Demian Frankovcki


A great geek, a publisher of books and founder of regional and local newspapers — that will be remembered by colleagues and friends of Damian Frankivsk. He was born in Gorky October 5, 1980. He was one of those people, that quickly, but responsibly do their thing. Gorki editor of the independent newspaper "The Hill" Edward Brokarau knew the deceased for more than ten years:

"We started with Demian" The Hill ", which was recently registered. The layout of the paper he had developed. This was a man who always responded to requests to someone else's misfortune on someone else's problems. He was always ready to help. And that happened so that in the last moments of his life, he also helped the boy escape from a small stream. He did not drown, he was saved, but he, unfortunately, no survivors. "

The desire to handle human problems led Damian Frankivsk in Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Community".

"Demian imbued with the idea of democratic socialism. Some time was the head of the youth organization in Gorki" Young Gromada. "He repeatedly emphasized that he and the Social-Democrat trying to live according to the principles of social democracy: Freedom, Justice, Solidarity. His way of life he really was committed to these principles, "says the chairman of the regional organization of the Social Democratic Party" Community " Igor Borisov.

Devotion to the Belarusian subjects put forward Damian Frankowski of human noise. Because of it, he had a lot of problems, said his colleague in social activities Andrew Jurkov:

"Ethe man always spoke in Belarusian. What was nice to hear me and to those people who hold belarushchyny, often with hostility perceived by our authorities. So people in difficult life. He was difficult to find a good job. He was not very understanding. "

Demian Frankivsk loved his Gorki, where half of the population — the students. City, where it was written immortal poem "Taras on Parnassus." His countrymen, he left a souvenir collection of poetry novice "Gorecki sources."


Demian Frankovcki

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