Europe rebels, but Russian official media prefer to remain silent

Europe rebels

July 19, 2012.Abduction of Europe from the information field.

Europe shaken by social storm, worthy of the terrible era of 20-30's with her Great Depression, the crisis of parliamentary democracy, the clash of ideologies, and other large-scale events. But for the Russian TV that issue was not a favorite.

European protest honey agarics it dangerous to relay to Russian information space — too much of a philistine can think too much to take on board.

Once the ruling elites of Europe in fear Bolshevization their countries to come to terms "of the oppressed classes," to pacify their generous "social programs." But the model of "social capitalism" with exorbitant fiscal costs, state grants to non-profit sectors of the economy is certainly no longer withstand the increasing loads. Enormous bureaucracy with decent wages, humane benefits, vacations, and other pink, almost socialist charms — all seem to be in the past. The stark, pragmatic and hard-working Germany, pull the power of its economic machine the whole southern European "beach about socialism," says: "Come on, it's time to sanitize their system costs, abandon some nice habits plow more and spend less."
Of course, the calls for austerity from Brussels (and in fact, Berlin) by people in many countries, the EU is perceived almost as fascism. And many Germans might secretly think, "Mein goth, well, if we even won that war, and in European capitals were our Gauleiters, one would think of supporting provincial Reich. And so, these independent states have hate in secret, and we, the Germans, they also feed them … "
However, the anger against Brussels and Berlin Greeks, Spaniards and Portuguese most of his anger still bring down their governments will act as a voice of pan-European institutions.
Here, for example, protest in Spain. Scale, agree?

Europe rebels
Oh well, it's their intra-, Intra troubles. Us in light of these developments are interested homeland.
The steeper the authoritarian order in Russia and the more inculcated hostility to the West, the stronger has always been propaganda, exposing the decay of the West itself. Recall the classic layout of the "time" of the Soviet period. First official fanfare news: tower room, meeting-sending official delegations zvonkogolosye correlation. Then — success manufacturers: orange harvesters roam golden sea rye growing and Spikes, steel workers, miners, milkmaids whisk sweat and beaming smile, looking over the cameras. So in the end — painted in intense colors mezhdunarodka: in the capital continues the fight for the rights of workers, police armored vehicles in the streets of Santiago, crowds of demonstrators in Hamburg and London. Crackdown on peaceful demonstrators and full trash …
And as in the zero years beginning erectile new vertical of power, news reports began to get national channels have forgotten form the official chronicle — everyday work — hard mezhdunarodka favorably set off the Russian oil and gas prosperity. Of course, with the death of the world communist movement, there was a shortage of plots, but it made up for it shares the anti-globalization summits of the world elites, the anti-war protests, the riots of illegal migrants.
But now, when Europe became really hot and it seemed to have the opportunity to talk about the crisis of the capitalist system in its present form, without any exaggeration, the information about the protests from the West began to disappear from the news releases federal channels. The reason is simple: any outlandish social tensions, any foreign social revolt is no longer set off the domestic well-being — not much more shade. On the contrary, all this provokes dangerous Russian citizen. Events in Syria can still be disguised as "the machinations of terrorists and foreign fighters," but miners rebellion in Spain, the demonstrations in Israel, workers 'protests "Peugeot-Citroen' in France can not be attributed either to the CIA or the" Al Qaeda "or to Qatari emir.
Also in silence going abroad even easier to imagine the guys who resisted the action of forces MIA May 6, hardened criminals. In Spain, the same miners with the closing of coal mines are blocking the route, are now an attack on the city, erected barricades, burned tires, pelted police punitive hail stones. The police, of course, meets with tear gas and batons, detains insurgents penalizes them. But no Spanish boss does not occur to put the miners on criminal charges, round up the leaders of the trade union movement, to break into search in the apartment of leftists and other "Euro-skeptics". Or take in the Cortes laws effectively cancels the freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.
To rid the Russian audience of seditious influences and uncomfortable thoughts, European chronicles unlike Arabic he would give doses. And the trend of world protest again in the eyes of the man in the street will not be associated with the miners, coal miners and the French automakers, but only in the smoking ruins of the Syrian.

The Spanish government has approved a number of serious budget cuts over the next 30 years, including further cuts in wages and benefits for state employees. With banks, debt regions, recession and economic slowdown forced Spain to take the path of Greece, Ireland and Portugal seeking financial assistance in Berlin and Brussels. In response to the massive spending cuts and belt-tightening policies of the Spanish trade unions have promised in September to organize a general strike. However, in Spain, "hot" and without a national strike. Rioting miners coal mines that officials plan to close due to unprofitability. The miners joined government employees: they take to the streets, blocking traffic in Madrid. Working state rail company Renfe, television broadcasters TeleMadrid also protesting. It shares began to join the police

Material prepared by: Roman Popkov, Alexander Gases

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