to be submitted for almost simultaneously, fundamentally changes the relationship between the family and the state, and, in essence, all are juvenile, ie. destroying Institute parenting.

Number 1. Law № 42197-6 FZ "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation on the implementation of the social patronage and guardianship authorities"

For ten long years of moving a member of the Public Chamber B.Altshullerom. Creates a system of compulsory control over every family and legitimizes the process of removal of a child from any family.

The bill makes it hassle-free entry of Social Servicesany familyto determine the criteria for the blurred right of parents to raise their children. Giving family status "family in crisis" (TAR) indicates the inability of the family to cope with life on their own, and as a result, the inability to raise children.

Depending on the circumstances, it is assumed or immediate removal of the child, or "voluntary" Preparation of contract social patronage, which leaves the child with the parents, but the distinction between the rights to it between the family and the social services: the parents are duty — to feed, clothe, educate, treat (a specific list is not defined, and is also subject to broad interpretation), and social services — the right (to prescribe exactly how to do it and test performance).

Contract is for a fixed term (up to 2 years, the bottom bracket is not defined), in case of refusal to sign the treaty is supposed immediate removal of the child, at the end of the contract verified compliance with the instructions — in the case of non-child is also taken away.

Based on the actual content, the project may also be known as the "Law on the safe removal of a child from any family."

The first reading of the law of the State Duma is scheduled for June 19, 2012

Number 2. The law of the Federal Law № 3138-6 "On public control over the rights of orphans and children left without parental care"

Also during the decade progresses same B.Altshullerom and received complete with first passed the first reading.

The bill opens up for somenon-profit organizations(NPOs),According to the draft,financially sound,an uncontrolled access to the "nobody's children": the right of free access to the children's home, access to personal data and medical records "of children and other persons", the right to copy them, the right to a family arrangement of the children in its sole discretion, the right to act as an intermediary between management Children's Home and other individuals and organizations.

Both laws are the first dual juvenile scheme for removal of children from their parents and their subsequent transfer through the structure of children's homes in the "third hand." Opening channels of legal taking children abroad will in the timeaboutSecond term mechanism painless liberation of Russia from the public. The scheme has a pronounced corruption and juvenile and requires urgent action, including, by the security forces, to prevent the implementation of the plans that threaten the human and state security.

The law was adopted in the first reading March 12, 2012

Number 3. Law № 284965-3 FZ "On state guarantees of equal rights for women and men" ("On state guarantees of equal rights and freedoms for men and women and equal opportunities for their realization").

Bill lobbied the State Duma deputies E.Lahovoy (since 2003) and E.Mizulinoy (since 2008), implies the elimination concept of "biological sex" and replace it with the term "gender" (social gender, their own attitude of man to his role which may not coincide with the physiological signs and distort its nature), the introduction in Russia of "gender policy", which will create a new reality of our lives — the priority rights of perverts, "positive discrimination" of the current majority, legitimizing the "relationship" between the parties by some that the bill are called "persons with family responsibilities" entails cancellation of true parenthood as sodomites do not have children, prepare for parenthood translation immoral basis: IVF (artificial reproduction children), surrogacy, commercial adoption, parental deprivation of rights to raise children in the mainstream traditional values and the confiscation of children to be sent to "persons with family responsibilities."

The law was adopted on first reading in 2003, the second reading twice her. So, at the last meeting of the State Duma of the fifth convocation involves taking it to the so-called "Package vote", when a hundred bills that Duma has not managed to take over its term, taking all together at once. Someone removed the political will of his "package" and left for the consideration of the newly elected MPs. A second attempt to "push gender" was to be January 21, 2012, but due to public opposition, did not take place, and the project was sent to the region to guide the response to the center. The State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children under E.Mizulinoy intends to decide on the fate of the law at the round table in September 2012, invitations to this meeting parent community were sent.


Number 4. Law№ 617570-5FZ "On Culture in the Russian Federation"

The bill will consolidate the country's prospects, provided for by the law № 284965-3 on gender equality. It is radically different from the current law of its orientation towards the "priority of human rights, tolerance and openness to the international community", he had shattered our common culture is still space on the set of "cultural communities", when any group of citizens on the basis of commonanyviews can declare themselves cultural community, producing "cultural values", while neither the government nor the authorities are no longer able to regulate the moral or other component of such processes, but only to protect and fund any "cultural group", even one that wants to dance at the church pulpit or walk with rainbow flags, which will promote the process of perversioncreation of cultural values.

This also deprives the rights of parents to send their own values: those who wish to protect their children from the damaging spectacle will be declared in violation of human rights, the rights of the child and other possible rights and are at risk of losing their own rights to the child on charges of "cruelty" respect for freedom of choice.

Public debate on the bill at this time was not, but the author G.Ivliev former MP, who is now the deputy minister of culture, has announced the urgent need for its adoption, and the Chairman of the State Duma S. Naryshkin, May 25, 2012 called for the modernization of culture.

Both laws are a second dual juvenile scheme devastating parenting.


Number 5. Law № 38463-6"On the accession of the Russian Federation to the Convention on Jurisdiction, Applicable Law, Recognition, Enforcement and Cooperation in respect of parental responsibility and measures for the protection of children"(The Hague Convention of 1996)

The Hague Convention of 1996 is the second of the three Hague conventions that Russia should adopt in the near future. All the proposed Hague Convention (1980, 1996 and 2007). Determined lobbyists as "the Convention, aimed at protecting the rights of children" for their implementation in Russia by the German fund created even a project with a budget of 500 thousand euros, and their main goal — replacement of original and inalienable "rights of parenthood" to acquire and dispose of two rights — the "right care" (to communicate with the child) and "rights of access" (to define the location of the child.)

1980 Hague Convention on international child abduction provides, in particular, the law of the State in whose territory the child, not to return him home if the level of living is lower than in confinement, and the obligations of countries signatory to lead their own family law in conformity with the legislation of the participating countries to join it before. In this case, the number of countries before acceding to the Hague Convention of 1980, among others include France with more than 65 years experience of administration of juvenile justice. The Hague Convention of 1980 caused a huge protest Russian parent community, but under the pressure of the international forces in May 2011, though it was adopted.

The Hague Convention of 1996 defines the issues of parental responsibility, unifying and bringing them to international standards. It also continues the Hague Convention of 1980 strategy alienation of parenthood: replacement of original inalienable right to parenthood passed law — custody and access to international marriages involves termination of the rights of parenthood, at the discretion of the State in which the child is held, but not on the basis of nationality and the law of the State in which the custodial parent, ie a norm of international law, destroying itself parenthood.

Hague Convention of 2007 on maintenance obligations of parents (including parents and the payment of the state, which will withdraw the child of its content) plan to be adopted in December 2012

The Hague Convention of 1996 was adoptedMay 25, 2012 Mr..


№ 6. National plan (strategy) for children in the 2012-17gg.

The strategy was presented at the parliamentary hearings in the Federation Council under the leadership of VI Matvienko, April 21, 2012, the hearing itself actually was not: as a result of carefully constructed manipulating the audience, when the girl was taken to the podium with a disability, who was born without arms, learning to draw down, slide show of photos from her life and then she girlie voice chastised audience that none of them knows what to children, and the children themselves can make this claim and the discussion went on drtsgomu course.

Ministers Golikova Nurgaliyev, followed by the rest of the speakers one by one went to the podium and said, "Then I will not read a prepared speech" — and within 10 minutes was told in one of the tests they got a child from hunger licking a button on his uniform minister, who was sitting in a box on the TV, and so on. The session pedsedatelya replacing Ms. Dragunkina share the joy with the participants, saying that so well is long gone: only met her that did not scream and do not argue, and understand each other perfectly, and agree in everything.

National Plan paves the way to redirect the national policy on the priority of the rights of the child and protection of these rightswithin the family, announcing, so the child and family enemy legitimizing juvenile technologies in the state. Plan its main aim is to "respect the rights and legitimate interests of the child in the family." the creation of "a comfortable, safe and friendly environment of childhood", involves the introduction of "legal education of children" (interview in kindergartens and schools about the "rights of the child"), create a "child-friendly justice" (juvenile courts), "Health, child friendly" ( centers of reproductive health services for adolescents, children's abortion clinics, sex education), the ban on labor education and labor for any child (expected to sign the relevant Convention), the priority of the new foundation — "consideration of the opinion of each child," proclaimed the right of the child to control the state, the destruction of hierarchy generation and the authority of parents.

The organization of the district social services for the early detection of family problems (the idea of a very moving Mrs. Lakhova), creation of mobile units for emergency response, the introduction of "First" systemsocial patronage, clarification about the child from the parents, the involvement of NGOs to meet the challenges of childhood, conducting public information campaigns "to promote the ideas of humanism and human values of tolerance."

"National Plan (Strategy) Action for Children" — a comprehensive juvenile strategy, which will be the basis of the destructive antiroditelskoy policy.

The decree on the adoption of "National Strategy of Action for Children" was signed by the President of June 1, 2012

Number 7. Agreement between the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) and the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly on cooperation in the promotion of reproductive health and rights

UNFPA continues the line of the Cairo International Conference on Population and Development in 1994, set the goal to reduce population in the world.

Valentina Matviyenko signed agreement as Secretary of the Assembly of the CIS, which means inclusion of all post-Soviet space in reducing the population and threatens the human and national security of Russia.

The agreement was signed May 21, 2012


Number 8. Model law on reproductive health and rights

VI Matviyenko at the signing of the cooperation agreement with UNFPA announced its intention to develop a model law on reproductive health and rights, ie base on which additional standards will be accepted for the country. Reproductive technology — is the absolutization abortion rights, government funding of IVF (artificial reproduction of people), the introduction of sex education in school children.

The law will determine the order of population decline in Russia and deprive society of morality remains, and parents — the right to education of children in line with traditional values.

Law has not been presented, though, most likely, already prepared, and may soon appear on the scene.

Number 9. Draft Law FZ-"On the Commissioner for Children's Rights"(With extended powers and autonomy to create the institutions).

The bill, bypassing the constitutional order was handed VI Matvienko President at the meeting 05/27/12, did not pass the preliminary discussion, and even information about working on it, there is no widely available. The stated aim of the adoption of the law Matviyenko — deducing the Commissioner from the influence of the President, the expansion of its powers and authority, focus on juvenile goal — the priority rights of the child, the absolute control over the family, greatly increases the risk of creatinguncontrolled parallel powerand the destruction of the Institute of parenting.

The bill passed the Federation Council Chairman himself President of the country, the society is not represented. When meeting with the text of the bill, obtained through informal channels, the legal service of the movement to make the conclusion about the purpose of the new law: it is — the creation of vertical power, unaccountable to anyone, not even the President, with the functions of parenthood replace public institutions.

It is quite possible that there are still no laws of the "List of the nine" will be summed up as usual in the first week of July, when the State Duma or already departed for the holidays, or even anticipate a carefree vacation, and they — not to severe. They easily will press the button to vote. And — will put an end to the stories of our past life …

So, we will see the reality: the nine rounds left in his deadly mission, and at the other end of the path — former lives: family, children, happiness, Homeland, on the ruins of the future — a life in raschelovechennom society: without love, no children, no family, without a country.

Can we stop it? Can! Signature, telegrams, pickets, rallies, even round tables and conferences will help draw public attention to the terrible danger. Will we do it? The decision is made by everyone himself. And then no one blames.

Lyudmila Ryabichenko,Head of the Interregional Public Movement "Family, love, Fatherland", member of the Presidium of the CC movement "People's Council"


Editor's note: and in fact now no children nor their parents will not be any more right. But officials are able to destroy the adult population by closing access to funds for basic survival, and the kids are just human beings, to be delivered in bulk packs mainly in Western countries. However, the rich Chinese authorities also useful.

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