Europe is becoming a desert

Europe is gradually turning into a desert.12 European countries have already lost their land due to the advancing sands.
12 European countries are affected by the transformation of their territories to the desert. According to a recent UN study, it is Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Latvia, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. Causes of the phenomenon — in the dramatic deterioration of soil quality, irrational use and climate change.

According to the forecast of the EU Commissioner for Development, Andris Piebalgs, while the desert affected 12 European countries, there is a danger that in the next 10 years, this phenomenon will become more prevalent.

The problem is that the climate change rainfall occurs less often than usual, leading to a literal drying land transfers euromag.

The European Union has decided to fight the advancing desert by Economics of land degradation (Eld), that is, assessment of land.

Comprehensive assessment includes a preliminary statement of costs to prevent further deterioration of land and the economic benefit of reasonable exploitation of soils. This study should help policy-makers to develop appropriate programs to support good soil conditions, and provide guidance to the private sector to invest in sustainable land use.

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