Do not incinerate a neighbor’s house, accidentally burn down their

According to Saudi Arabia was the specter of the "Arab Spring" [com.]  

Saudi Arabia have been reports that in the nation's capital — Riyadh —man committed an act of self-immolation in protest against the ill-treatmenton the part of the authorities. It is reportedIA Regnumwith reference to the Russian service BBC.

It is reported thatMohammed Ali Jabiri Alhuraysi, worked vegetable seller, later died in hospital. He, like dozens of others, was stripped of his citizenship in Saudi Arabia.

He committed self-immolation afterduring the search are not able to file their documents together police.

On ThursdayAbout a hundred people attended the demonstrationin front of the police in protest against the death Alhuraysi. 


        Telegrafistreports that Saudi Arabia can not afford such a rigid monarchical structure of the country as long as based on the strong support of the United States. Sheikhs countries finance and control of Al-Qaeda, but this control is not unconditional, so if Washington will cease to be a support for Riyadh militants could destroy the country from within.

Tbnotes that America takes a hegemon including the Middle East, so the position of the Saudis can greatly shaken. Do not forget, too, that the kingdom has managed to quarrel with almost all its neighbors. Qatar turned toward Egypt, which revolves in the orbit of Russian interests, pro-Chinese and pro-Russian part of Iran do almost became a military opponent Arabia. It is built near the axis of the Iran-Iraq-Syria, as well as a powerful group Hezbollah in Jordan, which is controlled from Tehran.

Also, do not forget that the war in Syria, Riyadh has already spent huge amounts of money and spend now. Although Arabia is now firmly enough on his feet, but as soon as the royal family to give up the slack as Saudi Arabia may face great difficulties.

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