Crimea — the needle Ukrainianization

Crimea - the needle UkrainianizationMaybe if Ukrainise Crimea — the region where most of the population is not simply accept Ukrainian statehood, and feels for her is something akin to the inner contempt?

In Kiev, consider that in the peninsula and to systematically enforce without annoying Ukrainian language and Ukrainian vision of regional problems, whether it be a question of dislocation Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, Crimea, or the case of the Slavs with the Crimean Tatars.

The peninsula, which from 1783 to 1954 was a member of, and after 1954 — in the Russian Ukraine, ie that of Ukraine, where Ukrainian and Russian languages developed in parallel, without reprisals against Russia, trying to plant on the "needle" Ukrainianization.

But russkost hard to squeeze out of the region, which is almost 300 years was Russian, and, in fact, internally, and it remains to this day. Kiev, though, is trying, hoping for success.

Along the Crimean roads intrusive marketing boards are installed and road signs are in Ukrainian. In Crimea, they are less than the rest Ukraine, where the road signs in the Russian language is impossible to behold, so as far back as the 1990s by Ukrainian road Wheels Road Service with brushes and paints, and stupidly straightens the font in the Russian place names, turning them into Ukrainian. Was Bogodukhov became Bogoduhіv. Very fundamentally fix.

In studying the Ukrainian Crimean schools language, as the subject of mandatory. But, thank God, in the Crimea, Russian schools, although there are Ukrainian-speaking. They usually go Crimeans who plan to enroll in the upcoming Ivano-Frankivsk State Technical University of Oil and Gas.

In short, if someone from the Crimean chooses a profession in the oil and gas industry, he is obliged to teach Ukrainian language, in another study in the western Ukrainian university he could not stand to be.

There are cells in the Crimea and the ultranationalist party "Freedom." Imitating his own Führer Tyagnibok, favorites of the cells they say on the air only in Ukrainian. Ordinary members speak in Russian.

"Svoboda" in the Crimea strong enough, but they there is. We had to build in Yalta sticker with the words in the Russian language: "Our blood — yellow and blue."
Maybe it is their handiwork. Krymchane bad joke: "Our blood — not a mixture of the blue of the urine," a reference to the colors of the Ukrainian flag, heir to the Bandera symbolism.

Medicines in the Crimean drugstores with instructions, to a greater extent in the Ukrainian language. Sensational action since the "orange" revolution, when Crimean people, buying medicines, could not understand how to take them, the situation had not changed. Then, I remember doing a report about Russian programm "Time." It is a pity that the lack of time to make it such a report, and at this point, showing that with the advent of Yanukovych's nothing really has changed.

TV and radio — another media outlet Ukrainianization. Includes krymchanin telly — and sees, in the main, Ukrainian-speaking channels. Includes radio — and there is almost the same.

Ukrainian fleet in Sevastopol — a theoretical reason neobanderovtsam screaming that city This — not the city of Russian glory, and the glory of Ukrainian. Under Yushchenko, even wrote a song specifically about Sevastopol — the glorious town of Ukrainian sailors. Performed it in fluent Ukrainian language man in naval uniform and with a Russian surname Smith.

There is even a cell in Sevastopol Ukrainian nationalists. Release their rag, but because of the reluctance of indiscriminate Sevastopol to read it out every six months. Neobanderovtsy But do not give up. And for the support of pants cause for themselves in support of a political assault from the city.

At times, Western Ukrainian "political daunyata" come by train Lviv-Simferopol on the Crimean towns shastayut, zamalevyvaya black paint Russian tricolor. These tricolors in Sebastopol, for example, you can meet everywhere. On poles, cars, windows, buildings. Tricolors on pillars — the easiest target for the West-Ukrainian Arts. Their first sketched. Note, not Sevastopol move to Galicia to impose their will, and Galicians come to Sevastopol with its charter.

Reactions from Kiev or Moscow — zero.

Ukrainian neobanderovtsev allies — the Crimean Tatars. And they both justify the perfidy and treachery during the Russian majestically. Sang, as they say.

Is there any progress in ukrainizatorov Crimea? By associating with the scale Ukrainianization central regions of the former Little Russia, no. Crimea firmly holds its own Russian-ness. But if the associate, which was Crimea before its accession to the Ukraine, while successes are available. During the Euro 2012 championship a huge number of cars drove in the Crimea with Ukrainian flags. It's the fans. They may not quite be the western Ukrainian nationalists Ukrainian spill, but two 10-ka years of merciless Ukrainianization consciousness already resigned to the fact that they live in Ukraine have Ukrainian citizenship.

By Sevastopol is not the case. He — the last impregnable bastion of the Russian spirit in the Ukrainian countryside. Donbass, Odessa and other areas of the Crimea gradually hand over positions. Renting them is not massively, not en masse, but little by little. In the Donbass at the dawn of the 1990s war veterans refuses to go out for a day of Victory under the yellow-and-blue banners Bandera. Now get out. Since the Ukraine prazdnichkom without these banners do not happen.

And if Ukraine is destined to be used to throw off the snake's skin neobanderovschiny and return to its previous, politically and on the psychic level, the normal state of mind, remembering that Kiev — is a mom Russian cities, then a similar revival will begin with the Crimea — the peninsula, where most of the people do not imagined without Russia.

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