Earrings for weight loss: beware of imitations

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When ten years ago there was a method of Golden Needle Doctor ® Fly ®, it seemed a miracle. Really, just a certain way the ear piercings, you can adjust the weight? The technology has passed the test of time, proven to be effective … and was the subject of illegal and improper use of medical charlatans.

How to distinguish the original method of Golden Needle ® from fakes? Why Fly method works, and all the others — not? Talk about it Mariyat Mukhina — physician reflexologist, MD, Ph.D. and author of the procedure Golden Needle ® and Nicholas Chadaev — co-development on utility models and industrial designs sets for the procedure of acupuncture Fly ®.

— Golden Needle Technique ® is based on acupuncture?

M M. If we talk about technology, then using the procedure Golden Needle ® is a sustained (long) exposure — from 3 to 6 months — two acupuncture points simultaneously using a special medical instrument.

The essential point that distinguishes it from other methods of influence of acupuncture is akustrakt ™ — the channel connecting the two acupressure points. Due to its formation is the mass of biophysical processes that result in increased positive reflex action.

— And that person loses weight?

M M.Yes. He stabilizes appetite, normalizes metabolism in the body.

N Ch: Golden Needle Technique ® was developed in 1998. Over the years it has passed a series of clinical trials, which showed that the effect on two prologirovannoe acupuncture points are not only more effective than a single isolated point of impact but also safe.

Clinical studies have been conducted since 2003, first on the basis of our own clinic, and since 2004 on the basis of the Federal Research and Experimentation Centre traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment (FSI FNKETS TMDL Medical University). The sample is representative, randomized study. Verified by many parameters: the potential patient's brain against the effects of the needle to the heart rate and blood tests. Who ended the third series of studies that conclusively confirmed the safety and efficiency of the method, in addition, has opened up new ways to improve it.

— Today the "slimming earrings" sell through the Internet, a service to offer some medical centers and acupuncturists self-taught. It all has to do with your know-how?

M M. To the author's method of Golden Needle ®? Nothing.

As often happens: there is a new effective method, a new brand memorable — and not the neat people want to cash in on it, often at the expense of the health of consumers who do not understand the difference in technology, people think that if services are featured in the title "shackle for weight loss" — hence it is that the most proven method.

N Ch: There are some incredible events. One patient told me: come to them for work, a woman asked, "Who wants to lose weight with the help of a magic earrings? '. Some wanted to. She put them in a row, pierced ears, collected the money and left.

M M. It is unclear what was behind a woman. I doubt that a certified reflexologist. It is not clear what kind of earrings. It is unclear exactly which reflex points are involved. Non-sterile conditions … What kind of a positive result is there to say? Well even if complications will not.

— In 2008, the Hong Kong-based Global DM Licensing forbidden to sell earrings slimming Accu-Slim (they sent to customers by mail) in the UK, after the supplier has failed to prove their effectiveness. Your comment?

M M. I'm not familiar with the designs Accu-Slim, but I worry very formulation of the problem. How can I sell, the more sent by post earrings for weight loss? This is not jewelry for piercings! It is improving technique, which can only work with a combination of many factors: the training of doctors, setting the needle at specific acupuncture points that are simply the patient himself can not properly punctured, compliance needle to its purpose (in the registration certificate, our needle called a "set of anti-adaptive for acupuncture Fly by the method "); patient compliance expert advice for the care of the needle and the regime.

N Ch: You can not consider the equipment for reflexology in isolation technique. Even if you use a patented medical products manufactured by special guests, they still should be able to use it.

— Otherwise, the same thing happens if you give a monkey a laser pointer?

M M. Not a bad comparison. But I would say that would otherwise occur at least discredited technique, and at best — harmed the patient.

— But this is matter for the courts.

M M. That's right. However, to understand what is happening in the western acupuncture, not within our control. However, where possible we try to control the situation in Russia, pursuing the law of those counterfactual uses our original method. Already there are four court decisions prohibiting the use of a needle ® and Golden Earring Magic ® to bypass the patent. This Moscow clinics, I will not specify their names have to refuse to provide such services.

N Ch: The specialists of these clinics were not trained in our centers are not aware of all the subtleties of technique — they are just trying to copy her looks. And some even deliberately put the needle is not in the points that you need to get around the inventive patent …

— It turns out that many advertised "for weight loss earrings" — the illegal use of the method Fly?

N Ch: Yes. Insert the needle into a specially designed two acupressure points for the treatment of obesity — a technique invented and patented by Dr. Vera Mukhina. And he has no analogues in the world. Once again: techniques Golden Needle ® and Magic ® earring studies have been and are recommended for implementation in practical public health. Using only the visible part — installing a needle, is the illegal use of the method

— As an ordinary person, far from the medicine, the method to distinguish Fly from fake?

N Ch: Brand name techniques — Golden Needle ® and Magic earring ®, if you are offered an abstract "earring slimming" — this is a serious reason to guard. At the moment, use the technique of Mukhina may only clinic ORIGITEYA ®, there is staffed by trained professionals who are aware of this development and out. The clinic, which is given permission to do so, shall be called ORIGITEYA ® and nothing else.

M M. Effective and safe disposal of excess body weight ensures only original technique. Be careful around doing the charlatans from the medicine.

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Source: Clinic "Origiteya"

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