Crimea could obtain nuclear status

Crimea could obtain nuclear status

Enabling Peninsula Southern Military District will significantly increase the defense capability of the Russian Federation

Presidential Decree Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol city included in the Southern Military Area (JUVO). Signing the document coincided with the intensification of NATO forces on the eastern flank and increased U.S. military forces for crisis response in Europe. If we consider the transfer of significant powers Ukrainian army to the borders with Russia, the threat of military conflict in the region is growing.

Russian military experts believe that Moscow in order to be critical to increase the defenses of the Crimea and its countryside has to solve puzzles to neutralize possible military threats. With all this expressed opinion about the need to lay on the peninsula of nuclear weapons, which could be another fundamental argument in the impending military confrontation between Russia and NATO and the United States.

Director of Center for Public Policy research Vladimir Yevseyev believes that formally this is no obstacle. Including the technical side. Until 1996, in the Crimea near Sudak already acted nuclear technical repository that housed nuclear ordnance from the Soviet era. In the main they were equipped artillery shells, torpedoes submarines, cruise missiles, air-based Air Force. Stored here as engineering nuclear bombs low power. In 1994, between Russia, the U.S. and Ukraine signed a contract on the transfer of nuclear weapons Russia. Until 1996, this weapon with areas in Crimea were deported. But store left. So purely on a technical level, return it, said Yevseyev, is not difficult. «But let’s ask ourselves: how it is currently necessary to RF? Collisions are likely here, as Western countries did not recognize the Crimea «, — said the expert.

Crimea could obtain nuclear status

Russian anti-aircraft missile and gun complexes «Armour-C1.» March 14, 2014, Crimea, Bakhchisarai area

At the same time Yevseyev emphasizes that the military potential of the U.S. and NATO in the ordinary weapons many times greater than Russian. And if this potential will continue to strengthen our borders nearby, Moscow will have a significant argument — tactical nuclear weapons (TNW), which can be applied to areas of the peninsula.

Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, who once headed the Defense Ministry General Directorate of international military cooperation, believes that the injection of war hysteria on the part of NATO and the U.S., their eagerness to increment the number of weapons and military factions near Russian borders can trigger retaliatory acts in Moscow. «We de jure nothing prevents, for example, is situated in Crimea tactical nuclear weapon that can be used for air and sea carriers. This, of course, will be the last measure. But for her, our Western opponents should not forget. After Crimea now Russian territory. And on its own terrain, we can have at least some weapon, if it does not contradict international treaties. A restriction on the placement of tactical nuclear weapons in the region, in the current time is not «- General notes.

The fact that in the Crimea recently start forming modern military infrastructure JUVO, no hesitation. Indeed, many of those 193 Ukrainian military installations that were on the peninsula prior to entry into the Russian Federation, are not in the best condition. Black Sea Fleet from Kiev because of the bans also more than 20 years has not been updated. Because you can name the correct decision about placing the Defense Ministry in Crimea parts troops Aerospace Defense (ASD). On this last week President Vladimir Putin said the commander of the EKR Alexander Golovko.

Now, when Crimea became Russian troops have acquired unique EKR State Control Centre and tests of cosmic means which is disposed near Yalta. At this facility, which reported earlier the National Space Agency of Ukraine, had served about 230 Ukrainian servicemen. Almost all of them expressed a desire to serve in the Armed Forces. Others, apparently, for the acquisition of fundamental forces EKR — Radar «Dnepr-M» System missile warning (EWS) at Cape Chersonesos in Sevastopol. Until 2009, the property was working in the interests of the Russian Federation and Ukraine. But after Ukraine claimed to raise the rent for the use of radar, Moscow refused the services of the Ukrainian military. But Kiev as previously exploited radar at Cape Chersonese. Apparently, our homeland again interested in this subject. EWS «Dnepr-M» Sevastopol covers including Near East region and is able to pinpoint the various launches of ballistic missiles based on the range of 2.5-3.5 thousand kilometers. By the way, when was the president of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko, the U.S. offered to use radar in Sevastopol as part of missile defense in the European theater of military operations (TVD).

Crimea could obtain nuclear status

SSK Black Sea Fleet «Alrosa». Source:

Renew their strength and the Navy and Air Force on the peninsula. The plans of the Head of Staff of the Russian Navy until 2016 to build six frigates BSF. Advisor to the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Admiral Igor Kasatonov sure the combat potential of the Black Sea Fleet but new ships will be reinforced diesel submarines (submarine). They, of course, be located in the Bay of Balaclava. Here in the mountain there are special galleries for basing submarines. At the moment, only one Black Sea Fleet submarine. Increasing the number of submarines on BSF explained by several reasons. In 1-x, they are needed for operational combat missions in the Mediterranean. In-2-x, they are created to solve problems in the Black Sea theater of operations, including for the protection of the Crimean coast of the Black Sea and other areas of Russia. B-3, they are capable of carrying torpedoes with nuclear warheads for possible solutions tactical problems on the Mediterranean and Black Sea theater.

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