Course — to his native shores

Pacific Fleet ships, among which the major anti- ship "Admiral Tributs" tanker "Pechenga" and seagoing tug MB-37, graduated from the military services to ensure the safety of navigation Horn of Africa. At the moment, OBC (squad warships) is sent to his native shores.

Course - to his native shores

According to the press service of the department of SBI (Eastern Military Area) of the Pacific Fleet, at the moment the ships are in the waters of the Indian Ocean. From 4 to 7 April OCB docked at the port of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, where necessary replenish supplies. And in the 20 days of April, the ships are scheduled to will drop in port Vladivostok, which is the main base of the Pacific Fleet.
More than 3 months Russian sailors were carrying anti-piracy watch in the Gulf of Aden, providing the wiring 5 convoys merchant ships belonging to different countries.

Squad ships led by the BOD "Admiral Tributs" is the seventh unit of the Pacific Fleet, in charge of carrying of anti-piracy watch in the area Aden Gulf. In the process of incurring battle Service ships came in foreign ports such as Djibouti, where Russian sailors early voting in the election of the President of the Russian Federation, port Victoria, where he spent two-sided anti-piracy exercises focus. In the zone where squad carried on duty, met with the commander of the Pacific Fleet and NATO conducted a joint exercise involving the replenishment of supplies at sea. In accordance with the request of the President of the Russian Federation and the UN Security Council resolution, our ships continue to accompany Russian and foreign commercial ships that ensuring the safety of navigation off the coast of Somalia. Many high-ranking international persons appreciated the contribution of the Russian Navy to the collective efforts of international community to combat piracy. The continued presence on a rotational basis group of warships of the Russian Navy in the areas of pirate attacks in the waters Aden Gulf and the Horn of Africa contributed to a significant decrease in the number of seizures of ships and offshore civilians showed the highest efficiency measures that solves the Ministry of Defence to ensure the safety of navigation.

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