Deceived sperm donors in Sevastopol came to the rally

Young and strong men, filled a jar of his own sperm, promised good money. But they, "waving a shovel" is not got nothing.

In Crimea there was an incredible story, starring were young strong men. Sperm donors to protest in Sevastopol — they have not paid the promised fee. Initially, the announcement of light work for good money, many responded, but now loud penalty claim only the bravest dare.

He learned NTV correspondent Airat Shavaliev men lured posters "Nice work — decent pay." A resident of one of the first Anatoly pecked on the ad. I went back home and get a jar.

Anatoly: "The donor is given a jar. If so bring a biomaterial, it will cost 2000 hryvnia. Own idea how to work a man to fill a jar. "

Two thousand hryvnia — it's good money, $ 250. But the planned large-scale business. First donor to be tested, then signed him to a detailed contract.

Donor: "I am happy already left home to collect the material, cheered his wife, that's money on this. Sometime during the month of a certain dose was collected. "

Collected from male sperm Sebastopol company "Material Cosmetic Crimea" planned first processed into powder, and then sell the world's largest cosmetics company to be added to creams and scrubs. Another donor record-Eugene was able to gather a few hours 50 grams of biomaterial.

Donor Eugene: "August 6, I passed, promised after 5 days to give the money to the card. 10 days have passed for sure, I call him, I ask. He says we have a problem with the processing and sending to Odessa in Odessa, they are a factory for processing biological material. "

Here at fans enjoy earning first suspicions arose that the sperm bank collapsed. Began a long SMS correspondence with the owner of the company, who confirmed the "skill and no fraud" — not saying about this case.

"If you have taken a biomaterial, it you can pick up at our office. Sincerely, Herman E. ". The head office of the company appeared to return the collected cans. So far, all kept in his office refrigerator. He says that the processing of Sevastopol material was low in nutrients: can food in citizens not.

Herman Rodionov, cosmetic company, "But this situation is, unfortunately, in the Ukraine. Business went. I suggest people take it, please. Well, who's coming, who ignore. But in the end, even after the conversation do not want him to take. Well, where to put it, Lord! "

Select the city of Sevastopol for this business does not look random. The personnel of the Russian Black Sea Fleet only — 25 000 young men. And Ukrainian sailors and unemployed civilians. With the right approach biological laboratories could become the main enterprise.

Defrauded donors intend to submit to the court. Of course, not waving a shovel, but still they would not only get the pleasure and money, and in Sevastopol now derelict were 10 liters of biomaterial. Giants of the cosmetic industry, if anything, they know where to go.

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