Do not cut in front of watermelons, because you do not potrezhut passport.

So. I would like Maleh departed. I will try to tell about leaving that began with the global booze and booze and ended. Impressions of the sea. And the positive and negative. Rostov — Bryansk-Moscow Many say this will not be as most have been on this road. We loaded in fanbas. Had to go 16 hours, and bagged all necessary, that is, beer and vodka, we set off. I drank a lot, so I can not say a lot, because Nichrome do not really remember. I remember watermelon, cantaloupe, beer, burgers and vodka. Upon arrival in Bryansk We have already seen the valiant guardians of law and order. [Cut] Having said that they have information that the local fans are in an aggressive mood (with a dick), and the taxi took us to a lake with a sort of museum of military history in a forest. The most important thing that there was a cafe. Sale of liquor in it naturally took off several times. After a dip in the local lake, which is very much like a large puddle, I continued gulvanit. In the end, I was awakened drove the bus, which was already under the stadium, and said that the match has started. Reaching for the sector, I saw that the people came not enough. In the end, we had a little more than 70 people. Idols of mine won 0-1. The match ended. The best part was going home, some went to Moscow for the national team. I also had to, just through the capital, go to Irkutsk. Going to the bus station, we bought the tickets and after 6 hours, while sweet dryh lounging in two sittings, we were in Moscow. Before the train to Irkutsk was still 7 hours. Saying goodbye to Olegych (he arrived in Moscow with us), we went with Max to park them. Bauman, pass the time. Max smoked, I drank beer and smoked, time passed. Snack in the cafe we went to the station. Moscow-Irkutsk-Sludyanka And here you start the adventure, their mother's leg. My Peron was to meet with the friend who gave me a bag with various goodies. I gave Max a number card from the camera store while he went to a friend. Fuck knows why, but we decided that the departure at 14.45, in fact it was 10 minutes earlier. In the end, I dropped into the waste already in train, well, of course Max was too late. How do I ohrenel when he realized that the train is not Max. And of course do not have my things. This time nothing happened. Max caught our train to Kirov in the morning. I froze shopisdets as he was in the same jacket. We continued our journey together, drinking beer and playing cards. Still had to go to three days. In Perm, a wonderful girl, brought to the platform well, just stunned vkusnoty thick julienne with meat and mushrooms, still there was no less tasty salad. In Eburge we Podsuetyasi potatoes with herring and really tasty beer, which was quickly consumed. Last night were the most hilarious way. In the vestibule approached us learn what that Madame and invited to her and her friends at the next car, second-class, too. In general having had a drink for free beer and after playing cards with them, I was pretty stepped on, and even went at night to him again, to dirty podamagatsya. But blah mixed girls, and returned only to cigarettes. Soon we came to Slyudyanka. Such a small town, with a population of 20,000, where one and all are engaged in selling cisco. Smells like this omul everywhere. The city smelled of smoked omul, met us cool. Immediately took the fish and beer we went to Lake Baikal. I do not have the talent of the poet, but if I was I still could not describe what it feels to be on the shores of Lake Baikal. Beauty simply indescribable. Air can not breathe. Just a feeling of complete relaxation. Enjoying nature and a view of Lake Baikal, we sat and ate a beer cisco. Max fotkal gulls akseleratov, local dogs and the lake itself. Seagulls by the way there is quite large, with a wingspan of two meters must. Later we were told that these gulls feed on fish that not only extract themselves, but also the guts to throw all sorts of local fish tycoons in huge quantities .. [url = = View &id = 262] Read More [/ url]

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