Do not just promises

For the Russian nuclear medicine in 2010 was a turning point. It has become one of the priority areas not only Rosatom, but the whole country

Until a few years ago about the nuclear medicine in Rosatom few spoke seriously. But the outgoing year has left little doubt that the direction it is profitable, and able to find support at the highest level. Until now, Russia was not a single government program in nuclear medicine, and in 2010 came just two.

Under the federal program for the development of Industry and Trade of pharmaceuticals and medical devices in the 2010-2020 year Rosatom has received an investment of more than half a billion rubles. They will go to priority projects.

The first — the modernization of the production of gamma camera (SPECT) and the release of the basic elements of a CT scanner to create a hybrid system — gamma tomography combined with computed tomography (approx. Reindjer, have already done — scintiscanner "Efate"). This equipment will be used to equip hundreds of nuclear medicine departments across the country.

The second project — the modern production cyclotrons and modules, providing a synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals produced in a cyclotron isotopes. Such complex — the foundation of any positron emissionnnogo center performing high-precision diagnostics of diseases and preparing for treatment.

The main political achievement of the year was the development of a comprehensive program for the development of nuclear medicine, calculated on the 2011-2016 year.

"If a year ago we talked about what a good idea to engage in this area of our expertise, but today the situation has changed dramatically — says Denis Kavalevich, director of the Department of Strategic Management of Rosatom. — We have moved from words and promises into concrete action. Began implementing the first projects to be included in the medical FTP. In collaboration with the Health Ministry, the Ministry of Industry and FMBA formed a map of the development of nuclear medicine in Russia. It is approved by the Presidium of the presidential Commission on Modernization in December and early next year will determine the format of financial security. This is a turning point for all of our nuclear medicine. On the one hand, is created from scratch a new market for Russian high-tech products and services to nuclear medicine. By 2016 it will grow by more than 15 times compared to the current state. On the other hand, we have real tools to support the development of technology. In the coming years will compete for large orders under the state program. "

In 2010, the market has started to develop a structured radioisotopes. The breakthrough was the creation of just one year the production of molybdenum? 99 based RIAR (Dimitrovgrad). For the first time in its history, Russia is the world market with the application of radioisotopes in the lead. As recently as December 18, the first shipment Mo? 99 for the Canadian company MDS Nordion. The second phase of the project in 2011, the volume of production will reach 2.7 million Ci per week, and this, by the way, 20-25% of the global molybdenum market — the most abundant isotope in nuclear medicine, which is required in 80% of diagnostic procedures. In addition, Rosatom began to increase production of iodine in demand? 131, iodine? 25 and ready to start the production of a new ytterbium? 177, which is widely used in brachytherapy and diagnostic lutetium? 72.

Not far from Riar Dimitrovgrad will open the first national center for nuclear medicine, the construction of which began in 2010. The same institutions will be in Tomsk, Yekaterinburg, Obninsk and Seversk, they unfold the full range of the world's nuclear technology treatment of cancer. In addition to the usual, there are going to present and future of nuclear medicine — protons, neutrons. At the end of November in Obninsk Radiological Research Center of Ministry of Public Health was launched which has no analogues in the country experimental compact neutron generator for neutron teletherapy with unusually modest size — 1.4 m in length, 40 cm in width. Rosatom implemented an ambitious project to create a model of the proton-ion therapeutic complex with a complete set of necessary in the work of medical procedures. Such facilities will be built in Obninsk, Tomsk, and other venues.

"After the implementation of the new program for the development of nuclear medicine in 2016, Rosatom will take a leading position — says Denis Kavalevich. — Annual turnover of the domestic market of products and services in this area by the time close to $ 1 billion, which is a lot. During the period of execution of the program the scale of demand for equipment manufactured by us will be up to half a billion dollars. We plan to take a portion of the market and engineering centers and nuclear medicine service that can bring even one and a half billion dollars. " But Russia's ambitions are not limited corporation. To date, the annual world market of nuclear medicine more than $ 20 billion with a growth rate of 10-15%. As long as we can compete with the leading players in the segment only radioisotopes — is a significant achievement. The domestic market of recent years has increased by only 5%, but, apparently, soon and here the situation will change for the better.

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