Eternal youth — Myth or Reality?

Documented cases in different ages, in different places of the Earth, themselves or through some secret techniques, Taoist monks, Chinese, Indian hermits can live from one hundred to 400 years or more. One elderly Russians who applied at the beginning of the last century to the hospital in Tomsk, presented quite authentic documents showing that he had about two hundred years.

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The celebrated Count Cagliostro was a very real person. Along with newspapers and rumor, the audience received direct evidence that the count has not let the secret of immortality, it is very long youth. His wife, the beautiful Lorenz was the mother of an adult son and looked so young for forty years, and did not deny the fact that this has the merit of her husband. And he has a mysterious power and mystery, all fascinating, martyr ended his life in the walls of the Inquisition.

The essence of the intrigue perfectly illustrates another example in Dresden. One man asked the driver Count Saint-Germain, is it true that his master 400 years. He replied that he did not know, but for those 130 years, which he serves as the Count, his employer had not changed. Of course, it could be a hoax. Only a detailed knowledge of contemporary hit by Count Saint-Germain of the past, which could be an indication only participant in the events. And old people learned of the graph because it is seen in the days of their youth. But he did not age.

These days stay in this life can be up to 200 years, if a couple of degrees lower body temperature. And you can borrow the experience of suspended animation in some of the animal world. And now many humans sleep, frozen in a special way to wake up, they hope, in the best of times. But it will be at times, that's the question.

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