Court — for the Minsk city executive committee

Economic Court of Minsk acknowledged the insignificance of the lease between the educational institution "Moving Forward" and a limited liability company «Tina Vlati" dated February 10, 2010.

The court ruling means that from the very beginning, "Moving Forward" did not actually have a legal address.

As of July 29 2010 in the Economic Court of Minsk were scheduled just two hearings on the claims to the Minsk City Executive Committee of the educational institution "Moving Forward", which founded the company "Tell the truth. "

It was assumed that in the morning to begin its consideration of the appeal on the decision of the Commercial Minsk city executive committee Court of Minsk. That decision, it was decided not to meet a claim for suspension of educational institutions "Moving Forward", which founded the company "Tell the truth." But immediately after the composition of the judicial panel representative of Minsk Executive Committee filed a petition. Its meaning is that, in accordance with Article 145 of the Code of Economic Procedure Minsk city executive committee seeks the suspension of the proceedings on the appeal before the decision on the second claim of the City Committee. This second lawsuit against the Limited Liability Company «Tina Vlati" and the establishment of "Moving Forward" demanded to annul the lease.

Details — later on the site of "Freedom."


Moving forward, the economic court

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