Drought in the south of Ukraine and on the lower Danube

Drought in southern Ukraine. Only in the Odessa area of 309 lakes and ponds, half dried up, several dozen ponds are filled with water from rain to rain.

Therefore, it is expected in the region "as manna from heaven," said the Head of the environmental management of the Odessa Regional Council Eugene Smolensky.

In his words, "a significant role in climate change has had, of course, global warming, but their role was also played by an ill-conceived economic activity." To save water management in the region, the regional council has decided to rent out the most problematic ponds and lakes.

The tense situation is now in the Lower Danube. In the fall of the water level shallow berths Ukrainian sea ports — Izmail, Reni, Kilia. As a result, under the threat of failure was navigation.

Dozens of ships with cargoes are on the Upper Danube and the Black Sea, waiting for the rising waters. Globe depth allow a barge with a draft of up to 2 meters.

"Navigation conditions can change rainfall on the Upper Danube, so there is hope for the mercy of nature," — commented the press service of the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company.

However, the forecast for October Danube gidrometeoobservatoriya gives disappointing — rains in October, can fill the largest European river is expected.

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