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Last week we told you that was delivered to Europe from the United States bacteriological chemical weapons — the usual flu vaccine, avian flu, deadly-tion for human species. Influenza vaccination — it is a separate, independent, large-scale fraud. But the fact that this vaccine is useless and was infected with the most dangerous to date view of biological weapons, confirms an unhealthy desire Overseas Democrats greatly thinned the population of European countries, including Russia. [Cut] In some parts of the world press paid close attention to this issue. In the United States the most democratic deathly silence reigns, as in England, constantly weaving in the American jet. This is not surprising, because they wanted to do everything quietly, they say, no one is to blame, because it allegedly mutations flown around the meteorite, or something like that. However, very surprising chorus, stubborn silence "free" Russian media, tireless and totally irresistible when it comes to democratic countries, or the bombing of defenseless human values of this kind. It would be interesting to know the opinion of experts on the issue of classification of such actions. How to correctly identify them: just as full professional unfitness, or the same as aiding the enemy and betrayal of the motherland?

Error or Diversion?

What is silent America

Victor Eagle

In the second half of February 2009 the Austrian company — distributor of drugs, "Horta" — sent to the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany batch of influenza vaccine produced by the U.S. international pharmaceutical company "Baxter."

Laboratory Technician Czech pharmaceutical company "Biotest" near Prague, tried for a U.S. vaccine on laboratory ferrets. Shortly after receiving the vaccine injection, all the animals are dead.

A more thorough analysis of the vaccine found that it contains live, active H5N1 avian virus and a human — H3N2.

More detailed studies of the Canadian chemical laboratory showed that the H5N1 component is one of the most dangerous biological agents on the land, registered as of a potential biological weapon. Mortality in its application in humans — 60%.

At the request of Canadian Journalists company «Baxter Pharmaseutical International, Inc.», Headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, denied that his communion with the incident and refused to comment on the incident.

But under pressure from European countries — participants of the international investigation and the World Health Organization in the UK, was forced to admit that the H5N1 vaccine was developed in its laboratories and transferred to the company, "Aviram" to send to Austria.

Representative of "Baxter" on public relations, however, said that the infection with the H5N1 virus vaccine in its laboratories could be just a random error, not intentional cussed action.

This explanation does not inspire confidence, none of the eighteen countries that have received anti-influenza vaccine. At the request of the Danish medical expert from Copenhagen Roberta Andhra Getty accident in mixing H5N1 and H3N2 biological agents in laboratories, "Baxter" is excluded, as the work on avian virus was carried out on the third level of biological safety, Biosafety level-3 (BSL-3).

The statement confirmed Andragetti similar statement representative of the "Baxter".

The experiments were carried out in the third level isolated from the rest of the laboratories to which access is strictly limited, and the work is carried out under the supervision of a multi-stage administrator's, scientists and conservation.

Most Canadian and European media unanimously defined by the same question: "Was it just a criminal negligence?"

Surfaced similar facts of past years that have taken place, both in the U.S. and beyond.

America stubbornly silent about the incident. Information about the "mistake" of "Baxter" was not printed in any American newspaper. No American television network, even briefly, did not mention the incident.

A U.S. federal government, which is still three weeks ago would have to close the "Baxter" before the end of the investigation, pretending that nothing happened.

Let us recall the facts get emails with anthrax powder individual U.S. citizens. Then AMERICA media chewed two separate fact more than a year, despite the fact that no existence of anthrax in the letters was not confirmed.

In the case of error "Baxter" it is a potential threat to the population of 18 (!) European countries. Such inertia U.S. authorities only reinforces the idea of a possible diversion, which may be an order to stand with "the top."

Sergei Dibrov, 05.03.2009

The scandal surrounding e-mailing potential components of biological weapons is widely covered in the German and Czech media lab which received lethal banderolki to avian flu. Very serious attention to this subject the Canadian press.

At the same time, the media most of the democratic countries of the world, particularly in the United States and the Russian Federation, still deathly silence reigns: Here you can find, perhaps, the unit ITATION publications on this topic.

Also dead silence on the incident and continues to store the World Health Organization (WHO). The individual performances of its representatives only duplicate the official statements of representatives of "Baxter" and let in more and more in this fog, already a two-sensible in the situation.

Eight years ago, mailings envelopes with "white powder" (which in fact turns out to be talcum powder or gypsum) led to military intervention in Afghanistan. The mere suspicion that Saddam Hussein is developing biological weapons, was the reason for the war in Iraq.

But recently revealed mailings unmarked packages with a deadly virus by the American company to other countries, that is — undeniable proof, at least, the fact of the experiments in violation of safety regulations and standards, is not considered as a reason for any penalties and generally not considered to be an event worthy of attention.

Special piquancy of the situation makes clear, "clean-up" information space: the English-speaking segment of the Internet publication of the sharpest disappearing before our eyes, and of whom there are only "empty" links to other reports and search engines.

To date, I know two pharmaceutical companies that were developing vaccines against avian influenza in agreement with WHO. One — American, Baxter International Inc. Second — Serum Institute of India, Ltd.

As is now known to work in this direction have been launched in India in 2006. Two months ago it was announced the successful completion of studies and early clinical trials of Indian vaccine.

Serum Institute — this is the same Indian company that produced the infamous vaccine against measles and rubella vaccine, better known as "cocoa".

After the spring of last year, an attempt was made to carry out the illegal and un-reasonable campaign, during which the drug is intended to introduce an unregistered eight million young Ukrainians remain many uncertainties and questions, the answers to which are there to this day.

For example, it is still unknown what is attached to the vaccine solvent. It is a strange substance claimed as "water for injection", the importation into Ukraine has not been tested.

In this case, it is a strange color change of the solution, and the temperature storage it exactly corresponds to the storage of the flu vaccine.

Tellingly, the instruction to the vaccine states that applied to the vaccine "water for injection" allegedly "specially designed" for this vaccine.

The manufacturer prohibits the use of any other solvent, as well as plain water for injection, as well as using the supplied solvent to the drug for any other purpose.

Let me remind you that that unscheduled vaccination was planned and conducted with complete disregard for the Ukrainian legislation, and for health reasons, a tough pressing the WHO, which could be observed until very recently.

It is also worth remembering that after the suspension of the shares of all the dubious efforts of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and representatives of international organizations aimed at ensuring the inviolability of "stuck" in Ukraine vaccine with the solvent and non-independent direct investigation of their contents.

I hope the answers to at least some of the issues relating to "Kaki", we can get a trial on the claim of Alexander Slavskogo, which begins March 12, 2009 in 11 hours and 40 minutes in the District Administrative Court of Kyiv.

Many are wondering whether Ukraine was not on the list of 18 countries, where they had been sent to the "dirty samples"?

Were there in recent months in Ukrainian Biomaterials Laboratory of the U.S. company Baxter International?

The sad fate of the Polish homeless, which for pennies attracted to illegal trials of vaccine against avian influenza, makes you wonder about the fate of our fellow citizens.

The company "Baxter" has announced its intention to register a vaccine against avian influenza in the Russian Federation.

If among these 18 countries are the Russian laboratory, it may explain the "silent treatment", which announced the topic Russian media. Only one TV channel "Vesti" has given the scandal a few tens of seconds in the roundup.

Here, for whom I am calm — so it is for Ukraine. Even if the vaccine is contaminated and will get in our country, that no animal is unaffected. All of the funds allocated for the purchase of laboratory rats will be drunken, but the money for the volunteers (300 euros per person, as in Austria) — razderbanit.

As for the vials with a deadly virus, then they obviously will silently in store waiting for Lohan, who later for fabulous money will buy this "latest import American-ical vaccine …"

And yet — we will monitor the situation closely. Especially because the main event is still to come.

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