Each writer's union — a competition in honor Karatkevich

Following the Union of Belarusian Writers writing contest on the 80th birthday of Karatkevich announced Vitebsk branch of the Union of Writers of Belarus. The contest is called "On vacation with Korotkevich."

Conditions of the tender pro-government organization of writers tougher: the authors are invited to participate in the age of 25 years, while the branch SPB invited to join a writer under the age of 35 years.

Independent Writers' Union takes the product to the competition before the 1st of November, and to the Vitebsk branch of the Union of Writers of Belarus should be sent before the 10th of October.

But the important thing is that they "should reflect both the history of Belarus and the image of a modern hero — a working man now, the creator of the spiritual, material and economic values." And "creativity must aimed at creating artistic images of high civic, social and patriotic "- that is written in the local newspaper" Vitbichi ", which together with the community of St. Petersburg, is the organizer of the literary contest.

Question, what language be works written in memory Vladimir Karatkevich, Leaving aside — this in terms of competition does not say anything. But the ad in the paper for signature Tamara Gusachenko, Chairman of the Vitebsk branch of St. Petersburg, filed in Russian.

The works of the winners of the contest organizers promise to publish in the newspaper "Vitbichi" and promised to include them in the regional literary almanac "Dvina". The jury, in addition to writers, included the head of the regional department of education I.Shchurok, Head of the regional department of culture M.Pashinsky, Editor of "Vitbichi" Nina Tulinova.


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