Death and leprosy — the price of ecstasy spiritualistic

Lovers Ouija probably never reflect on the fact that people constantly cause Timeless and unknown otherworldly forces, whose behavior is often unpredictable. Payment for such things are death or serious illness. And the value of the information received from the other world, is often negligible.

To date, almost all esoteric believe that during the seance are the call of the mediums are not souls of the dead, and astral primitive nature, disguising themselves as souls of the dead.

Two hundred years ago in California, one of the Ouija was played terrible tragedy. Several miners were invited influential medium for he tried to summon the spirit of their fallen comrade, who before his death had no time to name the place where the hidden gold nuggets worth millions of dollars. With a dead person at first communicated with the pendulum and saucers. When it became clear that this does not work, the medium offered to instill the spirit of the deceased in one of the participants in the session.

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One of the men was put into a trance state, and after a while the voice spoke of the deceased. Eyewitnesses claimed that even the expression has taken shape of a dead miner. Suddenly the man began shouting at his companions, calling them rogues and scoundrels. He then accused them … in his death, took out a gun and started shooting at people. The first shot was badly wounded himself medium, and therefore, he could not bring prospector of the trance state. And he still went on and continued to fire until one of the participants of the session did not kill his return fire.

That's what ended the most common seance. To the light with a man with whom possessed by the spirit of the deceased miner, medium and went a few more people who may have been involved in the death of his friend in the canyon.

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