Dissatisfied with salaries? Lose your job!

At the Bobruisk Plant brake equipment and mechanisms laid off two dozen employees of the tool shop. The company's administration changed the labor rates. As a result, earnings reduced by half in the shop. The terms of remuneration of employees are not satisfied. They refuse to accept them. In response, they are fired.

The conflict over the tool shop said one of the workers. According to her, the administration explains the change of prices falling labor in the workshop. This is supposedly a factory defined commission. The results of her research to acquaint workers refuse.

Our earnings will decrease by 50 percent …

"They are all unfounded claim and demand that we signed that they agree to their terms. We have canceled a factor of 1.5.'s Understandable that our earnings will decrease by 50 percent. We already have a salary of 300 thousand — in December. We for the labor input by a factor of one and a half barely pulled up, and now we are never in his life did not execute. And we — sign and expect that they will throw us? "

According to workers, the 28-person crew waits twenty dismissal. All of them — qualified. Worked at the plant for more than ten years.

"Simply, we probably do not need them. When we cut, so this is what they need to help pay! And so they put their earnings to strangle us with those that we ourselves are gone. Workers want to put on your knees, so that they work for peanuts" .

The fact that the dismissal of workers expect to fourteen, recognized by machines in the personnel department. A few days later candidates for dismissal was twenty-four. Acknowledge the administration and the fact that the wages of those who remain to decline.

we find, someone to replace those who are retiring …

"Today, there is a free labor. Will provide information to the unemployment office and we will send workers. Maybe not equal, but in any case we find, someone to replace those who are retiring. They still have a few hours to change your mind. When they stay, we are together to start organizing work, and they will earn a decent salary, "says the spokesman for the company.

As the interlocutor with the results of studies that have led to changes in prices, workers in the shop are going to introduce today. They were carried out two months ago. A month ago, the workers were warned that if they did not agree to the new conditions of work, they would be dismissed.

As learned Call our reporter after the administration of Bobruisk factory brake equipment and machinery, layoffs postponed for a month. Leaders promised that within a month will monitor labor. If the wages of workers would be dramatically reduced, prices will reconsider again.

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