DW-WORLD opened a page for aliens




The website of the DW-WORLD opened a new page in the Klingon language. This language uses the Klingon race, represented in the famous fiction series Star Trek.

The page was opened on September 13 at klingon.dw-world.de. It is not very different from the other pages of 30 national "Deutsche Welle". Klingons, who will want to become familiar with it, will be able to learn much about the life of the Germans. German residents aliens are as cheerful holiday enthusiasts, beer, cars and football.

In addition, the page and tell us about aliens. Based on this information, the Klingons are a proud and warlike nation. Their language, which is commissioned by Paramount Pictures 20 years ago created a linguist Marc Okrand, is incredibly popular among fans of the show. Since the establishment of its constantly improving.

The Klingon language is rather difficult to understand. For example, the phrase "I have a headache" in Klingon will sound "dzhLvuk", "if you speak Klingon?" — "TlhIngan Dadzhatlha Hole", and "yes" — "Heasley." However, enthusiasts even tried to pass on the some of the works of Shakespeare.

For the convenience of those who have not yet mastered the art of reading in Klingon, DW-WORLD organized English and German mirrors, which published a short phrase.

The idea to release page for aliens belongs to a manager online edition DW-WORLD Guido Baumhaueru. "Ten years in the online universe should be noted on the opening page of frontiers language", — he explained.


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