Detained for the flowers to the monument of Yakub Kolas

The police officers of the Soviet district of Minsk detained several activists of the democratic movement. A 6th evening dozens of people gathered at the monument to Yakub Kolas. After reading the verses of the poet, and laid flowers, they went to Independence Avenue in the direction of Yanka Kupala.

The police immediately rushed to break up the column. In the police car hit four protesters: Siuchyk, Mikola Demidenko, Andrew Kim and Catherine Davydik. Late at night, the detainees were transferred from the Soviet police department to prison for Akrestin. Trials of detainees will be held on July 28.

Participants of the action planned to lay flowers at the monuments to Yakub Kolas, Yanka Kupala and Maxim Bogdanovich. It was assumed that the young men of the same age of independence, which turned 20 years old, will read poetry at the monuments.

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