Environmentalists welcome the investment in Australia saving coral reefs

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia supports the decision of the authorities of the country to contribute an additional $ 8 million to save the coral reefs in the framework of sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region, said the conservationists.

About 19% of coral reefs in the world are doomed to failure because of pollution and climate change, besides fishermen greatly reduced populations of fish that are cleaned corals, eating them with seaweed. Thus, according to UNESCO, the area of corals inhabiting the Great Barrier Reef, declined by a quarter in the 30 years that have passed after the natural monument in the security list of UNESCO in 1981.

"WWF congratulates the Australian Government's decision to allocate $ 8 million for the project" Coral Triangle "that complement the previously agreed amount of $ 25 million to implement programs to preserve the Pacific" — said in a statement.

As stated on the website of the "Coral Triangle", the money will be used for the conservation of species and the management of marine and coastal resources in the developing countries such as Indonesia, New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and East Timor. The Australian Government plans to spend the money over the next four years.

Work on the project "Coral Triangle" began in 2009 by the governments of the six states in the vicinity of coral reefs: Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands. WWF is one of seven partners in the project, which carries his continued support.

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