Europe, a wave of protests

Policies pursued by the European authorities austerity provoked mass strikes, cancellation of flights, closing schools and businesses. On Wednesday, the European Day of Solidarity trade union, the streets of Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal will leave tens of thousands of outraged citizens.

Representatives of the European Trade Union Confederation said it was the first time that such a strike will take place simultaneously in four European countries, according to Sky news.

"We sow austerity, and reap the recession, growing poverty and social tensions — said in an online statement, Secretary General of the Confederation of Ségolène Bernadette. — In some countries people irritation reached a peak. We need immediate solutions, which will make the economy back on track, not strangle her austerity. European leaders are wrong when you do not listen to the anger of people who take to the streets. "
In the evening, the Spanish activists and trade unions will hold a rally in front of the parliament building in Madrid. Spanish anger flares stronger since last Friday, when a woman jumped from his apartment to his death, while the bailiffs came to evict her. A day earlier, another Spaniard in frustration expressed willingness to sell their bodies to pay for housing.
The biggest airlines including Iberia, Iberia Express, Air Nostrum, Vueling, Air Europa and EasyJet canceled more than 600 flights, including 250 international routes. Hospitals in Spain will continue to operate an ambulance, surgeons will perform all scheduled operations, but outpatients canceled. The country also will only work 20% of the long-distance routes and a third of suburban trains.
At the moment in Spain every fourth person is unemployed, and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is increasingly reducing the state budget and eliminates jobs in the hope of financial assistance from the EU.
In Portugal, the protests will be held in 40 cities, including Lisbon and Porto. Portuguese airline TAP said it has canceled more than 160 flights, most of which are international. In Lisbon, a fully closed underground and will only work 10% of the rail routes.
Greece struggles to satisfy international lenders and continues to reduce costs to be able to claim the "saving fund" and avoid a default. Greeks have planned a three-hour strike and a rally in Athens.
Italian trade unions also leave the job for four hours. Yesterday in Italy there was a violent clash with the police youth. About three thousand unemployed demonstrators took to the streets of Naples to protest against the visit to the city of Labour Minister Elsa Forner and German Labour Minister Ursula von Leyen. Forner angered the Italians in the last month, when she said that the unemployed do not particularly "picky" in choosing a job. Of the protesters began throwing stones at police and bottles by servants of the law used tear gas, 23 people were injured. The unemployment rate among young Italians had reached 35.1%.
Confederation of Trade Unions has also called for rallies France and Poland, resulting in today canceled all flights Thalys high-speed trains between Belgium and Germany.

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