Dungeons of ancient Moscow

Underground tunnels, bunkers, underground cities were built and will be built around the world, as long as there is a threat global catastrophe, whether it's a nuclear attack, the defeat of chemical or biological weapons. Perhaps one of the most "equipped" city in this sense is Moscow. Thus, dungeons of ancient Moscow.

The fact that there was a network of Moscow underground utilities that allow government officials to navigate through its extensive know of was given, but few have seen the tunnels, galleries, basements, which abounded in the underworld of the capital. In our time, the entrance to the catacombs were discovered by accident.

Quite often there are situations when towing services in Moscow are essential. the reason for this becomes a sinkhole. That is exactly what happened to one of the "calling card" of the capital of Russia.
All known ziggurat, located on the Red Square in the 60s has cracked. To find the cause of the failure of the soil under the Mausoleum was created mine. At a depth of 16 meters construction team discovered the secret passage, the diameter of which was 2 meters, and obschivka it was made from oak that even after a long time well preserved. Secret passage led to China Town and the Kremlin. The same day, the ancient entrance to the tunnel was bricked, and created the mine with concrete.

Underground utilities and extensive facilities were built near Moscow in the XV century.
Well known catacombs are located not far from Moscow — is a chain of underground labyrinths under the Tsaritsyno. They are built in the time of Tsar Boris Godunov and construction continued under Prince Golitsyn.

The network of underground tunnels and rooms located at the Red Square and the Kremlin officially Reconnoiters 3 times in the last 500 years. Every time there trying to find the lost library of Ivan the Terrible. All expeditions are conducted in complete secrecy and no results.

In the first half of the 20th century, the search for the legendary library of tomes engaged archaeologist Stelletsky Ignatius, who devoted his life to gather information and study in the area. On account of his many archaeological discoveries. With the advent of Brezhnev's Kremlin is closed to researchers. After the death of the scientist-archaeologist to his widow repeatedly asked people asking to sell documentary diaries Stelletskogo. The widow refused, but once they had been stolen by one of her guests.

In Soviet times, the construction of the underground world of Moscow continued with renewed vigor. Added subway lines, together with the secret tunnels that were built with the whole underground cities. But more on that another time.

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