Education in the Indian way: child abuse — in the order of things

The British newspaper The Telegraph published a story on bullying, Indian students who suffer from their mentors. It turned out that refined cruelty to children — a common occurrence for local teachers.

Recently in the press got the story of 13-year-old girl from New Delhi that the teacher forced to strip, charged with petty theft. The suspected woman schoolgirl stole 15 euros and a cell phone from a classmate. Then, a warning to others, the teacher made the child take off all your clothes and go to school naked. Relatives of the girls told me that when he got home, she tried to commit suicide and jumped from the fourth floor, "mad with public humiliation." It is known that the student is still alive, but the data on the current state of health missing.

Meanwhile, the penalty that has suffered a schoolgirl — this is just a link in a long chain of scandals involving prohibitively abuse of Indian children. Recently, four boys living in Andhra Pradesh, forced to drink their own urine for the fact that he accidentally wet his pants. In the same state, was arrested the director of high school students who had beaten. A teacher recently mauled a seven-year girl, belonging to the caste of untouchables. Wrath of the teacher was the fact that the girl was not able to solve a mathematical problem.

The most terrible, even in a dark background look allegations that the teacher of one of the schools in the province of Madhya Pradesh took almost seven years to the scalp student. Colleen Gonsolvs, head of the Indian Association for Human Rights, said that the problem of child abuse exacerbates the fact that often the police and the parents of young victims do not react to what is happening, considering that "the teacher punishes the child to him as the good."

"While physical abuse is prohibited by our laws, it is often used in schools. Moreover, one can find examples of sexual violence, psychological pressure, which cause more injuries to children — says Gonsolvs. — Our school system is living according to the laws of the dark ages, not a modern civilized society ".

Unfortunately, incidents of ill-treatment by schoolchildren — not uncommon in Russia. Recently, public outcry caused the behavior Bryansk teacher who made a third grader with a disability to stand throughout the tutorial. And this despite the fact that the child set the Ilizarov apparatus and it can only move on crutches.

October 14 sixth-grade pupil village school Iglino was beaten to the blood of his teacher. The most interesting is that the earlier a woman has been accused of not sensible teaching methods. In addition, earlier she was serving a prison sentence for theft. But for some reason this did not prevent the management school to take her to work.

Russian parents concern is the fact that the sadistic teachers often escape punishment for their actions. November 28 it was reported that the Ufa teacher izbivshaya girl in 2010 in front of the whole class, has not yet been fired. 13 years ago, a woman has been prosecuted by beating eighth-grader, but then escaped punishment.

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