Earthly wars provoke parasites podselentsy

All of human history is based on constant wars. And wars are as global as a confrontation involved a lot of countries, and local, local, when at war, for example, a neighbor to neighbor. And the passion in these small conflicts often flare up is not human.

Often, wars are between employees and some firms. There is another common example: the war women for the man. And often some of the competitors running to a magician or fortuneteller. And then begins Astral War. But in principle, it is believed that any of the wars taking place on the ground and in fact there is a war in the Astral.

Any, even the smallest of the war, above all, is the emotional and psychological, each war has its own unique mark on the astral plane. And then the fact that the astral field does exist, can not change the fact that many people do not believe in him. Astral field is a place of life of our astral bodies, it is, in fact, is made up of these bodies. What is the astral body? It is all of our emotions, both positive and negative. Pain, joy, happiness, pity, compassion — everything is there. Besides astral body does not only display of emotion experienced by us, but also directly shapes them. Thus, the more a person experiences emotions, the more bursts happening in his astral body, and vice versa.

If a person is a long time is under stress, experiencing emotional imbalance, impaired emotional harmony, the astral body begins to weaken and thin, is a violation of the integrity of the shell. All this may lead to penetration (share a room) into the astral field of the various foreign substances (podselentsev), which, in fact, the emotional parasites detrimental to the astral field and body. Schools and traditions give these different names podselentsam — inosuschnosti, lyarvy, inferosuschnosti etc. Their destination — a parasite in the astral body and the field of human rights. To their metabolic products include depression, apathy, crying, unreasonable mood swings, violent outbursts, etc. In general, these bad things — parasites podselentsy, it is better not to buy, because without help get rid of them is very difficult.

What happens during the war, when in one place and gather lots of people experiencing chronic stress. What are astral bodies will be such a field? What quantity of various lyarv, there may inferosuschnostey hooked? War creates a huge field of activity of astral parasites. There is even an opinion that the provocation of conflicts and wars do podselentsy-parasites.

For example, the conflict began neighbor with neighbor, usually because of some little things. But then the war begins to grow incrementally. Such wars can last for years, gaining many new members: the police, the courts, relatives, other neighbors. Astral field of war is increasing, the number of astral parasites growing. Over time, the astral podselentsy parasites completely take control of human participants of the conflict begin to impose its will. And he "captured" usually do not feel the confidence that everything happens according to his will. Already "captured" people begin to engage in a conflict of others, they attract even more, all growing like a snowball. Conflict mutates, growing, multiplying and can, in the end, to go to another level of war. With small can start a big war.

So, at first glance unrelated events connect different people together, and they start to behave aggressively, sending their hatred for specific objects and people, forcing to take part in a military conflict and them. All this is very easy to explain — people took astral podselentsy and they control them. The leaders of the war, and that, as a rule, people who had been captured as a child, and now are adults, they are fully subject to parasites. Chiefs, or Fuhrer, leaders — people who have had a difficult childhood, adolescence and early youth, so that in their astral body could penetrate podselentsy parasites, taking full time person. An example of such leaders are: Stalin, Hitler, Napoleon, and many others. The conflict is the beginning of the war, and the war is even greater war.

But these actions are not limited to the astral invaders. All of these entities — lyarvy, inferosuschnosti, inosuschnosti — extremely aggressive creatures, and they start to fight each other, killing of captured people. When they are completely self-destruct, the war was winding down and ends. Until sometime again foundation for establishing the conflict, which then develop into a major war.

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